Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A good weekend

Millie spent almost the whole weekend putting together the lego dollhouse she got for her birthday. She was so excited about it!

Millie also recruited anyone who would help her. I spent a lot of Saturday working on it with her and Tyler finished it with her on Sunday. Also notice Harvey in the wrap. Not an uncommon occurrence. It's the only way I get stuff done.

The kids and I were in the garage for a while and Max took a shovel to build a nest for worms. Not sure where he got the idea, but he sure worked hard on it.

A new way to win staring contests!

Max was especially handsome on Sunday so I asked Tyler to take some pictures of him on his new phone. This boy! He kills me!

And our 5 year old Millie. She still loves to wear her dress from Mitchell and Shayna's wedding. Can't blame her!

Little things

Gigi and Poppy gave the kids new bikes for Christmas and they love riding them in the dead-end street across the road.

I was eating breakfast but apparently Max thought I needed more!

You know you use your baby wrap a lot when....

Millie and Max get so excited when they find Harvey awake. Even if he's asleep, they kiss him over and over.

All bundled up in the wrap to watch the kids ride their bikes.

Max is getting the hang of his balance bike. He's going to be zooming around on that thing in no time!

We loved having Uncle AJ (and Uncle Tim and Aunt Lauren) around a little longer before school started again.

Making Harvey smile is my favorite thing!

I also want to remember the way he often sticks his legs straight out while nursing. Not sure how it's comfortable but it's adorable!

Buzz Lightyear adores his little brother.

Millie turns 5!

Our Millie Mae is 5 years old!! I really can't believe it. 5 sounds so grown up and it feels like she was just barely a baby!

One of the things I love about Millie is her eccentric taste in clothes and accessories. This was the outfit she picked out special for her birthday.

We started the day off with donuts and a couple errands to get birthday supplies.

Millie and Max wore party hats for a while (Millie wore hers for almost the whole day!) and had fun playing with balloons and making cupcakes.

Harvey was super happy too! He looked right at the camera for me!

Millie's dinner request was chicken nuggets, so we went across the street to McDonald's. It was the coldest day we've seen in a while so it was nice to let the kids run around and play inside.

We had both sets of grandparents over for cake and ice cream and presents! It's so fun to have them all nearby and they were sweet to make time for this on a busy weekend.

Millie's first present has a story behind it. She often asks to go to "Olive's Garden" for dinner. Kind of puzzling since she doesn't eat anything there! I asked her why she wanted to go there and it was because of the mints they give you after your meal. For real! So we got her a bag of Andes Mints and called it good.

Millie also got a lego dollhouse to build. She wanted to get started right away!

She slept in her new sleeping bag with her new doll and wore her new outfit the next day. Millie was spoiled by her grandparents for sure!

Some things about Millie at 5 years old:

- She is an awesome artist. She loves to color and could seriously do it for hours. She even has an awesome callous on her thumb! Her drawings are impressive (especially to me since I have zero artistic talent) and we love to see her work.

- Millie is super competitive. I don't think it's a conscious thing a lot of the time either. She just loves to be first and/or best! Once while riding bikes up and down the sidewalk with Max, she whizzed by him and said, "I always win!"

- She is a great big sister. She plays with Max so well and is so sweet with him (well, most of the time). She also adores Harvey. I often hear her say, "He's just the cutest baby ever!" or "I could just eat him up he's so cute!"

- Millie is very thoughtful. When I was pregnant she would often help with stuff (like cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, etc.) and tell me to go rest! 

- She's making improvements on her eating habits. Since our big push to get better this summer, we've learned that she loves meatballs! Hooray! She'll often eat something and then admit, "I kind of like it."

- Millie is athletic! I love watching her swim and do gymnastics each week. She has tons of energy and since she's also competitive, she's bound to go far in something!

- She has a fun imagination. She also is a little shy about it, and likes to be alone when she's pretending.

- She's so excitable and happy. Millie is a ray of sunshine in our family!

Can't believe our girl is 5 years old. We love her to pieces!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Zoo day

Millie randomly said that she'd love to go to the zoo for her birthday. She happened to say it just a day or two before the monthly free afternoon, and the weather forecast was good, so we went for it! We invited our families too since some of them were still in town. 

I found myself walking behind one grandma with one of my kids and another grandma pushing the other two! I wasn't sure what to do with myself!

Hiked up pant leg. Mom and I were laughing so hard!

The elephants were eating popcorn and the kids thought that was so funny. We saw a little more of the elephants than we wanted to!

We had so much fun with this crew!

Swagger wagon

We have needed a new car for a little while. We couldn't fit 3 car seats in my little Mazda Tribute, so Tyler and I switched cars for a little while. The Mazda grew less and less reliable (can't blame it, it is 15 years old!) and it was pretty inconvenient to have all the kids in a row in the car. So on Tyler's last day at home over Christmas we took the plunge and got a minivan! Thanks to Poppy for referring us to a friend of his who gave us a great deal.

Tyler did the test drive and paperwork (traded in the Mazda, hooray!) and we went with him to pick it up later that afternoon. I got out of the old car and into the minivan to feed Harvey while Tyler switched the car seats. Then Max needed a diaper change. I was laughing so hard - it felt like a true initiation into our family for the van! 

The kids love it (we all do)! They often say, "I love this van!" and they're quick to correct anyone who calls it a car.

We're feeling old now - 3 kids and a minivan! Wow!

New Year's Eve/Day

NYE we took it pretty easy. Millie still wasn't feeling 100%. Tyler was given tickets to the Rockets game for that night! We were going to go as a family but Harvey is still fussy in the evenings and Millie wasn't up to going so Tyler went with his parents and AJ. It ended up being a big game for the Rockets and they had a fun time!

The kids and I had a movie night and they went to bed. Tyler got home in plenty of time to have some Martinelli's and a kiss to ring in the new year.

We moved to 9:00 church this year! It felt a little abrupt after a late night but we made it. Gigi and Poppy were so nice to have us over for lunch and Gigi made my favorite dessert - brownies and ice cream. Max was super cranky but then turned on the charm and was cracking us up during dessert! I can't get enough of this kid.

I had some helpers to blow out the candles. Feeling old!

We went for a walk later in the afternoon. The kids were up ahead with Tyler and I was pushing Harvey in the stroller and I just looked at all of them and felt so blessed. 28 is looking pretty great!