Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting into Christmas

While Tyler was in Oklahoma I told him I felt like a bit of a Scrooge this holiday season. Everything that I usually so look forward to doing just felt like a chore - not sure why. I decided I just needed to woman up and make some magic for the sake of our kids. It's not fair for them to miss out on the fun stuff because of me! So the night that Tyler came home we went to a church nearby for a live nativity and other events in Christ's life. It may have been a different religion and it may have been presented in a different way, but it was so beautiful to me. I loved seeing good people sharing their beliefs and smiles with us and celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ. It's good to be reminded again (and again and again, if you're me) of the reason we do all this celebrating. That put it into perspective for me and I feel back to my usual Buddy the Elf self as far as Christmas celebrating goes. 

Millie was a little confused at first - "Mom, is that really Jesus?" - but she loved it and asked to go back again. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Here and there

Tyler went to Tulsa for work this past week. It was a little unexpected and it happened to fall right after coming home from Utah. Tyler's such a trooper and we appreciate our hard-working Daddy so much. The most exciting part of business trips is obviously the food. Despite working long hours he got to eat some good stuff! So that is what got documented.

This Mexican restaurant had a luchador ring! Hilarious!

Tyler's second time having one of his "favorite restaurant meals ever," the Cluck 'n' Oink. I think.

A molten lava cake, of course!

Some of our adventures here while he was gone:

The snowglobe she made at our ward Christmas party last year finally broke - poor Santa had had enough shaking!

Singing Christmas carols (hence the open mouths) while waiting for a train to pass

Wal-Mart is smart. Tricky way to keep customers in your store longer

We enjoyed some beautiful weather! Couldn't stay inside

Max held that leaf for such a long time while I was pulling weeds one afternoon

I'm sure this is just the beginning... hugging one moment, fighting the next. I love it

This boy found a sucker in the floor. I watched him bite through the wrapper and then get so excited when he finally tasted it

Playgroup at our house. This was their "water party, because we don't drink tea" (their words, not mine)

We all had fun but we were so ready to be back together again!

Friday, December 12, 2014

11 on 10: December 2014

An argument over a laundry basket.

He likes quesadillas! He likes almost everything!

Making a skirt for Cinderella out of Play-Do.

I'm sure in a year or two this road will be full of neighborhoods, but I like it like this.

My (illegal) attempts to video her singing Christmas songs as I drive.

She insisted on testing every bed in Ikea as we waited for Monka to join us.

Monka gave Max the cone after she'd eaten most of the ice cream... this boy was in sticky heaven!

Millie has taken to hiding from me when it's dinner time. I've been a little more forceful in making her try food lately.

Mixed feelings about this stocking I crocheted. It's huge and hugely time-consuming and the shape is a little off. I love the look of the big cozy knitted/crocheted ones but I can't find a pretty stocking I'm willing to pay tons of mula for... hmm.

Tyler was out of town for the week, and that night we finally got to video chat. 

How did we get to December 10th without me watching White Christmas?? I have no idea. I fixed it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Garrett and McKenna's wedding

We went to Utah last weekend for Garrett and McKenna's wedding! It was a fun whirlwind weekend. We loved seeing family and being in the Salt Lake Temple with Garrett and McKenna. I took a few pictures and Tyler took a bunch too, so once I can upload his I'll update this post.

Traveling to Utah:

So happy for 5 am!!

We could not have made it if not for Sharon lending us their stroller so we could have two light ones. We were quite the scene getting on and off the shuttle with two duffel bags, two carseats, two backpacks, one diaper bag, two kids, and two strollers. It was funny.

Max's first time on a plane!

The kids did really well. It was like a wrestling match with Max for most of the time, but he was quiet, so whatever. I was so proud of them.

Poppy had Cafe Rio waiting at our hotel room when we got there, which was just amazing. I told Tyler that eating their chicken salad again felt like talking with an old friend - you don't have to catch up really, you just pick up where you left off. Pretty ridiculous to talk about food that way, but you know.

I have zero pictures from the wedding dinner that night. We were kind of a zoo - tired kids, spills, tipped chairs, kids crying, kids feeling shy and nervous with lots of people around, you get it. I felt pretty discouraged afterward, unsure that I could ever handle more kids and that I was already failing these two. Clearly, I was tired and emotional and overreacting. 

Wedding day fun:

Garrett and McKenna's sealing was beautiful - I love going to sealings and getting free marriage advice haha. It's so much easier to take it all in when you're not the bride and groom too. We love G&M and are so so happy for them. The kids did well in the waiting room, thanks to Tyler's awesome cousins.

I'd ordered a coat for Millie online and it arrived a few hours after we'd left (of course)! But luckily the weather was beautiful and crazy warm for December in Utah. We did just fine with our hoodies.

Peekaboo in the car. Millie gets sweeter with Max every day.

We went to JCW's to eat before heading down to Salem for the reception. 

The reception was held at a community center, and outside the community center they had all these pretty Christmas lights - including a lit carriage! "It's just like Cinderella, Mom!" 

The lighting was really dark in the reception place so my lame cell phone pics are, well, lame. I loved this flower crown that Millie got to wear, just like McKenna. Millie was not thrilled.

Can't seem to get a good one... above, Max pulls my hair. Below, Millie stares off and the Christmas lights outside make weird lines in the picture! Oh well.

The kids were so good during the reception. I busted out some of our airplane entertainment and Millie sat quietly doing these lacing cards for a long time. She also tickled Max when the opportunity came.

We had so much fun celebrating Garrett and McKenna! 

Traveling home:

I had a little scare when I was about to go through security and couldn't find my wallet. Tyler had a moment of inspiration and remembered that I had put it in the console of the rental car when we'd gone into the temple. He went back and they had pulled it out already, so it only took a few minutes. Thank goodness.

She couldn't stop smothering Max with hugs!

Hanging out in Denver.

She loved holding the headphones close to her ears to watch Sleeping Beauty and The Incredibles. Next time I'll wise up and go get a pair of kid ones that go over the ear, not the ear buds. Clearly we don't fly much.

The kids did well traveling, again. Thank goodness for them and their easygoing natures, and for a rockstar husband! Also, it was 20,000x easier to travel with 4 extra adults to help carry our crazy amount of baggage. Good times!