Sunday, February 7, 2010

A few more things

Just trying to get all caught up here! We did a pretty good job of taking pictures for a couple of weeks around Christmas time. I want to do better at that. I have a pretty darn handsome husband who is pretty darn photogenic too, so I think I'll take lots of pictures of him. :) Some of our most recent fun stuff:

Getting ready to sled at Soldier Hollow

Austin and Giselle! Our favorite engaged couple getting married in March!

Because we love them, we took a picture with them.

And then we added Aunt Dana and Natty to the pic. Gabby and Uncle John were there as well, just not pictured here.

I love Soldier Hollow and the way they pull you up. Totally takes away the running up the hill and getting tired factor.

And then some more snow fun on my birthday:

I look totally gangsta.

Aubrey and I rolled a huge snowball, and then Tyler stood on it. :)

Adam and Aubrey. We love them! Adam was in Tyler's accounting group last semester and we started going on double dates. Now Aubrey and I go to the gym together all the time and are good friends.

Like I said-- he's so darn good-looking.

After sledding, we got all dressed up and went to Olive Garden:

Birthdays are great-- free dessert :)

This waiter who took the picture is not bound for a career in photography, I hope... that paper bag is a little annoying in this picture.

There. Now I'm kind of caught up.

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