Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas, Part Three

The end of the story!

Part Three:

This is the less eventful part, thankfully. We had lots of fun with our families. We played tons of Wii, also played lots of Band Hero (like Rock Band, but Guitar Hero's version), went bowling with both of our families together, watched lots of movies, and ate lots of yummy food. Unfortunately, we only had 3 days there, since getting there took 4 days instead of 2. We celebrated Garrett and Mitchell's birthday with them, which was fun. We also celebrated my birthday with my family a little bit early, so we had lots of cake and Blue Bell ice cream while we were there. YUM.

We got to see Grammy the day before we left! We love her so much.

Bowling with both of our families. That was a blast!

We left Houston on the 30th, and had a very safe and smooth drive home, though we were very nervous. We even went the opposite route, going way west to El Paso before venturing north.

Lessons learned: check the weather in ALL the places you'll drive through; always bring extra food and water in the car; be positive about unusual circumstances right from the start; and fly-- don't drive.

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