Friday, June 15, 2018

Mother's Day

The awesome thing about living near so much family is that these smaller holidays get lots of family time! I forgot to snap any pictures but we had a nice Mother's Day breakfast with the Juergens crew before church. There were 4 generations gathered and I hope our kids realize how special that is! We had to duck out early so we could head to church. Tyler unfortunately had to leave after sacrament meeting to get on a plane to head to California for work, but snapped a picture of me with my kiddos first. 

I always love the outtakes!

After church we got to have dinner with Monka and Umpa. We got to see them the day before to celebrate Monka's birthday and Mother's Day, but enjoyed a more relaxed time playing together and chatting with the missionaries who were there taking turns talking to their families.

So thankful for my mom!

I wasn't super feeling celebrating myself as a mother this year for some reason, but I appreciated so much the kids' sweet pictures and kind words. 

This questionnaire and Millie's answers made me laugh!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tyler turns 31!

Tyler is another year older and wiser! We love him and love having a day to celebrate him.

The kids love to walk Tyler out to his car and pretend to drive for a minute.

His birthday happened to fall on a Friday so he came home from work a bit early and we went to the temple!

The kids got to play with Gigi and Poppy and had a blast, as always.

We ended up being shorter in the temple than we planned so we grabbed a birthday burger,

 went to the Apple Store to get Tyler's birthday present, and may have gotten sidetracked by some cute bikes!

Since we were out a bit late we didn't really have a chance to celebrate much with the kids, so a birthday breakfast was in order the next day. Donuts for the kids and a breakfast sandwich for Tyler. Everyone was happy.

The kids have been wanting to take Tyler to Levy Park ever since we went there during spring break. A Saturday probably wasn't the best day to go, but we brought a picnic lunch and played and the kids still had fun. 

Also got to wander around the Galleria for a little bit, including a long stop at the Lego Store.

We love Dad! He is hard-working, kind, fun, intentional, smart, and so much more. Millie often says, "Isn't Dad just the BEST?!" and we all agree!! Happy birthday!

8 on 10: May 2018

1. I've been doing yoga almost every morning and Max snapped this picture of me haha.

2. One of Millie's favorite hairdos lately - "criss cross ponytails."

3. Field day at preschool!

4. Apparently it was also teacher appreciation week and the preschool kids gave me a balloon and sweet card and gift card. So nice of them! The boys especially loved the balloon.

5. Max requests pictures of himself every so often and I love it!

6. A cute helper. I should start putting a wipe on the end of that mop and let him really do something.

7. Relaxing in the backyard.

8. Whoops! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Little things

Millie went through a funny phase where she wouldn't let me do her hair. She learned how to do her own ponytails and me suggesting that I help her (or suggest something else to wear either) resulted in a fight. Wanted to remember her quirky and bold sense of style.

Fun at the splash pad.

Harvey has no idea what's coming haha

But he's always a good sport about it!

The kids still love playing with the Instagram filters when I let them.

Enjoying the park before it's too hot.

Baby burrito!

His little side-eye smile is my favorite.

Still have a thing for taking pictures of my kids sleeping apparently! Love these tired boys.

After her phase of never letting me do her hair, one morning she announced that she thinks her hair will grow longer if she puts it in fancy braids, so she's requested something like that almost every day since. I also love how her hair gets wavy after it's wet.

I've been trying to do yoga every morning before the kids wake up. Sometimes it's like they sense I'm awake and just want to join me! Luckily Millie is so sweet and will play with Harvey so I can finish without as many interruptions. 

We found a fun FHE activity in the Friend magazine. The kids had fun lifting up the pictures to read facts about each member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Sometimes I catch Max and Harvey doing boy stuff together, like watching bugs here, and it makes me so happy.

Monkey bars are their favorite lately! Good workout for them and me, lifting them up each time.

Millie got to go to a birthday for her friend at the gymnastics place and she thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Finishing April

Playing catch up again!! These pictures aren't in order but oh well.

Rub-a-dub-dub, three blondes in the tub!

Poor Harvey had a little cold (teething maybe? Never was sure) and he looked pretty congested for a couple days- watery eyes, runny nose, etc.

Slide + pool + pumpkin chocolate chip cookie = a good afternoon.

The big kids had checkups which meant we got to go to jump on the rocks nearby. 

He doesn't even know how cool he is haha.

A bike ride before a storm rolled in.

Tackle hugs and kisses.

We weren't planning on getting wet, but apparently Harvey calls the shots around here!

Our first temple date after the temple was rededicated. Can't express how grateful we are to have it open again!