Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little things

The kids have been super early risers lately. I still don't really sleep well at night (don't anticipate a full night's sleep for some months!) so they are really sweet to go play when they are up and let me wake up slowly. Millie turns on the lights and they get whatever toy they want to play with and it's usually their nicest (least amount of fighting) play time together of the day.

Max loves to bring flash cards to Millie's swim lessons or gymnastics class. 

The super-safest way to ride in a shopping cart! Also notice the Halloween decoration Max carried around for a solid week or two. Poor pumpkin man is missing a foot and is probably way more scared of Max than of any Halloween creature.

I ended up taking the kids with me to a doctor's appointment recently (my last two appointments, actually!) and they were so good. I was really nervous taking them the first time in particular because I had an ultrasound, a regular appointment, a blood draw, and a chat with the insurance specialist. I'm not ever the one to hand over the iPad to my children to keep them quiet, but I was sure grateful to have it with us that day. The kids were mostly angels! 

We got happy meals on the way home from the doctor since they were so good. The meals had superhero toys in them, which occupied the kids for the rest of the day. Max in particular was killing me with cuteness.

Captain America shirt, Superman in hand, Green Arrow glasses, and a Batman cape. I think we just about covered them all! This just might be my new favorite picture of Max.

We fell off the wagon with FHE a bit and have increased our efforts there lately. The kids are at such fun ages where they love games and object lessons. Tyler is a great teacher and they listen to him so well!

Jumping on the bed is even more fun when Mom's trying to change the sheets!

A little inordinate excitement about my new exercise ball. We came home from a walk (hence my sweaty self above - when will we get cool fall weather?!?) and found it in the mail and couldn't wait to blow it up. It has seriously been so nice for me to sit on and roll my ever-aching hips. Helps with my back to. The kids love it too and wanted their pictures taken with it haha.

Millie's favorite part of school is doing her little math workbook. We do everything else first so I can have math waiting as the reward at the end. Definitely her dad's girl in that way!

Millie and Max love playing in the baby's room. I'd like to think it's because they're so excited for a new brother, but it's really just because that's where I keep the toys we don't have out all the time. Puzzles in particular are a big draw.

Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference weekend, Oct. 2016 edition

We woke up to some beautiful weather on Saturday, which always gives me so much energy. The kids and I let Dad sleep in and we went outside to pull some weeds and ride bikes and scooters. They were good helpers.

Keeping little hands busy so we could listen during the morning session.

We ran a couple errands between sessions, which included getting new tennis shoes for the kids and a Sonic drink run. 

Tyler had a couple visitors while he watched the Priesthood session. 

Below is a terribly unflattering shot of me, but documentation of the kolache-making process. It is a long one and I don't do it often! But my boys love them so much, and I really wanted to make cinnamon rolls with the leftover dough.

This is what was left of the cinnamon rolls after Sunday was over. 

Reading a book before heading to Gigi and Poppy's house on Sunday morning.

Gigi had new coloring books for the kids and Poppy brought the kid picnic table inside. They were set! Millie colored for all 4 hours of Conference that day!

A walk to the park between sessions. Max was scared of the ducks before we even left their house and insisted on clinging to Poppy instead of riding his scooter.

Cooling off with some ice cream and brownies. Millie was totally cracking us up with her headband! I had done her hair nicely and even run a straightener through it, but she found this headband in the car and wore it all day. Love that quirky girl.

We loved hearing so many inspiring messages and spending time with family over the weekend! These are some of my favorite days of the year!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Playgroup field trip

Our ward playgroup got to go on a tour of HEB last week. It's part of a healthy eating initiative HEB has. They let the kids color, showed them different parts of the store (including going through the fridge and freezer!) talked about eating a balanced diet, and then fed them some snacks.

They let the kids touch live lobsters and a huge crab. Millie and Max would not touch so I had to pretend I wanted to in the hopes that they'd follow suit. They did not.

Max was a little afraid of HEB's mascot at first but talked about him the rest of the day. He called him "HEB-a-buddy" instead of HEBuddy.

It was a fun playgroup outing!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

One weekend in two cities

Tyler got to go with his parents to Washington DC for the BYU football game a couple weekends ago! We kept busy while he was gone:

A morning at the splashpad. This was my attempt to be okay mentally with the heat. 

Poor Max fell down and got a bloody knee and wanted to sit with me for a minute.

Borrowing Tyler's BYU shirt to watch the game. Sneaking to his side of the closet is becoming more regular these days! (31 weeks)

The kids and I went to my parents' house for dinner and to watch the women's session of General Conference. Lindsay and Charlotte both came with their new babies too and it was so fun! We watched the session at my parents' building since my dad needed to be there. The kids were pretty good. And my belly looks crazy big in this pic.

And now for the much more exciting part of this post - Tyler's trip! They flew out Friday and got to see the boys that evening.

They saw a few sites before heading to the game. Shayna was there too! 

#87 and #23!

The Cougars put up a good fight but lost. They got to see G&M one more time before the team flew home.

And a stop at the beautiful DC temple!

Tyler flew home on Sunday. I'm so glad he could go, and it's always so good when he comes home!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Little things

Max is such a sweet brother. He has been a trooper to sit and watch Millie do swimming and gymnastics! I was really worried that he would cry and want to do it too. He does want to participate, but so far has been satisfied with knowing he can do it when he's a little older. On our way to Millie's swim evaluation, Max said, "I'm so excited for you Millie!" 

The kids were good helpers cleaning the church recently. 

After cleaning we got frozen yogurt with 2 other families that were there. Millie loved playing with friends but was not happy about her choice of cherry yogurt (about which she was warned, but it was the only pink one they had so you know she was insistent).

I'm glad Tyler thought to take a picture of Millie on the day of her first Primary Program! She was nervous and reluctant to practice but when it came time for the program she stood and said her line ("I am a child of God") with no problem at all. I love being her teacher. It was a funny Sunday because during 2nd hour the power went out! Which means the A/C wasn't working, so it quickly became crazy hot (especially for a 7-months prego lady). They called off the rest of church once they knew the problem wouldn't be resolved quickly. 

This was at Millie's first actual swim lesson. There are 3 other kids in her class. Millie just couldn't stop smiling the entire time! It was so cute. 

Sometimes Max just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and needs a few extra snuggles. 

First official day of gymnastics, to which she insisted on wearing her ballet outfit. You do you, girl!

Max was looking through a stack of pictures of Christ and kept calling them "family pictures." Pretty darn cute.

Millie drew our family going to church! I think I like my body the best. The whole thing is just so funny.