Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are party animals!

I'm exhausted from all our partying lately...

-Saturday: Lunch with Randall and Crystal at Cafe Rio, and then Pandemic at their house. Best board game ever!

-Temple Saturday night. Love!

-Movie night at the Wright's Sunday night. I love going over to their house! Feels just like home for me. Plus, we watched "The Emporer's New Groove." Classic!

-Tuesday night we went to the BYU bball game. We ended up buying tickets about an hour before it started, but got there 30 minutes early. They let us in the student section, even though we had purchased the cheap high-altitude tickets. :) Tyler's friend Spencer, who works for BYU Events, gave us passes to sit on the couches! It ended up being us with DJ and his date. It was so much fun! The couches are of course sponsored, so Cosmo came over and they put the camera on us to "get excited" for a few minutes. They turned on music and Cosmo and I swing-danced (swung-danced? I don't know) for a few minutes! It was a really fun night.

-Wednesday Heidi came over after I got off work and picked Ty up. We had tacos and watched "Nights in Rodanthe." Wow-- tear-jerker! It was a good movie. Heidi and I ended up talking until about 1:30. I saw a meteor on the way back from taking her home! I was so surprised and glad I got to see it-- it was beautiful.

-Tonight (Thursday) we went to Shirley and Steve's wedding reception. We're so happy for them! It was so fun to see so many cousins there, and we just couldn't leave. We were there for a while and it was a blast! *Charlotte: I can't even tell you how hard I laughed when I got home and looked through my pile of thank-you cards I have yet to send, and I found... one for you! I felt like Jenet :) So give me your address and I'll send it off finally!*

Who knows what the weekend has in store, but I'm hoping to relax a bit. We're gettin' crazy here in O-town!

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Charity said...

Mrs.Camille Juergen! Thats so fun. I'm glad you love being married :) Its the best! Sounds like you guys are having too much fun.