Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dude Ranch 2017, day 1

We were sooo excited for the Juergens family reunion! We left for Bandera on Wednesday morning. The kids carried these bags around all morning trying to load up the car for us so as to hurry things along.

And we were off!

We made a pit stop to get Tyler some sunglasses (to protect our eyes from the sun, for any Carina, Carina fans out there) and meet up with Heidi and Wes to caravan, and then one stop at Buccee's of course.

And we made it! The kids wanted to check on Brownie and Gypsy (the miniature horses? ponies? I don't know) very first thing.

Our unit had bunk beds! They were kind of high and we were worried they'd fall off so the kids never slept in them but they sure thought they were fun to play in.

We had fun visiting with everyone as they trickled in. We went to dinner and then learned that they were bringing out a longhorn! Max did NOT want his picture taken on it (and made Garrett hide with him inside haha) but Millie said she would, "Just once." 

I'm thinking this poor longhorn has some neck problems. Those horns were so crooked!

Little things

The kids got to enjoy some time with Gigi and Poppy while Tyler and I went to the temple (on 6/10). We got this cute picture later.

These kids sure love their dad!

We recently learned of a cool product called the sleep styler! Much like the sponge curlers of my youth, but better. Kurt and Gretchen were so nice to get me (and all the Juergens girls) a set after seeing them on Shark Tank. 

Above is the before, below the after! They totally worked! I need to get better at rolling and distributing the hair, but I'm super excited about them.

Sorry for another selfie. A little too much of me in this post. But on a Sunday night I went out to move the sprinkler on the lawn and then came back in. I was sitting at the computer for about 10 minutes before feeling a tickle on my arm. I reached up to itch it and was stung 3 times by an evil wasp! He had been HIDING IN MY SLEEVE that whole time!!!! I felt so violated. I'm sure Tyler thought I was a crazy person as I screamed and jumped up and threw my shirt off, just positive that there were more hiding in there somewhere. I told Tyler he had to finish watering the yard and that I was never going outside again. The pic below was a few days later and that is not my natural muscle - it was still very swollen! I hate bug bites!

Driving home from the library is the best. They're so quiet and nice looking at their new books.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Growing up

These kiddos are growing up too fast! Harvey sat in the shopping cart at Sam's for the first time recently. I may have almost cried, in part out of sadness for my baby getting bigger, and in part out of joy that I hopefully won't have to hold him while pushing a heavy cart anymore! Always mixed emotions!

And bath time is a little less dangerous these days since he can sit up and crawl around better.

Millie has done so well with the reading program this summer. She's earned two daddy-daughter dates, one of which she's redeemed already. She is getting to be a really good reader.

And Max is still just super cute. I hope to someday report on awesome potty progress, but for now we'll just wait on that haha.

Beginning of June

Max is seriously so sweet with Harvey. I was worried how Max would react when Harvey was born but he has been super sweet from day one!

I spy two sleepy kids!

Tyler and I have been wanting to increase our temple attendance, but it's hard to leave the kids that much. So we've started switching off going on early Saturday mornings by ourselves while the other stays with the kids. I love it! I feel more patient and loving when I am there more often. Definitely a good change for us.

We enjoyed a fun swim with Monka and Umpa one Saturday. Well, the big kids did. Harvey snoozed in my arms and I loved it.

Just being super cute and chatty.

Anytime I change Harvey's outfit, Millie and Max run over to give him a zerbit (sp?). They love him.

Since Max was doing so well with potty training, we decided he could start gymnastics. He got to have his free trial class to see what level he'd be in and he was so excited!!

It was adorable to watch. Unfortunately, he has had some setbacks and we never did officially sign him up. Hopefully someday soon.

Love that big Texas sky!

Uncle AJ came to visit! He was actually here for work but managed to squeeze in some time to see us. These kids love their Uncle AJ.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Funny kids

Millie's doodle on this particular day was inspired by National Donut Day. 

Summer swimming wears the kids out and they fall asleep in the funniest places!

I was making dinner and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Millie came over and asked to have a cookie, and I told her she could have one if she ate her dinner. She asked what we were eating and I told her pasta, to which she replied, "Cookies sound better." Couldn't agree more, Millie! 

This little one has been through quite the sleep regression lately. It's super frustrating and we're going to have to do some actual sleep training soon!

Max wanted his own pair of goggles. He ended up not loving them but it was kind of worth it for just this picture!

Sometimes Millie dots yogurt all around the edge of the bowl. How does she come up with this stuff???

We've had to remove the chore charts from the wall because Harvey is way too interested in them. It's funny what catches kids' attention.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dynamo game

Tyler was given some tickets to a Houston Dynamo game! We left Harvey with Gigi (Thanks, Gigi!) and took the big kids out for the evening. It was so crazy hot and humid and we walked around the stadium at least 2 times before we finally found our seats, but they were on the field! Pretty cool!

Every time the Dynamo scored fireworks went off and streamers flew down from the top of the stadium. The kids weren't big fans of the fireworks.

It was a fun, out-of-the-ordinary night!

End of May

When I don't give any input on Millie's and Max's outfits, I'm always interested in the results. Sometimes they're pretty hilarious! Both of them are doing some awesome pattern mixing here, but Millie also added Grammy's bracelet and her soccer cleats to make her fast on her bike ride. Love her spunk.

Harvey watches his older siblings' every move!

Another DinoTrux for Max because he finally pooped in the toilet at HOME! That was an unexpected hurdle.

I have so many pictures of all the kids sleeping. It's my favorite thing. 

We got to keep Eva, Leighton, and Dean for a couple nights. It was so fun and our kids think they're the coolest!

So many helpers for an "I Spy" book.

Millie wanted to match hairdos with Eva. Eva is such a sweet girl and I'm so glad Millie has her to look up to!

Max followed Leighton around everywhere, calling him "Laden" which cracked us all up. Leighton was so sweet to play with him and humor him!