Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finals are Finally almost Final

Tyler's last final for the semester is tomorrow! He is amazing and I am so proud of him for working so hard. Seriously-- I'm not sure how he does it. After 2:00 pm tomorrow, Tyler will finally be free! And therefore, we will be free to do whatever we want. :) The partying will finally start with two Christmas parties in one night-- my work party and the Backus family party. Finally it's almost Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turbo Kickbox

Wow... what a workout! I just got back from my first turbo kickbox class. It was great! Probably one of my favorites so far. I'll definitely be feeling this one tomorrow. I don't think we stopped moving the whole time! I'm definitely looking forward to next week when I can go again. I think I'll become a regular.

Other news-- I found the greatest ugly sweaters for my company Christmas party on Friday! Tyler and I are SO winning the contest! I'd post pictures, except then my competition would know what they have to live up to. Also, my white elephant gift rocks. I love Christmas. Who started ugly sweater parties and white elephant gift exchanges anyway??

P.S. If you Google ugly sweaters, this is the greatest picture that comes up:

Monday, December 14, 2009

I love Christmas!!

Christmas is the best. I'm just so excited about everything! Mostly to have my husband back. He has been working so hard! This Friday will be his last final for the semester, and then he will be mine for two glorious weeks! He really is amazing. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few days off of work so we can actually spend some time together while he can.

In other news, I've been going to the gym lots lately! I have a goal to go 15 times in December, and I've been 5 so far. Not quite on track, but it's super-fun! I actually went twice on Saturday (long story), and I've been paying for it ever since. Seriously-- My legs are so sore I've been waddling around the office! But I went again tonight and I think it helped. I've lost a pant size already! I think if I cut out the candy at work, I'd really be on my way to getting in shape.

I wish I could write about the awesome things I got Tyler for Christmas! But, in case he happens to glance at my blog, I can't. Let me just say that I fear for Christmases Future trying to measure up to this Christmas! Can't wait to share my awesomeness. Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas spirit

This morning I went with Annie and Kathy to Music and the Spoken Word/Mini Christmas Concert. It was amazing! Well, the concert was amazing. Waking up super-early and getting up to Salt Lake through all the snow/slush/rain was quite an adventure. We parked close to an I-15 exit and took Trax into Temple Square. Thanks to Annie's mom being in MoTab, we had great seats! They did most of the songs that they'd performed for their Christmas concert the last three nights. There were tons of dancers, bell-ringers, and little kid choirs in addition to the orchestra and choir! Probably over 1,000 people on stage. Anyway, it was so great. Richard Elliott (I think that's his name) did the most amazing organ solo that seriously made me want to take organ lessons for a minute. (Emphasis on the "for a minute" part.) He was doing so much footwork, crossing his feet to play and everything. Incredible. Natalie Cole was one of the special guests, along with David McCollough (author of 1776 and a few other books I bet) and that was really neat. After the concert, they did a special thank you presentation for them, and they both raved about the Church and how great it was working with them. They both seem like classy individuals. President Monson was there, which was cool. He told Natalie Cole and David McCollough that now they are a part of our "family," and that it's "a pretty good-sized family." What a sweet man.

Seriously, I thought I was in the Christmas spirit before, but now I am way more! I've had songs from Handel's Messiah stuck in my head all day, and I can't stop thinking about how beautifully the Conference Center was decorated. I'm so grateful to be a member of a church that values music and recognizes its power! Like Buddy the Elf says, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Thanks for a wonderful day, Annie!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ay caramba!

I'm feeling very "south of the border" today. Last night, Tchelsey and I tried a Zumba class at the gym! It was really fun actually. We both made absolute fools of ourselves. The instructor showed us dances from every Latin-American country! We did some salsa, rumba, tango, and lots of others I can't pronounce. I definitely felt it working my core. Tchelsey and I were both a little frustrated this morning though-- neither of us are sore today! I really like feeling sore... makes me feel like I worked hard. When we work hard and we're not sore, what do we have to show for it? Hopefully skinnier waists, eventually. We've both determined we want to try again so we can get better at it. I'm not usually the type of person to just "let loose," especially when I'm a bad dancer. I think going again will help. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I think I'm going to try Turbo Kickbox next... wish me luck!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The waiting is over

I dreaded getting sick when swine flu was all the buzz. I think I even wrote about it! Anyway, it finally happened, and I don't have to wait anymore. I am sick.

Thankfully, it's not swine flu... well, at least I don't think so. But yesterday my throat started hurting, and by the end of the day, I was flushed and feverish! It hit me pretty fast. I stayed home from work today and stayed in bed for most of the day. I got a burst of energy this afternoon and did the dishes, some laundry, and some cleaning, and it knocked me out! Too much, too fast.

I'd better get over whatever this is soon... I'm watching the finale of "The Biggest Loser" right now and I'm feeling like I need to work out!!

P.S. this snow is... well, I have mixed feelings about it. I think it's beautiful, but did there have to be so much???

Sunday, December 6, 2009


That is what happened to me yesterday-- I died. Now, this is really going to expose how out of shape I am, but I guess I can't really hide it anyway. If I walked up a flight of stairs next to you, my secret would be out. I am extremely out of shape!! Here's the story of my brush with death:

This week, Tyler was sweet enough to switch his Gold's Gym pass over to my name. He wasn't using it and it is paid for until next August, so I figured I may as well use it and try to get back in shape. It was a really busy week and I never ended up going to the gym until Saturday-- yesterday. I went to a spinning class with my friend Tchelsey from work. We went to an "Intro Cycle" class to be safe, since neither of us had done it before and we both were super-intimidated. I found that I had EVERY reason to be terrified-- it was crazy hard! I felt good about stopping after 3 minutes, but no. The pain continued. I pedaled through mud with all of my strengh, turned down the resistance when the teacher wasn't looking, and took water breaks every 5 seconds (which is a joke, but the way-- you never really get off the bike, you just get to take your hands off the bars and drink sitting up). I even threw up the NutriGrain bar I had for breakfast (I just discovered those this week... wow they're good)!

But, I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself for going. And for not running out in tears. And for not being super-sore today! Well, not in my legs, at least. The sorest part of me is my rear-end... somebody should really invest in more comfortable seats!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So for tonight, be thankful

What a great Thanksgiving break we had! It all started Tuesday. I got off work early and picked Tyler up from class. We drove straight down to Spring City to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's side of the family. It was so fun to see everyone! We ate tons and had a great time visiting. We spent the night there in Spring City and then drove up with my family the next morning. We went to Salt Lake and saw Kim and Caleb's apartment. It's so cute! We said goodbye to the Westons and Bakers and went to Welfare Square and took a tour. Exciting, I know! It actually was really cool. We made our way back down south to meet up with Tyler's family. We went and saw "The Blindside" that night with the Juergens and Wright families. It was a great movie! Seriously, one of those feel-good, clean, want to be better type of movies. I definitely recommend it. It might have my vote for best movie of the year.

Thursday (Thanksgiving!!) the boys went to Salt Lake to play football. I went up to Aunt Sheila's house in Salt Lake with the Juergens girls, Aunt Dana, and Gabby. The rest of the day was filled with food, football, and family fun! That's a lot of F's. :) We really did have a great time though. We ended up at the Wright's house that night, playing Charades and laughing constantly until the wee hours of the morning.

