Thursday, October 23, 2014

Superhero 5k

On Saturday I ran a 5k with Sharon! We've been running together all summer and it was fun to do a race together. I'm so glad we waited until October - the weather was perfect! 

We were newbies to the whole photobooth thing....

The starting lineup. There were so many people dressed up, and for the rest of us the sponsors had capes to run with! We saw ninja turtles, Power Rangers, all the Marvel heroes, Batman, Superman, etc.

The race went well. I was pretty exhausted after the first mile or so from just fighting my way through all the people! There were tons who sprinted at the beginning and then either stopped to walk or slowed down a ton. We were pacing ourselves and spent a long time passing those walkers. By the second mile or so things thinned out and I started to feel that energy that I get from races! I love them so much.

Post-race - feeling so good!

Millie really loved the cape. She kept running around the house, saying, "I'm a superhero princess!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekend fun

Max loves to play in the playroom. He'll just crawl in there by himself and happily play for a really long time! I love it.

A little synchronized sleeping.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel. Yum!

Millie loved the rocking chairs.

Tyler was waiting inside to pay for our meal and happened to snap a picture of us while I was snapping the picture above of Millie! Kind of funny.

A nice Sunday evening walk. The weather was beautiful! We could have stayed outside all night.

We had a fun and busy weekend - one of the kind that you have to recover from afterward, you know? The Del Aguila family in our ward came over for dinner and games on Friday night and we had fun with them. We stayed up really late on Saturday night to watch the BYU game. None of us felt ready for the week to begin when it did!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Splashpad surprise

Forgot to post this from 3 weeks ago!

On Tuesday we went to the park thinking it was a nice cool day... we were wrong! By the time we got there, I was hot and sweaty and all the playground equipment was too hot to really enjoy. I randomly checked the gate to the splashpad, and it was unlocked! We went in and Millie played in the water for a little while. The water was cold, but that was just fine when we were feeling so hot. Someone should have notified Houston that it's October! 

Yet another picture of Max sleeping through whatever we're doing. Love that boy.

Glimpses of Fall

We're still in the mid-to-high 80's around here... but the early mornings sure are nice these days, and every once in a while we have a pleasantly cool day!

He was excited to stand up, I was excited about his cute long sleeves and long pants!

We spend these cool days outside, usually at some park or another.

Using the little blanket we brought (and the towel that I keep handy for drying off the slides) to stay warm.

Unrelated: Millie loves it when our shadows touch but we're not touching.

Also unrelated: Max was not amused when I had a little fun with his hair the other night!

I actually needed pants and a jacket to run one morning.

We never go too heavy on the warm getup around here at first because it is kind of awesome to feel cold! For a little while, at least. Then we Texas wimps complain about the long "winter" the whole time. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rub-a-dub dub, Max in the tub

Max is obsessed with standing up - he does it almost 100% of the time he's awake. This becomes a little frustrating when he's in the tub! But I try to laugh it off. He seems weirdly strong for a baby (or maybe this is just a difference between boys and girls?), and I have to use a lot of strength to get him to sit down or cooperate for diaper/clothing changes! Either way, he sure is cute.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

General Conference weekend, Oct. 2014 edition

We spent both General Conference days at Monka and Ampa's house. Millie loved the sighting of Elsa and Anna on Saturday (Sarah had to work a birthday party), the constant stream of treats, and Monka's awesome craft supply. Max loved playing with the cord on Ampa's computer and having more legs to grab onto to stand up. We took a walk on Sunday between sessions and ended up at the park near their apartment. It was funny to remember being together last year for Conference in October! What a difference a year makes.

This picture especially made me remember last year. There's an almost identical picture of Millie and Ampa! 

Conference weekends are the best. I love the traditions, family time, and especially taking time out of normal life to hear the words of the Lord's servants.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 on 10: October 2014

1. A little morning makeup (notice the blue eyeshadow on her forehead). Also, what on earth is that face??

2. The ottoman is coming along! The issue of only working on it during naps is that it takes a long time to see any progress. Someday I'll finish it.

3. Cutting foam for the side of the ottoman - this felt very violent for some reason!

4. Post-nap snuggles

5. Max pulled this mirror over himself and it cracked! It scared him but luckily no pieces came out.

6. That little pink stick caused a lot of tears and 2 timeouts in 1 day.

7. Making sure everyone was all set for family pictures the next day!

8. Max has become more of a thumb-sucker lately when his binky isn't around. He's sucking off any extra food, I guess!

9. Millie walked into the bathroom to find Max standing up in the tub and she was laughing so hard about it, which Max loved.

10. Pocket loot from a day of Mom-ing: one earring, a piece of gum, a popped balloon, a screwdriver bit, and part of a fruit snack wrapper. Not a bad representation of the day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tyler's trip to Utah

Tyler got to attend Brady's wedding in Utah! It was a quick trip (he left on Thursday and returned Saturday) but he had a great time. He got to see lots of family, eat at a few of the places we miss having nearby, and of course celebrate Brady and Courtney!

Saying hi to Mitchell after football practice.

Brady and Courtney, about as newly-wedded as two people can be!

Cafe Rio, of course.

Magleby's Fresh.

Tyler got to stop by our first apartment! The little basement of this house holds a lot of great memories for us.