Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random thoughts

-I have never been a hunter, but I'm not opposed to it. This morning, one of the execs of the company walks in the office with a huge deer horn thing (do they call it a rack?) and sets it down on my desk since he didn't have time to walk it back to his office. I didn't mind at all, until I started looking at it. There's still blood and hair on it! Disgusting.
-Yesterday, I walked into the office and found a black widow behind my desk! What is it with scary/gross things being on and around my desk? Thank goodness that this office is full of guys that can kill all the nasty bugs for me.

-I found another job! I wasn't really looking anymore though... weird story. In my unemployed days, I put my resume up on Craigslist along with applying for every job under the moon. I got a random e-mail last week from a professor at Stevens-Henager College asking me if I would come interview with him. I met with him last Friday and landed a night-time job! The college is trying to come up with some kind of retention program, and I, along with 3 other people, am going to invent one. Their dropout rate is %50, and they want to lower that (understandably!) but they don't have any kind of program in place right now. It'll be 2-3 hours a night, right after I'm done at AMP. It's perfect because the college is literally right down the road from AMP, and it'll give Tyler more efficient study time at the library instead of coming home. I feel bad leaving him on campus for that long everyday, but he assures me that it's more efficient for him to study on campus than at home. Hopefully I'll survive working 12-hr days! That sounds like weak-sauce-- there's tons of people who work way more than 12 hours a day... I need to toughen up.

-Apparently I can't even handle 9 hours a day-- my throat has been hurting! Yesterday my head was pounding at work and I was so dead when I came home. I slept from 10-7 last night, so hopefully a couple more days like that will help me feel better.

-Tonight our Stake is having a blood drive, and I am so excited! I'm not sure why I get so excited every time I donate blood, but I do. Last time, I had a race against the person donating next to me. I totally pumped a pint out first! I don't want to donate if I'm still not feeling well though, so we'll see how it goes today.

-Sorry for the lack of pictures. %90 of my posts are written at work now, which means the pics will be few and far between. Oh wait! I have a flash drive with my wedding pics on it. Since I HATE the way blogger puts the pics, I'm not going to spend an hour trying to figure out how to make them all straight. How do you like that?

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Elise said...

Beautiful pics! I wish I could've been there!