Friday we ate breakfast at Magleby's Fresh (can you say all-you-can-eat french toast? It was amazing-- and I think I could drink their syrup). After stuffing ourselves to the max (again... you'd think after two Thanksgiving dinners we would be through stuffing ourselves) we went to Kiwanis Park and played tennis with Austin and Giselle! It was SO much fun. We hadn't played tennis in too long! We loved playing with Austin and Giselle too-- they're awesome. After playing, we came home and showered, then joined the Juergens fam at FatCats for some bowling! Another thing we hadn't done in a while. My family came by the alley to say goodbye, and then left to drive back down to Texas. :( It's always sad to see family go. After bowling, Tyler and I went to the mall and had probably one of the least successful shopping trips. EVER. You'd think that it wouldn't be so bad on Black Friday, but it was! Oh well. Serves us right for not going to Park City. We met back at Aunt Dana's for dinner (she made her chili, which is for sure my favorite meal of hers! yum) and then went to the BYU b-ball game. We sat with Garrett, Mitchell, and Andrew (and randomly sat behind my Lewis cousins-- total coincidence!) and were "obnoxious fans" and had so much fun. Luckily, they won. :) We celebrated at the Malt Shoppe afterward and then chatted at the Wright's again. They were so sweet for letting us bombard their house this week! We love being with them.

Saturday we played tennis with Austin and Giselle again! So much fun. After a match, we decided to switch up teams and play boys vs. girls. Giselle and I both played in high school and we didn't think it would be a problem, but they won! They beat us in a tiebreaker in the first set. We didn't play a second because we were so tired! I am still so embarrassed. :) In the afternoon I got lots done-- some Christmas shopping, laundry, and a little bit of cleaning. I got a Christmas tree at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that is going to look so cute in our little apartment! It's only 5 feet tall, so nothing huge, but it will be nice. We met the fam at Jason's Deli after they got out of the football game (by the way-- SO proud of the football team! Way to go Cougs!!), and I really think I had the best chili I'd ever tasted. I'm definitely going back! It was seriously amazing. We went back the Wright's and watched "CNN Heroes" until the Juergens fam had to leave for Salt Lake. They flew out this morning, so we said goodbye! We loved being with family so much. What a blessing they are in our lives.

Today's been a nice, relaxing day. I spent the morning sleeping in and reading. Church was really good-- we learned about the Church's new familysearch website! I'm so excited to try it out. We spent the evening doing Tyler's home teaching and eating-- do we ever stop?!? We haven't yet! I even made cookies tonight and I can't stop eating them. I'm currently watching White Christmas, waiting for Tyler to finish his reading so we can put up our Christmas tree! I love Thanksgiving, but Christmas is what I look forward to most! I seriously get giddy like a kid. I start listening to Christmas music in October, and it took everything I had to wait to put up the tree until after Thanksgiving! I just love being with family and all the traditions that come with Christmas.

Well, I think it's off to bed for me. Watching White Christmas has me a bit depressed. Not because of homesickness or because of wishing that my life were a musical (which sometimes I do), but because of the size of Vera-Ellen's legs. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!? I'm getting up early tomorrow to work out.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend, I finished "The Peacegiver." Ummm... amazing book. Seriously, I will lend you my copy if you haven't read it. It changed my perspective on so many things, and made Sacrament Meeting today that much more inspiring. Tyler and I started to read it together as we were driving to Utah to get married. For those who have read the book, you know how it starts. The first chapter is full of sadness and hate as this man describes his not-so-good marriage and his feelings for his wife. We decided after a few pages that this wasn't the book for us to be reading together on our way to get married! So we put it away and read "The Five Love Languages" instead. Also a good book. However, I couldn't stop thinking about "The Peacegiver," so I decided to give it another shot. I ate it up! It really is an amazing book.

After finishing "The Peacegiver," I decided that I needed something else to read. I hopped on the Barnes & Noble website and checked out their top-rated books, and wrote down some of the ones that looked interesting to me. I'd heard from a friend that "The Time-Traveler's Wife" was a good book, so I decided to try that before I see the movie. I haven't been able to put it down either!

Poor Tyler is finally getting to know Bookworm Camille. She's a totally different person than Tyler's ever known... hopefully he'll survive. Poor guy was starving last night at 8:45 as I was sitting on the couch, reading. These are things I just don't think about when I'm wrapped up in a book!! I need to get better...

The next books on my list (since I'll probably finish "The Time-Traveler's Wife this week):

-The Undaunted
-Three Cups of Tea
-Women of the Old Testament
-My Sister's Keeper (also before I see the movie)

Any other good recommendations? I like to read books that other people have recommended to me, so fire away!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are party animals!

I'm exhausted from all our partying lately...

-Saturday: Lunch with Randall and Crystal at Cafe Rio, and then Pandemic at their house. Best board game ever!

-Temple Saturday night. Love!

-Movie night at the Wright's Sunday night. I love going over to their house! Feels just like home for me. Plus, we watched "The Emporer's New Groove." Classic!

-Tuesday night we went to the BYU bball game. We ended up buying tickets about an hour before it started, but got there 30 minutes early. They let us in the student section, even though we had purchased the cheap high-altitude tickets. :) Tyler's friend Spencer, who works for BYU Events, gave us passes to sit on the couches! It ended up being us with DJ and his date. It was so much fun! The couches are of course sponsored, so Cosmo came over and they put the camera on us to "get excited" for a few minutes. They turned on music and Cosmo and I swing-danced (swung-danced? I don't know) for a few minutes! It was a really fun night.

-Wednesday Heidi came over after I got off work and picked Ty up. We had tacos and watched "Nights in Rodanthe." Wow-- tear-jerker! It was a good movie. Heidi and I ended up talking until about 1:30. I saw a meteor on the way back from taking her home! I was so surprised and glad I got to see it-- it was beautiful.

-Tonight (Thursday) we went to Shirley and Steve's wedding reception. We're so happy for them! It was so fun to see so many cousins there, and we just couldn't leave. We were there for a while and it was a blast! *Charlotte: I can't even tell you how hard I laughed when I got home and looked through my pile of thank-you cards I have yet to send, and I found... one for you! I felt like Jenet :) So give me your address and I'll send it off finally!*

Who knows what the weekend has in store, but I'm hoping to relax a bit. We're gettin' crazy here in O-town!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream job

I wish I was on the show "Glee." Actually, I really just wish my life was a musical. It would make me so happy to dance around and sing like no one was watching or listening. I always get feeling like this whenever I watch a musical/play/Glee. :) Tyler and I just watched Wednesday's episode, and now I want to be a singer. Singing a duet with Lea Michelle would be amazing. Don't worry, this will pass. Reality will hit and I will realize what it takes and that I don't have it. But for now-- just let me dream.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Best weekend on record...

Except probably the weekend we got married! Which was 3 months ago yesterday, in case you're wondering. :) I'm super-sad that this weekend is over... it was fantastic! Tyler worked so hard last week studying for his tests (he had 3 accounting tests-- killer) and I worked a lot to stay busy while he studied. We were both ready to spend some time with each other (and conscious too). Saturday we spent almost the whole day together! I went to Shirley Jacob's bridal shower (so excited for you Shirls!!) with Kim, and it was so fun to see family. I need to throw a cousin party. Bad. There's something about being with family, even if it's not your own, that just feels good. Family is good. Anyway, after the shower Tyler and I ran some errands. We tried to deposit some checks in the bank, but it was closed. We took my ring back to the store to get it polished and dipped again, so that will be ready Wednesday morning! I feel so naked without it. After dropping the ring off, we walked around the mall for a bit. We joked about how I was Tyler's mistress, and I told him I couldn't wait for him to leave his wife any longer. :) We have some different opinions when it comes to clothes, so it was fun trying to convince each other of our knowledge of good style. We've decided that we're going to start watching "What Not to Wear" together so we can determine who is really right. I'm definitely going to win.

