Monday, August 22, 2016

A day at the office

On August 12 it was Bring Your Kids to Work Day! The kids were so excited to go to work with Tyler for the morning. They had such a fun time and now have a totally false idea of what Dad does at work all day! Haha

The kids got their faces painted (or arm, in Max's case), got balloon animals, had story time from the Houston Opera (random!), etc. Oh and snacks. Of course.

They had an Olympics theme. I'm sure the kids would give the day a gold medal!

Meanwhile, I went for a walk, sold some books at Half Price Books, and wandered around a few other stores. Completely alone. It was pretty glorious. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

9 on 10: August 2016

1. Delaying the start of the day as long as possible.

2. Bedheaded breakfast helpers.

3. Finally got a king-sized quilt for our bed! The queen-sized one got annoying after a while. Now to put something on the wall, get king-size pillows for the shams that came with the quilt, and maybe clean off our nightstands! But don't count on it.

4. Reading break. Sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic when they're both snuggled in against my belly.

5. Wanted to remember his sweet face during his nap. Also notice Lightning McQueen, never far away.

6. Whenever I iron, Millie loves to drink from the squirt bottle.

7. Grammy got me these socks recently, and I smile every time I see them. It's nice encouragement, just kind of funny to have it come from a pair of socks! Tyler has a dad pair too.

8. Max really wanted to try cutting, and definitely preferred his left hand to do it! Crazy.

9. Our late-night visitor, who wanted to snuggle with Tyler but also have her own pillow.

Little things

Accidental matching moment and excitement about truck stamps! I'm really not sure how I managed to dress 3 people all in tie-dye. Must have been in quite a mood.

A morning swim really tuckered Max out one day. I've never had a kid fall asleep at the table before!

A happy reading moment.

We tried Blue Bell's new flavor - Cookie Two Step. Back in high school when I worked at Arctic Circle this was the same as the shake I used to get - Oreo and cookie dough - and I've always thought it should be a Blue Bell flavor because Blue Bell is the best. So it was literally my dream come true! And it tastes amazing. Duh.

Millie wanted to look at the Oriental Trading Halloween catalog as her "bedtime story" one night. So weird and funny. Now we all want pumpkin cookies and cooler temps!

I got to have another ultrasound at my last doctor appointment! Baby was not cooperating the last time and they couldn't get some measurements. Always love another chance to see him! The tech saw a little fat roll on the back of his neck, which is so cute. She got a good view of his face (what they couldn't see last time, as he was straight-up hugging the placenta haha) and turned the machine to 3D mode for a second to capture this sweet picture. I don't really like ultrasound pictures typically but this was pretty adorable! Can't wait to meet this boy.

Millie and Max sure get silly together sometimes!

Whenever Tyler wears his hat, you can bet that Max is going to find his too. Max is a major follower so I'm glad he has a great dad to lead him!

The kids were a little rowdy in Best Buy so I told them to do wall sits. And then they actually did! I was laughing so hard. It totally kept them quiet and in one place for a few seconds. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Anniversary

We celebrated 7 years of marriage over the weekend!! I can't believe it has been 7 years, and I can't believe it has only been 7 years haha. It has been a wonderful ride and we look forward to everything ahead.

We got to go on a date on Saturday to the temple and dinner. Thanks to Gigi and Poppy for watching the kids and for dinner!

We got dessert which we pretty much never do, which is a good thing because wow. We were so stuffed. Totally worth every bite!

Love remembering this day!

After looking at wedding pictures, I spent the day jealous of my skinny bride self as I hit 24 weeks pregnant and look about 34 weeks. Oh well.

We also had cake with the kids to celebrate our family's birthday! I attempted a layer cake with fancy frosting, which I decided afterward is just not worth the time and effort and dishes. The evening was spent fighting the kids to eat their dinner and when they finally did our cake eating was more in exasperation than celebration! Which shows just how life changes with kids. Gotta love it. So I'm glad we got a date in. And Tyler brought me some chocolate covered strawberries and apples - he knows the way to my heart!! I love him and am so thankful he married me 7 years ago. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Family time

We have had lots of family in town at different points over this summer! These are some family adventures from the last week or so.

AJ is heading back to BYU soon so we had a fun weekend with the Juergens crew. Max and Millie love it when Uncle AJ buries them in stuffed animals.

A fun swim day! And Max and Wes kill me in this pic. 

Max is getting so brave in the water. Tyler was teaching him how to catch the ball while jumping in. Entertaining and adorable!

Tim and Lauren also came to H-town for the end of summer. Tim received quite a welcome the other day! He is one loved uncle!

We had a fun FHE with everyone (Bakers, Westons, Tim and Lauren, and us) where my parents answered questions about their lives. The older I get the more I love and appreciate my awesome parents!

We also went out to the Westons for a night. Linds was so nice to host us all, her due date just a day or two away!

Scripture stories with Uncle Kenny

Linds deserved a little pampering and needed pink toes before her baby girl was born, so we had a little spa moment after the kids went down.

We had to have Uncle AJ come to our pool at least once! It was fun for the kids to have a strong uncle there to throw them around a bit!


In the process if cleaning out Max's closet I found some pictures of never seen before. There's actually a whole box but I didn't go through them all. What I did find, however, made me think Max looks a little more like me than I thought previously!!

And then there's this, which I saw while flipping through an old family album at my parents house on Tim's birthday. It's me and my aunt Marci and the Eiffel Tower behind us, no big deal. I wish I remembered more about living there!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Random from last week

I cleaned out my church bag and found this gem - Millie's portrait of Tyler for Fathers Day! I love it so much. Hilarious.

Wanted to remember the first chapter book Millie and I read together. It helped to start her out with a story she already knew. She loved it and so did I! We are reading "B is for Betsy" now and it is so cute.

Watching cousin Wes have some tummy time.

Gigi and AJ brought over a fun surprise - a sand/water table! The kids love it so much. Another time I'm so grateful for a shaded yard in the evening. I sit outside with my feet up reading a book and they totally entertain themselves/each other. Win win!

Swimming with Uncle AJ! 

One of Tyler's mission companions came into town and we met up with him and his family for lunch. We should have gotten a pic with everyone! And good luck finding Tyler and Matthew, Mod Pizza's wall made for a very confusing backdrop! Haha

Since we were so close, the kids asked to go to the water wall after lunch. Remembering the time we went in the winter and she got soaked and was freezing cold, Millie wanted to be prepared with her rain boots and umbrella! Max had to join in the fun.

By the end we were all sweating like crazy and were glad to put the umbrellas down and get misted a bit!

Uncle AJ spent the night on Friday and we had a fun evening!

He brought the old N64 and we had fun playing those oldies-but-goodies (Mario Kart! Cruisin' USA!) after the kids were down. 

Last time AJ spent the night we got donuts in the morning, so Millie insists its a tradition now. Can't argue with that! Don't even want to!

Found another Millie gem on the iPad.

I switched out lots of pictures on our insta-wall and Max loves looking at them!

These are from Tyler's phone. He got to sub in nursery and said Max was so funny! He clings on to the cars he likes and just watches the other kids to make sure they won't take them away. 

Bowl-licking 101. Tyler and I taught them to use more than just the tip of their fingers to yield bigger licks of brownie batter. Important stuff!