Thursday, February 18, 2010

A chip off the ol' block

Check out what my mom helped me do on Saturday while she was here visiting:

That's right. We made three loaves of bread (my first time making bread with my new Bosch), a batch of strawberry freezer jam, and sugar cookies for Valentine's Day! I'll be honest-- the sugar cookies turned out crappy. We didn't have any cookie cutters or food coloring for the frosting. Plus, I burned the silly cookies. But let's move on. The bread and jam were both delicious! In fact, Tyler and I have been through all 3 loaves in less than a week, and the first jar of jam is almost gone as well.

But that's not the point of this post. I was thinking about my mom tonight because of something funny. When I was little, one of my pet peeves was that my mom always seemed to vacuum at night. I never really understood why, and I always dramatically covered my ears. But tonight, at about 10:30 pm, after a long day at work and then a hard workout at the gym, I did the dishes and then pulled out the vacuum. I laughed to myself and then realized that I am more like my mom than I thought. After a long and frustrating day, sometimes I need to take it out on the kitchen, or on the carpet. I get it now, Mom. Thanks for teaching me all the good stuff.

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