After window-shopping for a while at the mall, we met Adam and Aubrey at Winger's, along with Aubrey's little brother, for dinner. We had so much fun! Adam is in Tyler's accounting study group, so it was fun to get out for a bit. After eating way too much at dinner, we tried to go see "Love Happens" and "The Time-Traveler's Wife" but both were sold out. I guess we'll never know if they're good. :) Instead, we went to Adam and Aubrey's apartment and watched "The Guardian. I love that movie! It's one of those movies that I can (and do haha) watch over and over and never tire of it. We ended up staying and talking until 12:30 am! Such a fun couple. We were swapping "can you believe it?" stories for a long time, including scary stories. I came home a bit scared, and made Tyler check every room and closet in the house before I took off my shoes and coat. I'm a fraidy-cat.

Sunday we slept in (I won't admit how late) and went to church at 1. We had tropical smoothies for breakfast-- yum! DJ taught us to put ginger ale in our fruit smoothies for an extra kick, and it's amazing. We love it. I have to admit that I'd never had ginger ale before those smoothies! Who knew it was so good? Church was really good. We go to a Strengthening Marriage class every week for Sunday School, and we both really like it. After Church we ate one of my favorite meals-- lasagna with salad, corn, and garlic bread. And, I made a cake with homemade frosting! We ended up taking the cake over to the Wright's (we missed Gabby's birthday-- happy belated birthday again Gabbs!! We love you). So glad that the whole cake won't be sitting on my thighs alone, like last time. :) I love going over to the Wright's-- it seriously feels like home! I laugh until my stomach muscles hurt and until I cry. Such a great family.

Loved the weekend. Only 5 days 'til the next one....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another triumph

I have this weird thing about me. Sometimes I subconsciously measure my ability to be a good wife by my ability to make Tyler good meals. Well, for tonight, I am a fantastic wife! I made chicken parmesan for dinner. This was a first for me, and it turned out so well! The only thing I would change was the fact that I had to finish off a can of Ragu before it expired instead of making my marinara sauce... which reminds me-- your mom's so fat her blood type is Ragu! Just kiddin'. :) I tried a recipe off the internet. When I told my mom what was in it, she said it sounded disgusting! It was different than the Lion House cookbook recipe she has used, so I was a little nervous to try it. I also used elbow macaroni because I forgot to get more spaghetti noodles when I was at the store yesterday. Oh well.

It's the best when I hear Tyler say "Mmmm!" without knowing it. He gets so into his meals and scoops the food up as if he hasn't eaten in days. He definitely did that tonight! I'm so glad it was a success. Hopefully my pumpkin cookies will go over just as well tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To all of the big shots out there...

Well, all of you who are think you're big shots anyway. You're bugging me. Here's some things you need to learn:

-I will NOT hang up on a customer to answer your call on the other line. Try calling your real assistant for the things you need?

-I don't bus tables. When you spill something while eating lunch, YOU can clean it up.

-Do you have to make everything sound like the end of the world? So what if you have to wait 60 seconds for something to print out?

-You have a trash can in your office. Stop making me come get your garbage to put in my trash can.

-Do you not know how to change your own oil and rotate your own tires?

One last question...

-How did you ever become a "bigshot" without me?

"The girl at the front desk"

Friday, October 30, 2009


That's about as much Halloween excitement as you're going to get out of me. I have spent all week trying to care about this Halloween, but I just can't. There are too many reasons that make me not look forward to this holiday:

-The massive amounts of sugar/junk food. I don't need one more reason to justify pigging out... I have enough. :)

-Dressing up. This is fun when you have a brilliant idea and tons of money to spend on a costume, but for the rest of us, it's lame. I had the awesome idea this year to be a Deal or No Deal model, with a little case that had the $1,000,000 sign in it. But they all wear skanky outfits and I couldn't think of something that was modest but that would work. So here I am at work, dressed as a cowgirl. Hey-- at least I am participating.

-Scary stuff. I HATE scary stuff. I had a nightmare a few nights ago from a commercial for a scary movie. I definitely can't handle murder movies and spooky stories. No thank you.

-Dirty stuff. I can't tell you how many girls I saw at Wal-Mart last night who obviously use Halloween to dress as scantily as they want without consequences. Halloween doesn't need to be naughty!

As bad as this all sounds, there are a few good things about this holiday:

-Pumpkin with Oreo shakes at Arctic Circle. They only come around Halloween, and that is something I always look forward to.

-Carving pumpkins. We haven't yet this year-- they're still sitting on our porch right now, but rest assured they will be carved.

-Seeing people at work in a different situation. Today everyone is supposed to dress up... only one person other than me has so far, but I'm sure that more will! If not, I'll just give myself the $50 prize for best costume. HA.

Tyler's second round of tests is next week, so he'll be studying all weekend. Hopefully he can spare a few hours so we can do something fun... at least carve our pumpkins! If not, it will be a good chance to rest from this exhausting week. My throat is starting to hurt, and if I get swine flu, the 5 people at work who have had it so far are going down.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vermont would be beautiful this time of year... with all that snow

It's snowing!! Right now! I turned around at my desk (there are huge windows across the whole front of AMP-- no walls really) and there it was. Immediately I started singing songs from White Christmas in my head (hence the White Christmas quote)!

I'm really sad that it will be cold all the time now, but the snow is too beautiful for me to be really upset. Plus, now I can pull out my coats! :) Hopefully it won't snow too much... poor Tyler's job on the BYU Grounds crew will get a lot harder once that starts.

*Update: Last night was my first night at Stevens-Henager College and it was great! They gave me a laptop to use, so that buttered me up real quick! :) I'm excited to get more involved there.

Monday, October 26, 2009


-I had a dream the other night that I had a baby and that the baby was sticky from something, so I went to change his diaper and clean him up. For some reason, I turned him over on his stomach (don't worry Mom, I really do know how to change a diaper) to get the diaper off. To my astonishment, the back of the baby was really a bottle of maple syrup, and it had a hole in the bottom. Hence the stickiness.

-I cleaned my house from head to toe in 1.5 hours. Dang it looks good!

-Tiffany and Tyler were in Utah this weekend, so I went to Pizza Factory with them on Saturday. Of course, we went there only because they had Cookie Monsters. Our favorite! It was so fun to see them.

-Babysat on Saturday night for some people I didn't know, but babysat with an old Young Women's leader. Got paid way too much and spent the rest of the night pigging out in celebration (Arctic Circle, of course) with Tyler and Annie.

-Finally finished baking the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough that has been sitting in my fridge for days. Anybody want one?

-Decided that with the money I got paid babysitting on Saturday, I'm going to switch Tyler's Gold's Gym pass into my name. He's not using it, so why shouldn't I? I'm dying to try a spinning class or something. Please get rid of my cottage cheese!

