Friday, April 30, 2010

Last day of April...

but it sure doesn't feel like it. Woke up to an inch of snow covering the backyard, had to scrape the heavy wet snow off the car and blast the heat. Seriously?!? Utah, get with the program. I wouldn't have minded it if the weather had been a little cooler but steadily getting warmer... but this roller coaster climate is too much for me and for my lungs! Sudden cold makes me really tight and wheezy in my chest. I love to cough.

In other news, I love Tyler. Not really new news, but I like to say it anyway. :) Yesterday I came home from work to find he had made dinner and set up a lovely bubble bath for me to relax in while he set the table. He is so sweet to me. I'll post pictures soon-- I left the note up on our whiteboard and the arrows leading me to the bathroom. Oh-- and he brought me flowers. Sunflowers and daisies! Perfect to cheer me up in this gloomy weather.

We went to Kimmy's wedding reception last night! She looked so beautiful and happy, and we're so excited for her and Nick. Looking forward to lots of double-dating with them. :) Other highlights from this week: 80 degrees on Monday (no joke- it was 40 the next day), went to Austin and Giselle's for their first married FHE, watched "Glee" with Heidi as we pigged out on frozen pizzas and french fries, purchased bikes! more to come on that, went to the Runia's for "Modern Family" and almost peed our pants laughing, and orchestrating our schedules with our one-car situation. Hence, the bikes. Once (or should I say IF) the weather gets nicer we'll both start riding bikes to work and cut down on gas.

I've been trying lately to take more pictures, so a little bit later this blog will be inundated with photos!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good news, bad news

Good news:
Last night was wonderful. Tyler came to hang out with me the last 30 minutes of work, which was great. We went straight to the mall afterwards, where I finally got some perfume at Charlotte Russe. Haven't had any since a while before we got married, so I'm glad to finally be smelling good. I'm sure Tyler's glad for that too. :) Then we went to Panda Express for dinner... I love celebrating! Their orange chicken is unparalleled. We brought dinner home and plopped in front of the TV, saddened to find that no, there was not a new Modern Family episode this week! Major bummer. So we popped in a few episodes of "24" and ate brownies and ice cream. After our Panda, of course. I could hear myself getting fatter. But it was just so wonderful to hang out with Tyler, and have no homework hanging over him! This summer will be seriously wonderful.

Bad news:
Today came. With SNOW, I might add. Weren't we finished with that?? Either way, there it was on our lawn this morning. Not a serious amount, just enough to make me angry. This weather was another reason we decided not to go to Earthfest-- also bad news. But hopefully the baseball game tonight will still be bearable.

Good news:
Tonight after the game we're going to catch ourselves up on the 2 new "Glee" episodes with Heidi. And probably eat more brownies and ice cream.

Bad news:
This morning, because of our different work schedules, Tyler dropped me off at work a little over an hour early. One of us is definitely going to have to get a bike to ride for the next month or so, because I can't do this every day. Then again, it does mean I'm blogging right now.

*I feel like I should end with good news, so I don't sound like a negative fun-sucker... but that will leave me uneven! Oh well.

Good news:
I have my hubby back for the next month and we are going to make the most of these next few weeks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A magical Wednesday

Today's the last day of finals for Ty! Which is almost a shame. We've fallen into a pretty good routine the past few days with me bringing Tyler meals, and him studying while I go shopping with Aubrey. :) But now our reason for shopping is gone (Aubrey found a bridesmaid's outfit for the wedding they're going to this weekend) and the semester/year is winding to a close. As of 2:00-ish today my hubby will be free from the Jr. Core forever! I'm so excited to get into more of a relaxed routine that includes more time with him.

In other news, I think I broke my toe! Not sure how, but I first noticed pain when I put on my favorite red heels on Sunday. It has hurt ever since, and has gotten progressively worse. Every shoe I put on, including no shoes, hurts. What to do?!? Doctors can't fix toes, and I can't really run or workout without pain. POOP.

But it's all good. Some changes at work have made it so we can't go to Earthfest. Sad. But if the weather isn't terrible, we're planning on going to the BYU baseball game vs. Utah instead. Go Cougs! That will be really fun. And, I got a book yesterday that was recommended to me that I'm excited to read. Did something random too-- checked out a book that was on the same shelf as the first one I wanted. I don't usually do that, since I prefer to read books that others have recommended to me, but it's pretty good so far. It's called "Postcards to Father Abraham." A little bit teen-ish, but still good.

