Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear sunshine,

How I love you. I'm so glad you've come back into my life! Today, during my lunch break, I sat in our backyard and basked in your warmth. *Insert huge sigh of happiness.* I rolled my windows down on my way back to work, and didn't even put my coat on.

Please stay! I can't wait to go on a run wearing shorts and a tank top instead of sweatshirts and earwarmers. Please make my spring feverish dreams come true!

Faithfully yours,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I didn't know.

All my life, I've been taught and encouraged to be physically active and fit. Eat right, exercise lots, get a sufficient amount of sleep, etc. But I've been taught wrong, apparently.

Actually, to be truthful, I'm a little grossed out by this article:

PS How do you make a link attach to a different word? I can't figure it out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wet 'n' Wild

I don't think our basement apartment was originally intended to have a separate entrance. Here's why:

And, to give you a little more perspective:

The water spigot is directly above our front door! This will make an awesome prank someday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Oh that sounds wonderful!"

Today, I went to the Enriching Marriage and Family class for Sunday School. Tyler and I have been through the whole manual going to that class, and the class started over today. Not sure why I decided to go-- I guess I just went out of habit. Anyway, a girl (named Cami, coincidentally) made a comment that I loved. As she was eating breakfast with her husband and 2-yr old son, Chase, her sister called. Cami said this sister of hers is "a little bit older and single" (she later said that she's 23... take from that what you will) and isn't very happy with her life and the fact that she's not married. The sister asked what Cami was doing, and she told them they were eating breakfast and getting their son ready for church-- nothing out of the ordinary. The sister sighed and said, "Oh, that sounds wonderful!"

Sometimes I feel like my life is monotonous, as if I need change. As I started thinking about Cami's comment, however, I realized it's all about perspective. Our daily routine makes me think that either we're stuck in a rut or we have a pretty wonderful life! I definitely think it's the latter. I feel so blessed and glad to have someone to live my routine life with. And that is what makes it sound so wonderful-- it is.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did I ever tell you

that I have an amazing husband?? He blows me away. Tyler is one of those people that is inherently talented at everything he does. He's amazing in his classes at school, and works SO hard for that. Tyler is the greatest member of the BYU Grounds Crew (Campus Beautification Engineer, I call it), and keeps everyone on his crew happy and positive while doing a not-so-fun job. He is still a legend in his mission-- what a rockstar. And then, along with his amazing mind and strong testimony and impressive work ethic (not to mention his rapping skills-- oh baby) he is also a great athlete.

He scored not 5, not 10, not 20, but 27 points in his basketball game last week! He carried his fellow Ducks through that game.

Then, after all that-- after working so hard in every other aspect of his life-- he comes home and gives me a massage, does the dishes for me, and takes time to make me feel special.

My love, you are definitely a superhero. Thanks for being mine.

A chip off the ol' block

Check out what my mom helped me do on Saturday while she was here visiting:

That's right. We made three loaves of bread (my first time making bread with my new Bosch), a batch of strawberry freezer jam, and sugar cookies for Valentine's Day! I'll be honest-- the sugar cookies turned out crappy. We didn't have any cookie cutters or food coloring for the frosting. Plus, I burned the silly cookies. But let's move on. The bread and jam were both delicious! In fact, Tyler and I have been through all 3 loaves in less than a week, and the first jar of jam is almost gone as well.

But that's not the point of this post. I was thinking about my mom tonight because of something funny. When I was little, one of my pet peeves was that my mom always seemed to vacuum at night. I never really understood why, and I always dramatically covered my ears. But tonight, at about 10:30 pm, after a long day at work and then a hard workout at the gym, I did the dishes and then pulled out the vacuum. I laughed to myself and then realized that I am more like my mom than I thought. After a long and frustrating day, sometimes I need to take it out on the kitchen, or on the carpet. I get it now, Mom. Thanks for teaching me all the good stuff.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Promise to make me laugh?" "Every day."

Tyler and I watched Legacy on Sunday, which reminded me of that cute line that's the title of this post.

Hope this doesn't embarrass you, honey-- I'm just telling all my blog friends how adorable you are.