-Had the hardest time waking up this morning. When it's cold outside and warm under the covers, good luck getting me out.

-Said a prayer of gratitude this morning that I live where I live. Fall is beautiful! The leaves are now changed and starting to fall off the trees, and it's so fun to see families raking their yard. Or vacuuming them, in the case of one old man I passed. It is so beautiful here, and I am so happy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Why is everyone sick?! I don't like sick season. I feel like it has hit everyone I know, except-- cross your fingers-- me. There have been tons of people missing work because of sickness, and all the employees of the Walmart across the street are wearing gloves now. My niece and nephew have hand, foot, and mouth disease (whatever that is)! I hate it when people are sick. It means I can't and don't want to play with them, and it means I have more things to do at work. BOO for sickness. Hopefully neither Tyler nor I get sick.

On a happy note, it's Friday! I'm glad to have a break from work. I'm in trouble this morning for sending out a letter that apparently should not have been sent... my handwriting is on the envelope so apparently I'm the one at fault? I don't know why... I just send mail when people tell me to. Why not punish the customer service rep who told me to send it?!? I still don't even know what it was that I sent. Oh well. This weekend is the Homecoming game for BYU... go Cougs! I doubt I'll get to go, but I'll at least watch it on TV. Tyler and I want to go to the temple tomorrow, but other than that, I think I'll be flyin' solo all day. Ty's got a ton of homework/studying to do. He works so hard! Amazing. I start my other job at Stevens-Henager on Monday... finally. The guy who hired me has been gone for a while since his wife had a baby, but now he's really ready to start. We'll see how this goes! Happy weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a confession

I've never been a huge TV person, but I do like my shows. Recently, however, I turn on the TV whenever I'm doing anything that doesn't require my full attention. Which, let's be honest, is anytime after I get home from work. I fold laundry, write thank-you cards, cook dinner, do dishes, make tomorrow's lunch, and clean with my shows on... and I've come to love a few shows. Here are some of my favorites, in order of favoritism:

-The Biggest Loser (it's on tonight!! So excited)

-The Office (I think I love this show the same as Biggest Loser, but I've always loved it, so I'm not as excited about it as I currently am with Biggest Loser)

-30 Rock. Why do I find this show so amusing?

-Community and Parks and Recreation. They are both on sometime before the Office, and since I can never remember when the office is, I always end up watching one or both of these haha

-Dancing with the Stars. I never watch the results show because it's not as exciting, but I love to watch ballroom dance!

-America's Next Top Model. Okay, I'll admit that this is the stupidest show. EVER. It's just so fascinating to me to see what everyone thinks beauty is, and I like looking at the crazy pictures they take. So sue me!

-Glee. This is definitely my other guilty pleasure show. I don't follow it religiously the way I do Biggest Loser or Office, but I'm never disappointed when my Wednesday nights are free.

And there you have it. This is what I entertain myself with as Tyler does homework and I do stuff around the house... but don't go thinking that I am a couch potato. The cleaning, cooking, writing, and everything else definitely gets done! Plus, I've been reading a lot recently. I finally finished "God Wants a More Powerful People" by Sheri Dew (I definitely recommend it) and I read "Animal Farm" over the weekend. So no, my brain is not turning to mush! But I may or may not be getting fat and out of shape... don't tell. I was thinking today and trying to calculate how much a Rec Center membership would cost. I'd love to take a Zumba class, or a spinning class, or something to keep me in shape... we'll see.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our whirlwind of a weekend

We went down to Houston this past weekend for our Open House and it was a blast! We flew down Friday afternoon and were on the same flight with Aunt Sheila and cousin Adam. I was determined to read Animal Farm (after many unsuccessful tries-- it just never captured my interest) so I read the whole plane ride, and Tyler did homework. Wow, aren't we exciting? Gretchen picked us up from the airport and we went straight to the Lobos football game! It was so fun to see Garrett and Mitchell play. They had an awesome game, and one touchdown each. My family came to the game as well, so it was just a big party! We had a great time. After the game we were all hungry, so we went to Willie's and had burgers. Oh YUM. We all stayed up late talking and watching "Glee" and planning Saturday. We love being with family!

Saturday was such a fun day. Tyler did some homework while I set up his new iTouch... those things are so dang cool! Tyler continued to do homework while I went with Gretchen, Aunt Sheila, and Grammy to watch Heidi teach a dance lesson at the YMCA. It was so fun to watch her teach! Such talented people... if only I had moves like that! :) We came home, ate lunch, and finished getting everything ready for the party. I finally showered and got ready, and we all went over there a little before 6. We had so much fun taking pictures and looking at everything that had been set up! There was a typewriter to write notes to us, a photo booth for people to take pictures in, napkins that said "Love, set, match" (tennis was a running theme of the decor), and the cultural hall looked beautiful! I'd never seen a church reception so beautiful. Pretty soon people started trickling in, and then it was packed! We didn't do a line, which was fun. People just came and mingled and it was great! The food was apparently amazing (we were talking to people and I didn't get more than one cookie and some lemonade) and tons of people took pictures in the photo booth. We were all exhausted by the end though! We loaded up the gifts in the back of the car and drove home after a long night of partying and cleaning up. My feet were definitely not happy with me that night! :) We all stayed up and opened presents til about 1:30 am (thanks to everyone for helping us sort through all that!) and had Blue Bell ice cream. It was tough sorting through everything, deciding what to return and re-buy, what to take up with us, and what to store at the Juergens' house until we are done with school, etc. We flew, so we had a very limited amount of space. It was such a fun night though! We loved seeing old friends and meeting new ones from both of our wards.

Sunday we rolled out just in time for 9:00 Sacrament meeting. Garrett and Mitchell sang in a Nana-led youth choir and did a great job! We loved watching Garrett be the chorister for the day too. After the meetings we came home and had Cafe Rio-style pork for lunch. It was delicious! I've got to make that again soon-- best stuff ever. After eating we ran over to my family's house for a couple of hours and spent the whole time laughing. Seriously, when did my family get so comical? They've all become nuts since only having 3 kids at home. I finally got back my cowgirl boots (thanks to Laura for hiding them from me) and we took some snacks for the plane. Unfortunately, we had to turn around once we got on the highway to retrieve my phone, which I left at the house. How much dumber can I get, seriously? Luckily Laura was nice enough to meet me at the exit and bring it to me. We made it back to the Juergens' a little later than planned, but we still made the plane on time! I finished Animal Farm (*Note: not a great book. I mean, it's a funny book, but it's the "makes me snort because it's ridiculous"-type book. I read it just to say I read it, but probably won't ever again) and Tyler did homework again. This time, Heidi was on our flight, so after I'd finished the book, she showed me some of her new favorite songs. I definitely need to expand my music horizons! It was fun. We saw Ryan and Cari on the shuttle on the way to the parking lot too! They were on their way back from New York, and we chatted with them about their trip and ours. It's funny all the places you find family, isn't it? We met a friend on the plane and gave him a ride home, and had so much fun playing Ink Pink and Name that Movie.

I hate coming home from fun trips! I get in this mentality that wherever I went wasn't just a trip, it's permanent, and then unpacking is heart-breaking for me. We loved seeing our families and friends, but we're so glad to be back as well. Our little apartment truly feels like home now, and we're hoping to catch up on some missed sleep. :) Oh, and do laundry, and start on this new round of thank-you cards-- almost the bane of my existence. Thank you, reality.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I made gooey cake on Sunday... and it's almost gone on Tuesday morning.

