Sunday, February 5, 2017

January wrap-up

Millie offered to read a book to Max. I love it when they're nice to each other!

Max got to borrow our neighbor's/cousin's bike and was super excited to be on a Lightning McQueen bike while wearing Lightning McQueen socks and shoes.

Millie has a little obsession with climbing trees lately, which is really too bad because there are no good climbing trees around here! She makes do with this one by our mailbox.

I've recently started exercising at night. It was just a bit much to try and fit it in the morning routine. I don't really like doing it at night but that's better than not at all I guess! Harvey sometimes makes it difficult by being extra snuggly. I can't seem to put him down when he's like that.

A happy boy and a messy floor.

Not sure who got the dress code memo wrong - the underdressed kid or the overdressed one!

I may have mentioned this before, but Millie moved up a level in swimming recently which moved her to the big pool. Until they can swim the full 25 meters in a stroke they use this little platform as a halfway point. Millie loves it.

I had to document Max's request for breakfast every morning for a couple weeks - an apple with peanut butter. Usually accompanied by some "yogurt wif granola chunks."

I thought this was the cutest picture ever! Until Tyler pointed out a weird shadow or something that makes it look like Harvey has a bump or something on the right side of his forehead. Now it's all I see haha. Still a cute pic.

Having a baby snuggled up to you is one of the best feelings ever!

This is Max "hiding" to surprise Tyler when he came home from work. He obviously buys into the "I can't see you, you can't see me" notion.

Had to stop for a jump on our way home from the park.

The kids and I took a Sunday walk and partway through Max asked me to carry him. He giggled when I put him on my back and said "This is great! This way I won't get tired!" He's got it all figured out.

We hadn't listened to the Standin' Tall CDs in a while but Millie asked to listen to the one on service. Afterwards we talked about it and I told them I would start asking what they've done to serve someone each day at dinner. A few minutes later Millie snuck into Max's room and shut the door. I suspected some naughty behavior so I went in after a minute and found her making Max's bed! Such a sweetheart. I may have cried. Definitely made them pose by the bed so I could remember the sweet moment.

My last Sam's trip was the day before Harvey was born and it was high time we went. I "put on my big girl panties" as my mom says and took all the kids with me. I was exhausted afterward but we all survived!

First time at library story time in a while. Also, documentation of Millie's awesome hair. She rocked a headband AND a necklace around her head. I wish I had her confidence!

I think Harvey has officially begun teething. He sucks on his hands so much, usually audibly too which is so cute. Doesn't seem to bother him too much yet, thank goodness!

That's a wrap on January!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Girls' trip

My mom, sisters, and I have been wanting to go to Waco to see Magnolia Farms for a while. We finally did it last weekend! It was SO fun. We met up with some of the Andersen cousins that live in TX too, which was awesome. We met in Waco on Friday night and took over Pei Wei with our loud chatter and laughter. They were thrilled. Then it was off to HEB to get some stuff for breakfast. Abnormal amount of laughter for a grocery stop, but that's what happens when you get a bunch of cousins/moms together without kids! Well, besides 3 nursing babies. There's no escaping them.

We stayed at this adorable house in West, TX my cousin found on airbnb. It was so nice to have a place to chat until 2am and then sleep in our own rooms! In the morning we slept in and had kolaches and other Czech fruit pastries for breakfast. There are lots of Czech people in West, TX for some reason. Also in that town was the fertilizer plant explosion that happened a few years ago. We drove around to see where the plant used to be and some of the damage and rebuilding they've done. So sad.

Then it was off to Waco! 

I told Steph and Alyse to give me a "I can't believe we're at Magnolia" face.

Mom was on a mission to find some cotton stalks. Mission accomplished!

The weather was so perfect. After walking through the store we hung outside and got lunch from the food trucks. My first savory crepe did not disappoint! The one disappointment was that we didn't get anything from the bakery. By the time we made it over there the line was so long and we didn't have the time or energy to stand in it. Just gives us something to look forward to for next time!

We wandered around and saw the seed store and then ran into Cassie and her husband Dan! So funny to find yet another cousin (just from the other side). 

Harvey was so good the whole time!

We left Magnolia and went to Harp Design Co (the owners do all the woodwork for Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper. Something I learned while there, as I've only seen one episode of the show haha). From there we went our separate ways. It was super fast and even more fun! 

Meanwhile, Millie and Max were having a great time also. Tyler ended up having to work all day Saturday, so Gigi and Poppy saved the day by having Millie and Max stay with them! They took them to a movie, to lunch, a bike ride, and lots more. It was so nice to go and not worry - I knew the kids were in great hands! So thankful for them.

Harvey at 2 months

Harvey dude is 2 months old! We love him so. He grows less fussy and more smiley all the time! He is also starting to have a longer stretch of sleep at night, which is so so great. Chocolate seems to make him spit up (white chocolate is the worst) but doesn't upset him. He started rolling over at about 4.5 weeks and gets faster and faster. These pics were taken on the day he turned 2 months, in his cute Sunday outfit. The little bow tie kills me!

At his 2 month checkup Harvey weighed 14 lbs 14 oz (90%ile), was 24.75" tall (97%ile), with a 16.14" head (90%ile). He's a big boy! His umbilical hernia is starting to close which is great, but I think it's so cute. We love Mr. Harvey!

Little things

Harvey's little half-smile is one of my favorite things!

Enjoying some time outside. 

I want to remember the way he tries to lean back and look around while I'm burping him.

Max has a wet head a lot of the time... he is usually running around and it's warm so he is often a sweaty boy and that is the first place he sweats! He thought it would be funny to rub his wet, sweaty head all over Millie one day. She was laughing luckily. I can't believe how naturally boys do this stuff!

That is one relaxed baby.

Checking out a ginormous ant hill. 

Those cheeks get chubbier every day!

Love these kiddos.

Harvey gets more and more smiley all the time!

Millie moved up a level in swimming and her instructor recommended that we do an evening class so she can have other people in her class and be able to watch and learn from them too. So now she swims Wednesday evenings. Not ideal, but oh well. She is in the big pool now too! There are two boys in her class and they're much older. It's fun to watch her keep up with them.

I love my boys!