Wednesday, September 20, 2017

First days of school

We are finally in school! Millie started Monday, Sept. 11 after a 2-week delay thanks to the hurricane. She kept praying that no more schools would flood so she could "actually go to kindergarten." She was so excited! 

We were expecting the bus to be a little bit slow since it was the first day. We were out there and ready but our parting felt a little abrupt! I was determined to get a video so Tyler could see (he wasn't back from Utah yet) but of course I started the video when I thought I was ending it. Thankfully Sharon took these cute pictures.

I totally did cry when she left. Sharon was at the school and also sent me this pic of her at her desk, smiling and happy, which made me feel so much better.

It felt pretty weird to go on a walk with just my boys!

Millie had a great first day but was a little bummed they spent so much time going over rules. She was excited to get into the nitty gritty haha. She spent the rest of the day making up for all the headstands and handstands she can't do at school. 

The next day was Max's first day of preschool! Also my first day as his preschool teacher. I spent the morning frantically trying to finish everything.

Max didn't seem too nervous but he protested when Tyler "dropped him off" in the preschool room haha. The number of kids made him nervous for a second I guess. But he was fine after a second.

We had a great first day! It definitely wore both of us out.

And this was his "school picture" that we took during outside play. What a handsome boy.

And my favorite part of the day was when Millie came home and the big kids sat down with a cookie and were so excited to tell each other about their days. So sweet.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

10 on 10: September 2017

1. A cute and happy breakfast eater

2-6. We were somehow all ready for church a few minutes early and celebrated with some pictures before leaving. I just love these kiddos so much.

7. Tyler was in Utah and we were going stir-crazy at home so we went to Grandma and Grandpa's. I love this road near their house.

8. We took the kids to see where Grandpa was working, mucking out houses. It was pretty sobering to see everyone's belongings out on the street.

9. Most of these houses were damaged in the last flood and hadn't had any help then, so the smell/mold was insane. Millie has asked a few times why we always say how lucky and blessed we are since the hurricane, so I was really glad she got to see this. 

10. The kids have seen their cousins play Angry Birds before but had never actually played it themselves, so they tried it that day. They thought it was pretty fun!

Monday, September 18, 2017

One weekend, two states

Tyler went up to Utah for a weekend. He had a recruiting event for work and stayed a bit longer to hang out with family up there. He stopped by the Salt Lake Temple first thing.

This was from the recruiting event. AJ was in one of the groups Tyler saw since he's in the accounting program now.

And down in Houston, these two enjoyed a movie with matching poses.

On Saturday morning we FaceTimed Tyler from the park. He showed the kids the cougar by the football stadium and the mountains.

Then the Utah crew hiked to Stewart Falls! 

Everyone took turns going under the falls and getting crazy cold. Tyler said it was cold at the time but that he felt so good and refreshed afterwards.

Meanwhile, the kids and I went to Katy and met up with Heidi, James and Wes. We played at La Centerra for a little while and then went to their apartment to play and swim.

Max shocked us by being the first to get in and the last to get out! Quite a contrast from the beginning of the summer when I had to drag him in screaming. 

The water was a bit too cold for me to want to get in but the kids didn't seem to notice. They loved the cool stairs in the middle of the pool and other cool stuff our pool doesn't have.

And luckily Harvey was patient to sit and watch with me.

The Utah crew went to dinner together.

And then the football game! It was the big game against the University of Utah.

Tyler stayed until Monday and then came home to us! We were glad to have him home but glad he got to have fun in Utah.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Family Fun Day

We decided to have some fun together on our last day of summer before school started. We landed on going to MOD Pizza and Monkey Joe's. I thought this attempt at a family selfie wasn't great but then I saw we caught Harvey spilling a cup of water! And that, my friends, is why we should always sit outside.

Monkey Joe's is an indoor play place with inflatables. Mostly slides. The kids had so much fun!

I spent a lot of the time we were there trying to get Harvey to nap. Never was successful. 

The big inflatable obstacle course kind of intimidated Max. We tried to get him to go on it by watching how much fun it was but he never did go for it.

Millie had so much energy and no fear the whole time. It was so fun to watch her. 

And we ended the day with a walk/ride around the block. I felt like it was the end of an era with no kids in school! We're in for some big changes!