Tyler: 2.5 pieces
Heidi: 1 piece + 1 piece to take home
Camille: You do the math...

How embarrassing for me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Like my new blog look?

Tyler helped me do it today. What a sweetheart. I'm so glad I married someone who knows WAY more about computers than I do. We've had a great weekend, and I'm so sad it's almost over. BUT-- I'm really looking forward to this week. There's so much fun ahead! Here are a few pictures of our recent adventures...
Bowling with Kyla and DJ:

Shopping with gift cards is the best! Yesterday we bought a curling iron, a huge jewelry box, three movies, and the new Michael Buble CD (which is amazing, by the way) with gift cards. So nice.
Tyler's really excited about... driving the car?

Oh, and I guess it's already been revealed, but here's the new haircut:
Last night was our first session of Stake Conference. Elder Foster of the Seventy was our visiting General Authority and he was amazing. I loved his talk last night. The session today was really good as well... just a bit harder to focus. I love the Provo Tabernacle, but they should seriously consider padding those benches! They're so uncomfortable sometimes. It was a great session, and we both feel motivated to be better people.
We discovered how to make your computer say things that you type. Needless to say we've had a lot of fun with that one! It's hilarious the way that the computer says things-- sounds like a robot. Again, those are benefits of having a genius husband. I am so dang lucky.
Some exciting things coming up: DINNER. In fact, it's almost done. I made chicken and twice baked potatoes for dinner, and gooey cake for dessert. I know, I'm awesome. :) Just kidding, but we have been looking forward to this meal for a while. Also, we're so excited to go to Houston this weekend! It will be so fun to see our families and go back to the place where we met and started dating. Besides, I've never flown with Tyler before! We've taken many a road trip together (understatement), but we've never flown together, so this will be fun. Now, it's off to dinner. Oh yum!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A week and change later

Not really sure why I haven't blogged in so long. It just happens sometimes! But I've got quite a bit of spare time this morning, because Tyler took the car today, putting me at work 1.5 hours early. Since I already have overtime this week, I figured I would just not work until it's actually time. There is so much to do though-- I'm tempted to work off the clock. Last week was our big end-of-the-year banquet, where they handed out what are called back-end checks. It's exciting for those getting the checks, but not exciting for those printing the checks. Anyway, now my job is to mail out all the checks to the people who weren't at the party. No biggie-- there's only about 300. I have spent all week calling every person with a check to find out where they want it sent. Everyone is moving home from their summer offices, so their addresses are different than what we have in the system. Anyway, enough complaining. The rush will be over soon, hopefully.

In other news, I cut my hair! I did it yesterday, without telling Tyler. :) I went quite a bit shorter, stacked in the back, and, drumroll please... bangs. Full-on bangs. No turning back. Kim said that she was going to start calling me "Millie" again. :) It's a big change, but I think I like it. I went and cut it during my lunch break yesterday, so everyone freaked out when I came back to the office. It was really funny-- "Wait, did I miss that you got a haircut this morning? I'd feel so bad if I didn't notice it until now." Today it's a little funky. You know how it is after you get a new haircut, especially a new style. It takes a few days to figure out how to make it look like my hairstylist did. But I'm glad I got it cut now.

I. Love. Fall. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how crisp the air is. We're getting to the point where we have to scrape ice off of the car every morning, but I don't mind. It's so nice to get out my boots and sweaters too!

We loved General Conference. My dad, Tim, Steph, and her kids were here in town, so we had a great time. Tyler and the boys went to SL for the Priesthood Session, so Kim, Steph (with her kids), and I went to Cafe Rio and did some shopping. Yay for girls' night out! I loved spending time with my sisters. If only all of them could have been with us! We went to the Sunday afternoon session with Kyla and DJ. DJ's dad works for the Church, so we went and had lunch at the employee's cafeteria beforehand. Wow-- best food ever. We went last conference too, and I am convinced that the Church has the best food around. It was amazing. We sat on the fifth row on the floor for the session too, which was so cool. We could have thrown a piece of candy to Pres. Monson easily. But we didn't. :)

The one downer of Conference was that I was sick! Tyler had been sick a few days before, and I guess I caught it. Friday night after work my throat was hurting, and then we made the mistake of going to the BYU football game (mistake in more ways than one-- they weren't so good that night). Saturday morning I woke up feeling like my throat was going to close off it was swollen so badly. Ty was so sweet to me and made me breakfast and went to the store to get me some medicine. He even did a load of laundry! He takes such good care of me.

Speaking of my sweet husband, he is amazing. He is being such a rockstar in the accounting program at BYU! I'm so proud of him. His first round of tests was last week, so that was a busy one. Not that this week and every other week isn't for him... poor guy. I wouldn't be able to stand it, but Tyler loves what he's learning and is so cheerful and helpful all the time. Amazing.

Exciting things coming up: trip to Park City (hopefully Saturday). I'm so looking forward to that! I've been craving a good shop. :) Also, our Open House in Houston is next weekend. We're so excited to see our families. And, let's be honest, celebrate us. Again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday already?

I feel like the weekends are all so short. Too short. I didn't get to do half of the stuff I wanted to! But I did do some pretty cool stuff...

Thursday night Tyler and I went to a party for his accounting group and another group from their section. The party was at the home of one of his professors, and we had a really good time. We had Subway sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches from Hogi Yogi (wow, they were good-- I didn't know Hogi Yogi did ice cream sandwiches!), and they had a karaoke party going. One of Tyler's group members... I swear he was born to be in a boy-band. It was hilarious to watch him get so into a Backstreet Boys song! Or was it N'Sync? Doesn't matter, it was hilarious. I also had the pleasure of beating Tyler at foosball. Ah, victory. Better luck next time, babe. We both got beat at chess by the professor's son though... how embarrassing. I was pretty confident about chess because that's all I remember learning in the 6th grade at Cherry Hill, but apparently there are smarter people out there. :)

Friday I got to go in to work late. Ah, the beauties of being an hourly worker and only being allowed 40 hrs/week! I had some overtime from not taking lunches during the week, so I spent the morning cleaning, running, and doing the things I'd neglected during the week. That made the 5 hours of work after that so short! It was really nice. I don't remember much about Friday night. I remember picking Tyler up from school late and having dinner at about 9, and then we went to bed right after that. Both of us were completely zonked out! The day-to-day is exhausting sometimes.

Saturday we slept in a bit. I learned how to make one of Tyler's favorite breakfast foods-- "Toad in the Road" and watched him devour it SO fast. It was incredible. We did some cleaning and then I took him to campus around 11:00-- after packing him a PB&J lunch, of course. :) My husband is still a kid at heart. I came home and folded some laundry while chatting with Kim. She came over to use my computer for a bit, so it was fun to see her. It's embarrassing how much I don't see the family that's around! She lives so close. At 1:00 I babysat Gunner, the son of one of my bosses. I loved playing at the park with this adorable kid. He said to me at one point, "Cami, do you have kids?" I told him no, and that I had just gotten married a month ago. He says, "Oh. Well, you should have kids. We're pretty great, you know." I almost died laughing! He was so cute and fun to play with. After taking him back to the office to his dad, I went home, changed, and went up to Salt Lake for the Relief Society Broadcast after dropping off the car to Tyler. I went to the broadcast with Kim, and we had a great time! Because we were a bit late, we got pretty bad seats, but it made for a quick getaway at the end, so that was nice. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting, and it made me want to be a better Relief Society member. I've never been very good at being a real integral part of R.S. but I'll do better. I got home from the broadcast around 8:30 to find two of Tyler's mission buddies there. I love meeting people from Ty's mission! It's so fun. After they left, we went to bed. Pooped!

