Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Woodlands Children's Festival

Grammy invited us to the Children's Festival a weekish ago. It was supposed to rain but we got lucky and the weather was perfect! We watched a Bob the Builder show (which the kids had never seen but unfortunately now they love it), built Lego creations, made and flew kites, met Barbie and Olaf and Kung-Fu Panda, got faces painted, went in a petting zoo, and so much more! It was a fun day with Grammy!

Okay can we just talk about Max for a minute? This little shy, stick-to-Mom-at-all-times boy went in the petting zoo with Tyler and waltzed right up to those animals without hesitation. He touched them all and followed them around and talked to them. It was the cutest thing ever. Move that boy to a farm ASAP!

There's a security company in the Woodlands that rides around town on horseback. We see them from time to time but on our way out of the festival Millie was so excited to meet Rita and her rider!

Thanks Grammy for a great day!!

Sweet moments

We have had a few busy and stressful weeks lately. Tyler has been busy at work and I have felt stretched trying to do my calling and keep up with everything else. It has been important for me to take time to appreciate peaceful, sweet moments so I don't get overwhelmed.

We frequently ride bikes in the late afternoon to catch the last bit of sun.

The kids still (barely) fit into the Christmas jammies Gigi got them last year! 

I love seeing them love each other. Sweet kiddos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Medical Max

On Sunday the 8th, Max fell off the arm of the couch while trying to dunk a ball into his hoop. He caught himself with his left hand as he fell. I wasn't home when it happened so I didn't think too much of it, but Tyler was really worried. After a day I could tell it was hurting him. Not crazy, he wasn't crying all the time, but he was definitely favoring that arm and wouldn't really use it.

Tuesday night we asked Poppy to come take a look. He said it was probably fractured and recommended a doctor. I took him in on Wednesday morning and sure enough, it was fractured! Both bones. Poor boy.  

He was jazzed about those fish.

Yes there's the crack but LOOK at that adorable chubby wrist!! Kills me!

The doctor said it would heal on its own - I could give him a band-aid or a full body cast haha. We settled somewhere in the middle on a brace he will wear for 3 weeks. Cutest, smallest brace I've ever seen!

Max was so brave and sweet. He definitely doesn't like doctor visits or people touching him. They laid him down for an x-ray and he was screaming like crazy, but after a minute he calmed down. The radiologist kept saying he was doing a good job, to hang in there, only one more, etc. Max would respond to each comment with a "Thank you!" or an "Otay!" or a "Yeah." It was the cutest thing ever.

That same day I noticed that his ear was swollen and I figured it was just a bug bite. After the doctor visit Max took a super long nap. When he woke up, his ear was HUGE! See below. 

It was so scary. I couldn't find a bite and I figured it wouldn't keep getting bigger if it was just a bug bite! I called the pediatrician's office and they were pretty sure it was just a bite since he had no other symptoms. The next morning it was much better.

Max is giving us a run for our money! Love that boy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

9 on 10: November 2015

1. Still loving fitness blender workouts!

2. I'm talking to someone at Home Depot and suddenly I hear a pop and my hair starts to fall. Thick hair problems! Luckily I had a few bobby pins in my bag.

3. Unproductive shoe shopping

4. We had an extra princess at our dance party

5. Playing with borders for the Weston's blanket

6. Millie made a self-portrait out of yarn while I crocheted. She wanted to leave it on the ottoman until her birthday! Obviously it didn't last that long. It lasted approximately 3 minutes after Max woke up from his nap.

7. Little jumper

8. Halloween/Thanksgiving decor fusion. Also known as laziness.

9. The kids have a renewed obsession with this book. Max asks for it before every nap/bedtime! Sadly, we have gotten to the point where I have the whole thing memorized. When I'm feeling lazy I just recite it to him as we rock rather than read it to him on the couch.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thankful tree, etc.

We started our Thankful Tree a few days late this year, but the kids have made up for it in enthusiasm. Millie was so excited to help me make the tree and leaves!

She wrote everyone's names above their heads and drew the faces and some other unidentifiable stuff above the tree. Kid art is the best. Also, the smiley face in the middle of the tree has a chin. Not sure where she gets this stuff but I love it.

Every night (ish) we each write a few things we're thankful for and put them on the tree. Max puts a leaf over everyone's face every time he gets a chance! 

I really love doing this. At first it's pretty general, but after a few days of saying all the standard things, it really gets us thinking. Millie is especially benefiting from it this year.

Some other random pictures:

Putting training wheels on Millie's bike.

Max likes to put on hats and glasses and any silly accessory he can find. 

Tickle time!