Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Oh that sounds wonderful!"

Today, I went to the Enriching Marriage and Family class for Sunday School. Tyler and I have been through the whole manual going to that class, and the class started over today. Not sure why I decided to go-- I guess I just went out of habit. Anyway, a girl (named Cami, coincidentally) made a comment that I loved. As she was eating breakfast with her husband and 2-yr old son, Chase, her sister called. Cami said this sister of hers is "a little bit older and single" (she later said that she's 23... take from that what you will) and isn't very happy with her life and the fact that she's not married. The sister asked what Cami was doing, and she told them they were eating breakfast and getting their son ready for church-- nothing out of the ordinary. The sister sighed and said, "Oh, that sounds wonderful!"

Sometimes I feel like my life is monotonous, as if I need change. As I started thinking about Cami's comment, however, I realized it's all about perspective. Our daily routine makes me think that either we're stuck in a rut or we have a pretty wonderful life! I definitely think it's the latter. I feel so blessed and glad to have someone to live my routine life with. And that is what makes it sound so wonderful-- it is.

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