Sunday was nice-- we drove up the canyon to look at the leaves. I read my scriptures and soaked up the sun while Tyler paced back and forth reading. He was probably smart-- I was getting bothered by so many bugs! We drove back just in time for church. We got a new bishopric and had a baby blessing-- pretty exciting! It was Fast Sunday for our ward, since we have Stake Conference the week after Gen Con. After church, we came home and made lasagna. The rest of the night was pretty chill-- I made cookies and watched "Emma Smith-- My Story" while Tyler did some reading. It was one of those nights where I lay in bed, unable to sleep because my mind was racing with things to do this week.

A co-worker told me today that some of the Oregon school districts are cutting the pay of some teachers, and telling them not to work every other Friday. I know that's a sign of really bad economy, but wouldn't that be so nice? I'd love a 3-day weekend every now and then. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random thoughts

-I have never been a hunter, but I'm not opposed to it. This morning, one of the execs of the company walks in the office with a huge deer horn thing (do they call it a rack?) and sets it down on my desk since he didn't have time to walk it back to his office. I didn't mind at all, until I started looking at it. There's still blood and hair on it! Disgusting.
-Yesterday, I walked into the office and found a black widow behind my desk! What is it with scary/gross things being on and around my desk? Thank goodness that this office is full of guys that can kill all the nasty bugs for me.

-I found another job! I wasn't really looking anymore though... weird story. In my unemployed days, I put my resume up on Craigslist along with applying for every job under the moon. I got a random e-mail last week from a professor at Stevens-Henager College asking me if I would come interview with him. I met with him last Friday and landed a night-time job! The college is trying to come up with some kind of retention program, and I, along with 3 other people, am going to invent one. Their dropout rate is %50, and they want to lower that (understandably!) but they don't have any kind of program in place right now. It'll be 2-3 hours a night, right after I'm done at AMP. It's perfect because the college is literally right down the road from AMP, and it'll give Tyler more efficient study time at the library instead of coming home. I feel bad leaving him on campus for that long everyday, but he assures me that it's more efficient for him to study on campus than at home. Hopefully I'll survive working 12-hr days! That sounds like weak-sauce-- there's tons of people who work way more than 12 hours a day... I need to toughen up.

-Apparently I can't even handle 9 hours a day-- my throat has been hurting! Yesterday my head was pounding at work and I was so dead when I came home. I slept from 10-7 last night, so hopefully a couple more days like that will help me feel better.

-Tonight our Stake is having a blood drive, and I am so excited! I'm not sure why I get so excited every time I donate blood, but I do. Last time, I had a race against the person donating next to me. I totally pumped a pint out first! I don't want to donate if I'm still not feeling well though, so we'll see how it goes today.

-Sorry for the lack of pictures. %90 of my posts are written at work now, which means the pics will be few and far between. Oh wait! I have a flash drive with my wedding pics on it. Since I HATE the way blogger puts the pics, I'm not going to spend an hour trying to figure out how to make them all straight. How do you like that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crazy Happenings

So today at work, something CRAZY happened. It was around 11:00, and I was going about my normal business at the office-- making Fedex labels, answering the phone, etc. when all of a sudden the power went out. I wasn't totally shocked-- yesterday was pretty stormy, and today was expected to be the same. The emergency lights came on, and luckily the phone was still working, because I was on it. :) A few seconds later, (again, luckily, I had just hung up the phone) the phones went off and one of the guys that works upstairs ran out into the lobby. *Note: The reception desk is in the main lobby on the first floor, but it's open to the second floor. The guy that came out told us to turn and look at the telephone pole. We looked, and it was just like fireworks on the fourth of July! There were sparks and flames on one of the electric things (I'm very knowledgeable about this haha). It was crazy-- I'd never seen something like that before! I went and moved my car because I was parked right under the flaming... electric thing. We called the fire department from a cell phone and they came super-fast... but the flame had already gone out! It seems to always happen that way. Anyway, so then we called the power company and had them come see what was happening. At that point, Wal-Mart, Subway, McDonalds, Wendy's, and the gas station were out of power too. The traffic lights were down as well, so two cops came and were directing traffic. The power people came and then left, apparently to get more parts. They said the problem would be fixed in 1-2 hours. Everyone left to get some lunch (except me, of course-- the receptionist never gets to leave!) and then came back... problem still not fixed. Finally, around 12:30, they sent everyone home-- this time including me!!! So now, I'm home. It's 3:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, and I'm home. What are the odds??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To DO List vs. Ta-DAH! List

I have developed a new theory. Actually, let me back up. I first heard this theory during my days of unemployment. I was sitting on the couch, Craigslisting it up, watching some KSL show (daytime TV is no good unless you have young children) and this theory was introduced. Some lady was on the show to tell everyone how to make the impossible amount of tasks women have to do each day seem less inconquerable. She suggested instead of having "to-do" lists full of overwhelming tasks, make "ta-dah!" lists of the things you have done. I liked the idea, but thought it could use a little work. See, for people like me, not having to-do lists is like not having salsa with tortilla chips, or granola without yogurt. Pretty extreme, I know. :) But, trusting the "experts" (for all I know, she could have been the anchor's Relief Society teacher and they just liked her), I decided to give it a try. And so...


It wasn't a very productive 2 days, to put it lightly. Kind of entertaining, though-- I walked around for 2 days trying to think of stuff to do just so I could put it on my "ta-dah!" list. But then, I found that I was doing a lot of little things that maybe weren't so important. Hmm... how to fix this...?

Yesterday was my first day employing MY version of this theory. I am now a 2-list-per-day person. I made a to-do list, full of things I wanted to accomplish. I set out fully intending to do all of the things on that list. Of course, unexpected things happened-- as life always happens. So my list wasn't fully realized. That's why I made a ta-dah! list. This made it so not only were the things that I did from my to-do list recognized, but also the little bumps along the way were also mentioned, and therefore appreciated. Here were my lists from yesterday:

TO-DO Saturday:
-Clean bathroom
-Sweep and mop kitchen floor
-Vacuum whole apartment
-Wash sheets
-Finish hanging up decorative stuff
-Print wedding pictures
-Mail out thank you cards
-Mail packages to our fams
-Put dating memories in chronological order for scrapbooking
-Mail Tyler Honn's temple bag (long story haha)
-E-mail Gretchen some tennis pictures
-Make and e-mail a playlist for second reception
-Change oil in the car

TA-DAH! List for Saturday:
-Made big breakfast for Ty
-Did ALL dishes (actually, this happened twice)
-Swept and mopped kitchen floor
-Cleaned out stinky trash can
-Swept out stairs and patio
-Ironed placemats and tablecloth
-Did laundry-- 6 loads!!
-Cleaned bathroom (very well, I might add)
-Dusted/polished all wood in the apartment
-Cleaned bedroom
-Did a video tour of our apartment and put it on Youtube ( for our families to see our place
-Went through our dating memoirs for scrapbook brainstorming
-Watched "The Notebook"
-Finished ALL thank you cards!! FINALLY!
-Changed the oil in the car
-Made tacos for dinner

