Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Eat yellow sno"

A new Bahama Bucks location opened up near us! The people who manage it are in our ward. We went to their Grand Opening for FHE on Monday and had fun visiting with lots of people in our ward and having free sno cones. 

Millie was literally jumping up and down and squealing "I want a piiiink one!!" over and over. I just looked at her and thought, "And we're giving her sugar on top of this?"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Little things

Hanging out at the car dealership. This one has a little kids room that was really fun for Millie.

We've been going to story time at the library the last few Tuesdays. The theme last week was lizards, but apparently the snacks that the kids across the table had were far more interesting!

I switched the kids' car seats around. Millie got a new booster and Max got her old seat, since he is way too big for his infant seat. Millie was pretty upset that he was in her seat but has since gotten over it. Now hers is the "big girl booster" and she loves the cup holder. All is well again. This picture cracks me up though - it shows so perfectly how our first few car rides went with this arrangement: Max so happy to be facing forward, Millie in tears.

Long story short: my car battery died at Buccee's and these nice men jumped the car for me. Not my favorite day. Suggestions for minivans are welcome - we're about done pouring money into this car!

They both love playing peek-a-boo!

Making lemonade out of lemons. My car was in the shop all day on Friday so we had Tyler drive us to Monka's house since it's about 5 minutes from his office. We spent the day there and went home with him after work! We had a fun day.

These two had a little father-son outing on Saturday and had fun together! Also, it was the first day of needing (read: not sweating in) long sleeves since... March? Worth documenting.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

10 on 10: September 2014

Can I just say that it is really crazy to me that it's already mid-September??? Not sure how we got here. 

He just really loves sitting up, and I just really love watching him.

A bad picture to document a fun lunch celebrating Gigi's birthday! 

Showing off his new tricks for Gigi, Heidi, and Grammy.

Just documenting one of her awesome fits. This one was over fruit snacks. I'm trying to be better at not giving in!

Watching "Parenthood" and finishing the waistband on the skirt I started a while ago. Hand sewing is clearly not my thing.

I think he's working on those top teeth, because he only sleeps in 20-minute chunks unless I'm holding him! Poor guy.

Millie holds out until we are on our way to the grocery store. I love her hand in the bag of fishies. *What is it with me and taking pictures of my kids sleeping??? They're just so sweet when they're unconscious!

I took this to remember a cool experience I had. A few weeks ago we had the missionaries over for dinner and they (of course) challenged us to talk about the Church/Gospel with one of our neighbors. I honestly had forgotten until that day when they texted me and asked if I had talked with this neighbor yet! I didn't want to respond with a no, so I just put off responding and said a prayer. I told Heavenly Father that it'd be really awkward if I just knocked on their door and started preaching and that I needed help making it a natural setting. The kids and I went to get the mail and wouldn't you know it, this neighbor comes out as we were coming back! So we talked for a while. She brought up that her son is in Boy Scouts and it was so easy to bring up the church from there. They're very devout in their own faith and not interested in our church but it was fun to talk with her and offer our (okay, Tyler's) help with scouting stuff. Plus, I got to tell the missionaries that yes, I had done it! So that was neat. Prayers are answered. 

These two are so funny. She kind of tackles him and then he grabs/pinches her and she doesn't like it. But she asks for it! Funny girl.

"Working out" with Daddy. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


BYU had an event in the rec building before the game. My dad was there and we saw lots of other people too - a little Mormon reunion! Poppy got Millie and I some new BYU gear so we could show some school spirit too, and Millie was just about the cutest little cheerleader ever.

Watching Mitchell warm up. Not sure anymore which one he is! Haha

We were a little nervous to not be sitting in the BYU section (after our experience a few years ago at the Utah game) but it was great. Everyone was so nice and complimentary of the kids and just all-around sweet. I really love Texas. Plus, our side was shaded after about 10 minutes of sitting there! So it was perfect.

Blurry, but he was so good and cute. His first football game of many, maybe!

Mitchell getting ready to return a punt. He played a great game and it was so fun to watch! Even though we were obviously cheering for BYU, I loved all the Texas pride. UT's dancers wore chaps and the cheerleaders had fringe on their tops, and everyone was just so nice and proud to be Texans. It was such a fun game. Plus, we slaughtered those Longhorns! Saw 'em off!

Go Cougars!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A trip to Austin

We went to Austin for the BYU v. UT football game! There are tons of pictures from our trip so I may post the pics from the game separately. We left early Saturday morning and got home early Sunday evening. We loved seeing Mitchell and spending time with family, walking around the Capitol, and visiting the Taylors for a little bit.

It was a foggy morning! Kind of fun.

Boys in the front, girls in the back. James rode there with us. Millie and I read her 5 library books over and over again for the whole 2.5 hr drive. Needless to say, I'm ready for a new batch. But no complaining here - I'm so glad she loves to read.

Hangin' out at the hotel with Uncle Dodo! It was so fun to see him.

This boy is so ready for a forward facing seat! He wiggles around and tries to turn and get his shoulders out of the straps.

Lunch at Jimmy John's.

We got on campus about 5 hours before kickoff, so we went inside their rec building and hung out in the air conditioning for a while. It was HOT outside.

Saying goodbye to Mitchell after the game. The poor kids were so tired - it was after 11pm! - but they were such troopers. And the picture below is bad. Heidi has a better one on her camera, but this'll have to do for now.

Waiting for Daddy to wake up, making silly faces. Max and I slept on the pullout couch and Millie and Daddy (aka the crazy sleepers) were on the bed.

The House of Representatives. It was so cool to see how ornate and old-looking it was, but how they've updated it and still use it. 

The state seal was everywhere, and stars were everywhere too.

Millie was determined to try out every chair/bench in the place.

Looking up at the dome.

Driving around UT's campus, that's the bell tower.

Reunited with Delilah! Millie was tired and having a hard time being nice or happy, but Max and Delilah were sure cute together.

*Don't worry, we were parked. This kid really loves the steering wheel.

We (of course) hit some really good rain on our way home, but it just wouldn't be a trip without some rain now would it?? It was a great weekend.