Also: happy Administrative Professionals Day to me, to you, and to all the receptionists and secretaries in your life. Hopefully my boss reads this post and gives me the afternoon off. :) This looks somewhat like me haha:

Plans for the rest of the week: vegetate tonight, baseball game tomorrow, Grandpa's birthday party Saturday, hopefully with a Manti temple session that morning. Can't wait!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is there life after finals?

Let me preface this whine session by saying that I know I'm not the one taking them. I am not currently in school (thank goodness for that) so my job is to support the hubby in his academic efforts. Okay, whine session begins now.

I can't wait for finals to be over! Poor Ty is getting canker sores in his mouth from stress, and is so burnt out. I just wish there was something I could do for him to make it better, ya know? No amount of yummy food or massages is going to make the tests easier or the studying less time-consuming. I feel a little useless. Yesterday we started talking about stuff we wanted to do over the summer, and I just got kind of a mind block. Tyler's leaving for two months for an internship in Houston, so we want to do a lot of fun stuff in the next month or so before he leaves. Trying to make a list, however, I couldn't think of anything! Not because there aren't things I want to do, but I just couldn't imagine life after this week. Pretty silly.

But someday, thankfully, finals will end. The next three days will fly by (I'm sure Tyler wouldn't agree since he's the one taking the tests) and he'll be done. 'Til then, I'm going to hunker down with a book and pretend I have a deadline, just like my hubby. Maybe that will make us both feel better.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks in advance

I need hair help! My hair's in a weird place right now. The last time I cut it was in October, when I cut it pretty short, A-line, stacked in the back, with bangs. But now, the stacking in the back looks retarded, the A-line is pretty much gone, the bangs are grown out, and it looks stupid down. So I wear it in a ponytail 99.9% of the time. Which is fine-- less work for me-- but it's fun to have a cute hair day once in a while.

So this is where YOU come in. Below, I will include pictures of both short and long hairstyles that I've had in the past year, and you tell me which direction to go. Okay? Okay.

Here is what it looks like long:

Awkward picture but shows the length well...

Long and curly:

Now for short:

And you've seen short and curly... just scroll down a few posts if you really care.

Anyway, HELP! I don't really like making decisions by myself. How very adult of me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I suppose I've been tagged

10 things that make me happy:

1. recording what goes on in my life (hence I keep 3 journals of sorts)
2. sunshine and laying out in it
3. when I cook a new meal or make bread and it turns out yummy
4. a really good workout
5. when I have a super-productive day
6. talking to people I haven't seen in forever and they say, "I've been reading your blog!" mostly because then I don't have to update them on my life. :)
7. a clean bathroom and kitchen. Last night I KABOOM!ed my bathroom and it looks fantastic! I totally believe in that stuff!
8. watching Modern Family
9. Beaver Tracks ice cream
10. spending time with my hubby

5 pieces of trivia about me:

1. I don't like or drink milk. My cousins used to call me Camilk when I was little
2. Ruining a meal makes me really mad for a long time
3. I've been reading a lot of books lately, and I love it. My next one is hopefully going to be "The Happiness Project"
4. I was obsessed with Julie Andrews as a kid. I went through a phase where I made everyone call me Millie (because of her movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie") for a really long time.
5. I made my internet home page so I could stay informed on current events. For instance, yesterday, I learned that the United States' last sardine factory is closing down! So important :)

Who gets to go next... drumroll please... Tiffany, Kellie, Steph, Charlotte, and whoever else wants to. XOXO

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Earthfest, anyone?