Not bad, eh? There were some things that didn't work out from my to-do list, but I feel like my ta-dah! list is even better. Hopefully this will eliminate feelings of not getting things done! Everyone should try it!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I found a job! Last Thursday, I was offered a temp job at a realty company. I accepted the job, and said I'd be in the next day. A few hours later, I got a call from the job I wanted most out of all the places I applied, offering me the job! I would start tomorrow. Uh... ooops! So I called the realty company, and apologized. I couldn't pass up something permanent for something temporary, even if it paid better. Oh well! So now I work at AMP Alarm as a receptionist. It's great! This is my first real week, and things are always better after time. It has taken a few days to feel like I somewhat know where things are, people's names, and what all my responsibilities are. But we are so grateful that I finally have a job! We finally have income! :)

Poor Tyler is totally inundated (I think that's how it is spelled...) with homework. He has gone to bed past 1:00 am for the past two nights! On the other end, I have been thoroughly, but guiltily (haha is that even a word?) enjoying my 8+ hours of sleep-- going to bed around 10:30 and waking up around 7:00. I should probably get up at 6 and exercise or something... nah. One thing that I do worry about is my lack of motivation to do wifely things. I get up in the morning, get ready for the day, make Tyler's breakfast and pack him a lunch, and then take him to school. Then I come home and finish getting ready, eat my breakfast, and go to work. Once I get off work at 6, sometimes I go to pick Ty up, and sometimes I go home and wait for him to call. Either way, my motivation to cook a yummy dinner or to clean is quickly disappearing. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is roll up my sleeves and play Betty Crocker. Instead, I want to put on my sweats and curl up in a ball on Tyler's lap and sleep. I'm understanding more and more why the Prophets have counseled mothers to stay at home with their children. I can't imagine doing kids AND a career! I felt so guilty last night as Tyler and I sat on the couch (not even at the table!!) eating our microwave-heated chimichungas that I felt like crying. Maybe I'll go get a cookbook on Crockpot meals or something....

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I apologize for the poopy format of this post. I don't like the way blogger does the pictures. I can't figure out how to make them all straight and have the text underneath. So don't let that ruin your reading of this post. :) Also, the pictures below are not all of the pictures we took. There was some kind of Google error and the first 3 pictures I wanted to put up wouldn't work. So you'll just have to rely on my description. We left Provo on Sunday morning and left to drive to Las Vegas. On the way, however, we decided we'd participate in a Sunday-appropriate activity and stop at Cove Fort! We are such nerds. :) It was a beautiful day and the missionaries were so excited to have someone, anybody, stop at the Fort. I believe it was where Pres. Hinckley's father grew up... or his grandfather... or somebody. Anyway, we stopped and walked around for a bit. The cute senior missionaries gave me a Prairie Diamond-- essentially a nail bent into a ring shape. I had lost the one I got from Nauvoo, so I'm glad to have another one now. :) It was so fun! We loved driving together, just talking non-stop and feeling so happy. We loved our honeymoon. For a short summary before the pics, we drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night, then drove to Los Angeles and got on our cruise ship, which took us to Catalina Island, CA and Ensanada, Mexico, and then back. We drove back from L.A. in one shot-- we were SO sick of driving at that point! Anyway, here comes the picture explosion. Warning: This pic explosion is minor compared to the explosion of wedding pictures that's ensuing! Can't wait!! Anyway, here goes:

An attempt at a good picture of us outside our hotel, the MGM Grand. Vegas was so... well... Vegas! There's no other word for it!

We rode this roller coaster!! It was amazing!!

Classic cruise picture-- the towels! They actually had a towel-folding demonstration. I'd like to fold towels for my children every day. :)

On the little boat between the cruise ship and the port. So happy!

Welcome to Catalina Island!

Random buffalo statues all over Catalina Island. Why? I don't know...

We loved Catalina Island! So beautiful!

These seagulls got SO close all the time. This picture doesn't depict how annoying they were. They'd just sit on the rail right by my shoulder and wait for me to turn my head so they could grab some grub. Too bad I LOVE my food-- especially my cruise food. They didn't get one scrap from me, no sir!

Formal night at dinner. We were a bit sunburnt from laying out at Catalina Island

Doesn't everyone have to have a kissing picture from the honeymoon? Classic.

Us at La Bufadora (much more cool-sounding than "The Blowhole" eh?!) This is the largest natural blowhole in the world, right there in Ensanada. It was amazing!

The Mexican sandals and bracelet that I got bartering with the people in Ensanada. I also got a fake Coach wallet, but that is not pictured here. :)

These were our waiters every night for dinner-- On the left is Ivan (pronounced ee von) and I Putu (pronounced ee pootoo). They were so much fun!

This was our dinner group-- two of these couples had gotten married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on the same day as us! Only two hours later! What are the odds?!? They were so fun and we loved getting to know them all.
Anyway, that's our honeymoon. I definitely recommend a cruise for a honeymoon. Or a trip where you really want to relax! It was so nice not to have to worry about meals, things to do, or even making your bed haha. We loved every minute of it, and didn't realize how much we'd miss it when real life hit! That's how it goes, I guess. Maybe we can go on another trip soon, honey? :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some pics... finally

Okay, these are not of the wedding or honeymoon. These are all afterward... but I still wanted to post them! In part so I could publish my haircut so my sisters can see. Enjoy!

In Boise for Tiffany and Tyler's wedding:

Random meal documentation:

And runnin' around Bridal Veil Falls:

We are so dang happy!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So long, sweet summer

Isn't that a good song? When I woke up to take Tyler to school this morning, the air was so crisp, and I could feel fall coming on. There goes my shorts, flip flops, pony tails, sunblock, and pool time.

It was a good summer. I never quite found a stable job, but I stayed plenty busy between swimming lessons, babysitting, tennis camps, helping out at home, planning the wedding, and spending time with Tyler. I worked out a lot and loved the time I was able to spend with my family and Tyler's family.

Transition from summer to fall: WEDDING!, honeymoon, setting up house, finding a job, etc. In fact, today I went down to the DMV and got my new license with Juergens as my last name. How awesome is that? New haircut, new name, new official documents, new apartment... goodness-- I feel like a new woman! Hopefully the finding a job part will end soon. I have an interview today and another one tomorrow, so maybe something good will come!

Fall! Bring on the changing leaves, crisp air, autumn colors, sweaters, hiking, and football games. I was in Michael's the other day, and I saw the cutest fall decorations. I think I'm going to go back today and get something to put on our oh-so-bare front door. I swear-- I'm becoming more and more like my mom with every passing day. And I love it. :)

So farewell, summer. You've been good to me, but fall's coming, and I can't pass that up. Is it possible to become happier and happier every day? It must be... because I am.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

20-yr old vs. grasshopper

I must preface this story by saying that I am afraid of bugs. Those who know me well know that I'm highly allergic to bees, and therefore anything flying, buzzing, crawling, or jumping creates an instantly spastic version of me. Case in point:

Yesterday, I went to run some errands. One of my errands was to go to Michael's and get a pillow form to put in a cute decorative pillow case my mom made to match our bedpsread. Hence, I had the pillow case with me (yes, this becomes important in a moment).