The past few days, Tyler and I have been playing around on the computer, recording different songs using a program he downloaded. Tyler wants to record me singing, so we're trying to find a good program, mic, etc. He also discovered loops on this program, which allows you to be a DJ of sorts. I went to pick him up from campus yesterday and he walks out with his iPod in his ears, jamming. I asked what he was listening to, and he said he would show me. He then proceeded to play a mix that he made, with a drum beat and a piano melody mixed together. He rapped the whole way home! I could not stop laughing-- in part because of his lyrics, and in part because it's funny to see a white boy rap. No offense, sweetie.

As I went to bed last night, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so grateful for a husband and a best friend who makes me laugh every day. He honestly brings so much happiness and optimism and joy into my life! I love you, T-Money. Peace out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Such busy days! Time gets away from me far too often. Please slow down-- these days are good. So much happiness... not sure how to express it.

My mom was here this last weekend! It was so fun to see her. We spent Friday together at Kellie and Ryan's wedding, which was amazing. I love watching sealing ceremonies. Ty came with us to help set up at the reception-- he and I made an awesome team hanging Chinese lanterns from the ceiling. He's so great at always willing to help out where he can. Their reception was beautiful, and the leftover cake was a beautiful bonus. :) Saturday I spent the afternoon being domestic with my mom. She helped me make bread for the first time (yes it was a January goal, but I pushed it back to February so Mom could help me), and we made strawberry jam and sugar cookies too! I have to say-- this batch of strawberry jam was the best. EVER. Tyler and I have gone through half a jar and we haven't quite had it open for a week! Crazy! Thanks Mom, for teaching me all the good stuff. We loved having you here.

Our Stake Conference was also this last weekend. We loved it! Saturday night's session made me want to serve a mission with Tyler so bad. I can't wait for that. Sunday was all about the temple, which was cool because Tyler and I made a goal last week to go to every temple in Utah this year-- ALL 14. We're pretty excited about it. I made a map with stickers pointing to each temple and everything! That'll be so fun. We went up to the Y trail parking lot with Heidi because we couldn't stand to go inside when it was so beautiful outside! Poor Ty didn't get a very great Valentine's Day dinner out of me... we had Hawaiian Haystacks. Oh well-- better luck to me next year. I suppose it's better than last year, when my hair ended up on fire... long story.

Does anyone else just love the Olympics? It doesn't matter what sport I watch (though figure skating is my favorite), I love watching people who are good at what they do. I find myself watching so much that I start to critique people like the judges do. Which is silly-- I know nothing in comparison to their Olympic skill level.

By the way, turbo kickbox-- you're going down tonight. I can't wait to defeat you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A few more things

Just trying to get all caught up here! We did a pretty good job of taking pictures for a couple of weeks around Christmas time. I want to do better at that. I have a pretty darn handsome husband who is pretty darn photogenic too, so I think I'll take lots of pictures of him. :) Some of our most recent fun stuff:

Getting ready to sled at Soldier Hollow

Austin and Giselle! Our favorite engaged couple getting married in March!

Because we love them, we took a picture with them.

And then we added Aunt Dana and Natty to the pic. Gabby and Uncle John were there as well, just not pictured here.

I love Soldier Hollow and the way they pull you up. Totally takes away the running up the hill and getting tired factor.

And then some more snow fun on my birthday:

I look totally gangsta.

Aubrey and I rolled a huge snowball, and then Tyler stood on it. :)

Adam and Aubrey. We love them! Adam was in Tyler's accounting group last semester and we started going on double dates. Now Aubrey and I go to the gym together all the time and are good friends.

Like I said-- he's so darn good-looking.

After sledding, we got all dressed up and went to Olive Garden:

Birthdays are great-- free dessert :)

This waiter who took the picture is not bound for a career in photography, I hope... that paper bag is a little annoying in this picture.

There. Now I'm kind of caught up.

Christmas, Part Three

The end of the story!

Part Three:

This is the less eventful part, thankfully. We had lots of fun with our families. We played tons of Wii, also played lots of Band Hero (like Rock Band, but Guitar Hero's version), went bowling with both of our families together, watched lots of movies, and ate lots of yummy food. Unfortunately, we only had 3 days there, since getting there took 4 days instead of 2. We celebrated Garrett and Mitchell's birthday with them, which was fun. We also celebrated my birthday with my family a little bit early, so we had lots of cake and Blue Bell ice cream while we were there. YUM.

