Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Such busy days! Time gets away from me far too often. Please slow down-- these days are good. So much happiness... not sure how to express it.

My mom was here this last weekend! It was so fun to see her. We spent Friday together at Kellie and Ryan's wedding, which was amazing. I love watching sealing ceremonies. Ty came with us to help set up at the reception-- he and I made an awesome team hanging Chinese lanterns from the ceiling. He's so great at always willing to help out where he can. Their reception was beautiful, and the leftover cake was a beautiful bonus. :) Saturday I spent the afternoon being domestic with my mom. She helped me make bread for the first time (yes it was a January goal, but I pushed it back to February so Mom could help me), and we made strawberry jam and sugar cookies too! I have to say-- this batch of strawberry jam was the best. EVER. Tyler and I have gone through half a jar and we haven't quite had it open for a week! Crazy! Thanks Mom, for teaching me all the good stuff. We loved having you here.

Our Stake Conference was also this last weekend. We loved it! Saturday night's session made me want to serve a mission with Tyler so bad. I can't wait for that. Sunday was all about the temple, which was cool because Tyler and I made a goal last week to go to every temple in Utah this year-- ALL 14. We're pretty excited about it. I made a map with stickers pointing to each temple and everything! That'll be so fun. We went up to the Y trail parking lot with Heidi because we couldn't stand to go inside when it was so beautiful outside! Poor Ty didn't get a very great Valentine's Day dinner out of me... we had Hawaiian Haystacks. Oh well-- better luck to me next year. I suppose it's better than last year, when my hair ended up on fire... long story.

Does anyone else just love the Olympics? It doesn't matter what sport I watch (though figure skating is my favorite), I love watching people who are good at what they do. I find myself watching so much that I start to critique people like the judges do. Which is silly-- I know nothing in comparison to their Olympic skill level.

By the way, turbo kickbox-- you're going down tonight. I can't wait to defeat you.

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B said...

I saw you while I was waiting in the receiving line at Kel's wedding, but once I got through, you had disappeared! The Chinese lanterns looked amazing though :)