I happily walked out the door, excited about the decorative changes that were happening in the apartment and thinking to myself what a beautiful day it was. Suddenly, just before I reached the fence that leads to the front yard, I was stopped in my tracks-- by this monster:

It was like an old western movie-- I could hear the tumbleweed rolling and the whistling wind as I faced my opponent. A shootout was iminent.
Just kidding, it wasn't that dramatic. But I was stopped for a minute, unsure of my next move. Since the monster was smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk, I couldn't go around him either way-- he would jump on me for sure. I couldn't step over him, for fear that he would jump on me then as well. After thinking over my options for about 3 minutes (not a joke) a light came on in my head. Why not gently sweep him into the bushes with the pillowcase?
The rest of the story isn't very exciting. I swept him into the bushes, and he jumped super-high and smacked himself pretty hard into the shed. My fears were confirmed: a grasshopper attack would have been every bit as awful as I thought. Thank goodness I had that pillowcase.

Some things I want to remember about our first 3 weeks of marriage

-Day One: wedding day. Has there ever been a better day? I think not.

-The honeymoon! Still need to post pictures. It was so great to get away and relax. My favorite part was spending 24 hrs/day with my best friend!

-Coming home and setting up our apartment. That has been super-fun. It's like playing house, but for real!! We love our little place.

-Going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond almost EVERY DAY to return or purchase something. Thank goodness for gift cards.

-Trying to find some kind of shelving for our pantry (which is, by the way, in the living room haha). That resulted in going back and forth to Target 4 times, and Lowe's once. Lowe's won.

-Embarking on quite possibly the most frustrating job hunt of my entire life. Good thing Tyler's middle name is patience/sweetness... poor guy's had to put up with a lot.

-Getting a new Social Security card with the last name of Juergens replacing Andersen! I am truly Mrs. Juergens now. :)

-Decorating our cute apartment. Now it really feels like home. I love this place.

-Cooking for my hubby. Who knew cooking and cleaning could be so fulfilling? I love cooking for people, but cooking for Tyler is my favorite! The man who performed the sealing ceremony told Tyler to say "I love you" every time he was hungry. Because of this instruction, we've been eating a lot lately.

-Watching Tyler react to my quirks that can only be seen by living with me. For instance-- my OCD about organizing my clothes in the closet (by color moving from light to dark).

-Taking a trip to Ikea together yesterday. Is that not the greatest store ever?!

-Doing Pilates together. It was HILARIOUS. I do Pilates every morning, and Tyler decided to try it out with me. He's pretty flexible! I was impressed.

-Planning a hike to the Y, but ending up walking to Bridal Veil Falls. Yeah, laziness won. Why have I instinctively been putting an "e" at the end of every won in this post?

-Spending tons of time with my husband! The first week I don't think we were ever apart. This past week he's been working at BYU Grounds from 8-12 each morning. Boooooo! But I'm so grateful for this time we've had together before he starts the Accounting program at BYU. I doubt I'll ever see him again. :)

My overall feelings on marriage: I highly recommend it. But only if you can find an amazing spouse like I did!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And so it begins...

Real life, that is. Home from the honeymoon, back to reality. Tyler and I have been having so much fun setting up our apartment! It's like playing house, only for real. The only frustrating part has been the job hunt. I think I've sent my resume to about 100 different jobs, and I've interviewed with 3 companies in the last few days. No word back yet from anyone, but hopefully soon. Yesterday I did a group interview... weird? Yes, it was. I felt like everyone was trying to one-up me! I'm not holding my breath for any of these... still sending my resume to everyone.

This last weekend, we drove to Eagle, ID for Tiffany and Tyler's wedding. We had so much fun! Thanks to Uncle Kelly and Aunt Launette for letting us stay with them during all the wedding craziness. It was so fun to see everybody, and so fun to finally meet Nicole's sweet baby Brynlee. Tiffany and Tyler are such a cute couple and we're so happy for them! It was so fun to be at the sealing and to remember our day and the covenants we made. Thanks to Tiki and Tyler for letting us be a part of their special day!

Sunday we went down to Spring City to visit my grandparents and to pick up all of the stuff I had them keep for me over the summer. Yay for having all of my clothes back! :) It was so fun to visit with them for a while. After Spring City, we went to Aunt Dana's for dinner. I love getting to know Tyler's family! I seriously got an ab workout from laughing so hard, and I feel so at home with all of them. We had a great day full of family.

Tyler started working for the BYU Grounds crew on Monday, so he's becoming quite the gardener. I've been dropping him off at 8 and picking him up at 12. Hopefully he'll be able to find a job more conducive to his major and his schedule. He is amazing-- he works so hard and always wants to help out around the apartment. I don't know if he understands how much fun it is for me to cook and clean for him! We are having so much fun just being together.

One more thing-- I chopped my hair! I went in to the salon I used to go to when I was 12 and 13 and cut most of my hair off. The woman who cut it sent it in to Locks of Love for me, so h0pefully they'll be able to use it. I'll put a picture up soon! I was afraid Tyler wouldn't like it, but he loves it. At least, that's what he says! Hopefully he really does. :) It's slightly past my chin, and she had to layer it tons because I have so much hair.

Seriously-- pictures to come! Patience!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life is SO good! I am completely overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. Our wedding day was perfect! The weather was beautiful-- not too hot, but still sunny. In fact, I wore Tyler's jacket towards the end of the reception because it got a bit chilly. But the ceremony was incredible. Some of my sweet aunts even wrote down some of the things that stood out to them, and Tyler and I asked our parents to do the same so that we could have a few different perspectives. We loved coming out of the temple and seeing so many of the people we love there. Pictures went well, and we even managed to be on time to the luncheon! The food was good, and I loved the music from my aunts and parents, and the sweet words from both of our families. I don't really cry ever, but I felt so blessed and happy that I cried there! Talk about feelin' the love. :)

The reception was really fun too. Unfortunately, I was STARVING the whole time. Not just starving though, it was past that. I seriously just leaned over in pain sometimes. I wanted the reception to end far before it did. But the park looked beautiful-- Bonnie did a great job decorating it. So many people came that I hadn't seen in a while, and it was so great to see everyone. I'm still not really sure how everything went outside of the line (i.e. if there was enough food haha) but I guess everything went alright... no riots broke out.

Thanks to the Johnson's, we went to a beautiful hotel after the reception. Actually, let me back up. First, we went home and finished packing for the honeymoon. Talk about leaving things for the last minute! We ended up waiting at the apartment for a while because Tyler's sweet parents brought the gifts home for us. Anyway, we finally got to the hotel and by that time I was beyond hunger-- I could feel the hunger eating at the lining of my stomach. So we got some room service, and I got pizza. What a way to end the best day of my life, eh? :)

Don't worry, I didn't lie... as soon as I get my hands on Ty's camera, honeymoon pics are coming. As for wedding pics, I'm not sure! Hopefully soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A new... everything

Saturday, August 8th, 2009 changed my life. I became Mrs. Tyler Juergens and with it got a whole lot of news...

New last name-- Juergens

New apartment. It looks SO cute! I love playing house for real. :)

New e-mail address. Comes with the new name

New blog! Hence this post.

Keep following-- there are wedding and honeymoon pictures coming soon!!!