We got to see Grammy the day before we left! We love her so much.

Bowling with both of our families. That was a blast!

We left Houston on the 30th, and had a very safe and smooth drive home, though we were very nervous. We even went the opposite route, going way west to El Paso before venturing north.

Lessons learned: check the weather in ALL the places you'll drive through; always bring extra food and water in the car; be positive about unusual circumstances right from the start; and fly-- don't drive.

Christmas, Part Two

I love how it's February and I'm still writing about Christmas... someday I'll catch up with myself.

Part Two:

We crashed into our bed Christmas morning at 6:30. I was anxious to get a move-on and leave the hotel asap, so I got up around 11:00 and showered, hoping to slowly wake Tyler up. :) He had been doing all the driving and I knew he was way more tired than I was. He woke up just before my family called, putting us on the line with Jeff in Prague. It was fun to talk to him, for the 10 minutes that we could. The line somehow disconnected and we couldn't get a hold of him after that. The trip had started out as a surprise, but at that point we had our parents tell everyone what was going on. Surprise ruined.

After laying around for a bit trying to decide whether or not it was safe to go out, we saw a weather report that said the roads were so bad, they said if we didn't have 4WD or chains, we shouldn't even think about it. We decided to stay another night and leave the next morning. More tears, blah blah blah. At that point we were starving, so we walked down the street to Denny's. Oh, the irony. I felt like I was on the movie The Santa Claus. We waited there for an hour, then finally got a table, where we waited over an hour for our food. This meal was a 3-hour ordeal total! There were hundreds if not thousands of people stuck in Wichita Falls, and poor Denny's just couldn't accomodate us all. In fact, they were running out of food. We could only order of one page of the menu-- the truck bringing more food to the restaurant was still stuck on the road. So I got a salad and Tyler had a grand slam. At this point, I was done crying and started to laugh at the situation. We had fun just getting to be together and spend our Christmas together and in a safe place. After eating we went back to the hotel and decided to go work out in the hotel gym. Tyler had given me some really cute exercise clothes for Christmas, and he had brought some along too. We ran on the treadmill and did a little bit of weight-lifting-- it was so fun! My family has a tradition of going on a run every Christmas, so we ran along with them in spirit, from Wichita Falls. :)

By the time we got all cleaned up again, we were ready for dinner. The line at Denny's hadn't calmed down and had, in fact, gotten worse, so we tried the Whataburger a few doors down (for all of you Utahns who have never had Whataburger, go now). They were closed, sadly. We didn't want to wait in line again at Denny's for another sub-quality meal, so we tried the gas station. This is where I realized what a crazy and scary situation we were in. We walked in and the shelves were completely empty. Not empty like, wow they should really re-stock the Cheez-Its, empty like, there is NO food left in this place. They were opening the back store-room and bringing out boxes of chips for people looking for food. We went back to the hotel, hoping they'd at least have something good in a vending machine or something. It was an awesome hotel, and they had a little store called the Candlewood Cupboard, that had drinks and snacky foods in it. So we grabbed quite an assortment of food and took it back to our room. We ended up eating a Cup O'Noodles, string cheese, Ritz Bitz sandwich crackers, and soda. Oh, and I got an ice cream Drumstick for dessert. :) We ate gourmet for Christmas dinner, definitely.

We watched a movie while we ate-- "Monster-In-Law," given to us from Ty's family. We fell asleep that night just happy to be together and to be safe. What a great way to spend Christmas.

The next morning the sun was shining and it was fairly warm outside. We finally got on the road around 10:00, after getting stuck in the parking lot snow twice (no, they still had not plowed the roads... kinda crazy). We were stopped at one point on the road, but we weren't sure why, and it wasn't long. We finished the book "Ender's Game" in that last 8-hour stretch, and arrived at my family's house in Katy around 6:30 pm. We were so relieved to finally be there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thou shalt not covet

Two of my sisters are on a Carribean cruise with their husbands. They left their kids with my parents in Houston and are off partying. Without me.

I think this one time it's a little justified, right?