Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catching up some more

The kids were so well-behaved on a recent family outing to Chuy's... 

Until they were tired of being well-behaved and climbed like monkeys in the fake trees. Oh well.

Max's favorite thing lately is to watch Thomas the Train toy videos on YouTube. Side note: who makes these videos?? Not even sure how he saw one initially, but that's totally the way to get on his good side now. Garrett and Mitchell were here for a few days and figured that out real quick! 

Soccer season is over for Millie. We missed the end-of-season party, so the coach's wife brought Millie her trophy. Millie didn't see anyone else get one, so when she got hers she whispered, "I won!" Thinking she was so special. Can't burst that bubble quite yet. She even has slept with the trophy a few times.

While we're on the subject of soccer, here are bad pictures of the team pictures.

Max refused to hold still for a picture in his adorable hat, but I like these anyway.

Their current favorite thing to do when we are at Gigi and Poppy's house.

We got to have a cousin movie night on Friday! So fun!

While G&M were still in town, we went to eat at Taste of Texas. *Best. Steak. Ever. Anyway, Max was pretty scared of the big stuffed bear they have in the waiting area. When we were about to leave he snuggled in, knowing we would walk by it again.

Another pic of a pic because I'm a winner like that. So fun to have almost the whole gang together!

Rainy days

We had another crazy storm recently. It caused major flooding and kept everyone at home for a few days. Luckily our street never got too bad, but we couldn't get to the freeway and we had about a 2-mile radius accessible. Tyler worked from home for most of that week and we all went a little stir-crazy being cooped up at home for so long! We finally made it to a grocery store on the 3rd day I think. Along with the rest of the area, apparently. We had weird bread options left and no milk.

We played at our neighbor's house one day and it was a great change of scenery! Max loves to line up toys.

Gigi got through to us one day and brought the kids new swim suits, which they were so excited to wear as soon as the sun came out. We didn't let them play in the water when it was high (hello snakes!) but when it was down to just puddles I let them splash all they wanted. 

It sure made for a weird week! But we were so blessed to stay safe and dry throughout the craziness.

Catching up

Just a random assortment of pictures and things.

We had to order some new arrows for Millie's bow because Max broke all the old ones. She was pretty excited when they arrived. Who knew the easel had so many uses?? 

They love to play in Max's bed together. I love it when they are contained.

My jam-making buddy. Millie called it strawberry soup.

Modeling new pajamas from Gigi.

Our ottoman/couch look like this probably 90% of the time. But he really does play with them so much that it's not like they're out for no reason, so I don't mind. This boy loves trains more than pretty much anything!

Avoiding folding her laundry. 

Gloomy weather calls for more creative juices than I have! Thank goodness we found this box to color. 

Back when we were first married, I told Tyler not to waste money on flowers for me, but to someday get me fruit from Edible Arrangements instead. He surprised me with this box of deliciousness recently and I savored every amazing bite!! He is so sweet.

Millie got to plant wheatgrass at preschool and was ecstatic when she had little sprouts.

Exercising with Dad.

Mom, Lindsay, and I met at IKEA one day to shop and then eat lunch. It's just so fun to be able to get together like that! And my kids are loving more cousin time.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2016

We love this tradition of going to the arts festival with Grammy every year! Uncle Russell and Aunt Pam came too and we all had a great time.

This was the only semi-group picture we got. We decided on edible art this year and got a Bundt cake! Not sad at all about that.

Funny story: after a few hours at the festival we went back to Grammy's for a little bit. Grammy had bought the kids little glass things that look like sand dollars and they were carrying them around. They were out on Grammy's balcony (6 floors up), and of course Max chucked his! Tyler saw where it landed so we all went down to search for it. Max was so happy that we found it, and all in one piece! Pretty amazing that his little glass survived a 6-story fall into a rocky area. 

Good fun in good weather

I haven't blogged in a while and we are having gloomy, rainy weather this week (more on that later), so I'm reminiscing on the last few weeks when we have had beautiful sunshine!

Max had this funny day where he asked me to "take a peecture" of everything he did. 

A park day turned into a splash pad day, without swim suits.

We are enjoying the chalk the Easter bunny brought to us!

Of course, I did get a letter from our HOA saying we had to get rid of the drawings. So dumb.

I got the kids some summer accessories and Max is especially into them lately. I love little boys in ball caps!

Come back, sunshine!