Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last week

Fun bridal shower for Lauren. Mom and I made a Family proclamation for their home. 

This funny love triangle. We are all sisters-in-law with each other, but in 3 different families! 

I bought these pants in 2008, and they finally ripped last week. But don't worry, I cut them off and they have another 7 years ahead of them as shorts! 

I couldn't resist taking a pic of my little boyfriend in YWs with me. The girls love it when I bring him!

A late afternoon picnic.

Millie loves it when Daddy plays princesses with her.

Tantrums. Sometimes I have to laugh and take a picture so I don't start crying too.

Millie wanted a tie dye shirt after seeing the YW ones. She loves it.

This picture brought to you by our bishop when he caught Tyler in the hall with some nursery supplies. Tyler works so hard all week and then goes to nursery on Sunday and survives 10+ crazy kids, smiling all the while. I love him.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mischievous Max

Max has been a handful lately. I don't know if he is more curious or destructive than Millie was at this age, or if it is just different because not all of my attention is on him like it was with Millie. Probably a little of both. 

{All pictures above were taken on the same day.}

He refuses to sit in a shopping cart for longer than 30 seconds but is too slow and distracted to walk behind and way too heavy to hold while I'm trying to shop. Just the other day I left a half full cart and stormed out of Walmart because he was just screaming so loudly and wouldn't stop. I literally couldn't hold him any longer but I knew that's what he wanted. Well, that and his binky, which I didn't have. 

On the reverse, he is usually just the sunshine in our home. He is sweet with Millie even when she wont share with him. He is a good eater and always says thank you. He is so excitable and easily persuaded. He loves to read and be outside and is turning into an awesome swimmer.

Even though he drives me batty sometimes, I just can't help but adore this Max boy!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Temple FHE

We took the kids to the temple for family night last week. We had done this back in February, but it was so brief and dark that we thought it would be fun to do it again.

On the way we talked about the temple and what we do there and why it is so important. The Friend this month has lots of stories about the temple so we read those too.

Yes, I absolutely wore my slippers on temple grounds. Didn't realize it until we were halfway there.

"If you let your children touch the temple it will touch them." Not sure who said it, but I believe it.

We topped it off with ice cream cones and it was a pretty great FHE!

We are so thankful for temples and that we have one so close by.


I finally switched out some pictures in my instawall. It is still a little Millie-heavy, but it's fun to have new ones to see!

Not sure what to do with the old pics... In having a hard time throwing them away. Maybe I'll make my own version of a chat book? I don't know.

We had a fun YW activity last week. The girls tie dyed T-shirts for our annual river trip. My shirt looks awesome (below on the right). I'm so thankful for the awesome women I get to serve with who are so helpful and fun!

We brought AJ to the library with us last week. I got to look for books for the kids while he read to them. Everybody won.

Coloring lately means that I get to draw some kind of picture for Millie to color. It's really too bad I'm terrible at drawing. It also means I have tokeep a super close eye on Max because he thinks eating crayons is funny. It isn't.

Millie is having fun with the magnet letters we found in the dollar section at Target.

Family scripture study on the trampoline (well, half of us on the trampoline. Max wasn't having it).

Little things

The best way to keep them in the cart for longer than 2.5 seconds is a slurpee.

She decorated her castle with a necklace! I love the things she comes up with.

Love at home. Or something.

I was shooting them with water guns and they had so much fun. It is deathly hot lately, we are melting!

Monka brought us Sarah's old dresser and Millie loves it. I love not having to hang all of her clothes! We rearranged her room to make it fit and it has inspired me to finish decorating it. So check back in about a year and maybe we will be there, haha.

Love those two bed heads.

It still cracks me up when he climbs up to eat whatever Millie didn't finish.

They have been so snuggly lately.

When Millie and I are sitting on the couch, Max will often come wiggle in between us. Makes us laugh every time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

More pool fun

Sharon brought her waterproof camera to the pool one day and got some awesome pictures! (The one above and several below)

Millie has been learning to swim without floaties!

We love summer!!