Tyler and I get to go to this. For FREE! Hooray for free stuff. A man working for Mix 107.9 (can I get backstage passes by mentioning their radio station on my blog? Dang I'm so nice) parked his van in our parking lot and in return gave me 6 tickets-- two for me, two for Marissa, and two for the company to use. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can have the extra two! Now, I've barely heard of any of the groups performing, but hello, an outdoor concert for free? I'm there!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am sick. It's a good thing I got so ahead with stuff on Thursday, because it was that afternoon that I started feeling sick. Started with a sore throat, fever by the end of the work day, zonk. I was out. Stayed home from work Friday and spent a good majority of the day either sleeping or watching TV. Got through lots of Gilmore Girls episodes. :) Couldn't find the strength to cook, and didn't want to get poisoned by Tyler's cooking, so we went to Jason's Deli so I could have some of their chili to warm my throat. I love that chili! Also went to FYE where we saw everyone we know (after a day of being sick, I looked... well, let's just count this as my public apology to everyone who saw me) and got "27 Dresses" and the first season of "24." May I just brag that we spent $18 for BOTH of those things? We will never buy a movie from another store again. Buying used movies from FYE is totally the way to go. Anyway, we fell asleep watching "27 Dresses." Classic.

Saturday was yet another sick day. I tried to go in to work and get some ID badges made without the interruption of tons of people or the phone ringing, but I had some missing information that I needed before I could make them, so I didn't stay there long. Went to the grocery store, which wiped me out totally. Spent another afternoon watching, you guessed it, Gilmore Girls. Felt nauseous at that point, so I snacked on tortilla chips for dinner. Gotta love being sick. Luckily, Tyler knows how to put rice in the rice cooker and microwave teriyaki chicken, so he did not starve. :) We spent the evening watching the first 1.5 discs of "24." I got way too much TV time in this weekend. Never again.

Slept til 11 this morning. Really? Wow. Spent the morning watching Conference talks with Ty, since our ward meets at 9 and neither of us were in any shape to go (yes, I now have given him the same thing).

I think I jinxed (sp?) us by telling my dad the other day, "Yeah, we were pretty lucky this winter-- neither of us got sick!" Stupid idea. Never say stuff like that out loud.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today is a good day because:

-I got ahead by starting dinner when I woke up this morning! Barbeque chicken, twice baked potatoes, and rolls. Oh, and Kool-Aid. :)

-Because the sun is shining today and it's warm! No snow today!

-I'm all caught up on grocery shopping. Only took like a million trips to get everything I forgot the first time.

-Today Tyler has to do a presentation in class, which means he'll be wearing a suit when I pick him up. Such a good-lookin' guy.

-Because I brought gym clothes to work so I can go straight there after I'm off! I can't wait.

-My house is "clean" (it's all relative, really) and I'm almost all caught up on laundry.

-Because life is good!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm not going to jynx it

Eva said, "Merry Christmas!" on Easter. Her 3-yr old mind had all the facts right... it was a holiday and it snowed. Why wouldn't it be called Christmas? Eva, just remember that winter never ends here in Utah. The Fourth of July can sometimes even look like Christmas.

Apparently, when you say that spring is here, it goes away. So I'll never say it again. Consider it NEVER spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture explosion

These are all out of order I'm sure, but I'm not in the mood to fix them! How do you like that? This first one is Steph, Kim, and I getting food ready for Kim's baby shower! It turned out so cute and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came. More pics of the shower to come! Most of the pics are from Giselle and Austin's wedding last weekend. We are so happy for them! They were sealed in the same temple as us and by the same person as we were. It was so neat to hear some of the same things that were said in our ceremony! And to hear it from a different perspective. I wasn't thinking about the luncheon or reception or how my hair looked or anything. :) So great. To explain some other pics... I'm proud to say that I've only had one slightly unsuccessful bread-making. I've been making it once a week and it is so fun! Also, I made lasagna for the first time a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Aubrey for helping me with that! It was delicious. What else... Oh, we had a little too much fun cutting Tyler's hair the other day. He asked for a mohawk and he got it! I need to be better at posting pictures when stuff happens instead of playing catchup so it won't be so random. Oh well, at least they're on now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter memories

There's tons to update on-- so much to say. But it's late, and I'm tired. For now, you get to hear what's on the forefront of my mind!

Today is Easter. I am married to Tyler, and I love him so much. It was on Easter Sunday 7 years ago that I first met Tyler! He came over to our house in Orem with his dad. Tyler and my sister Lindsay had met at EFY the summer before, and he was in town for Spring Break and stopped by. Obviously, his interest at the time was not in me. :) But I thought he was good-lookin' regardless of who he was there for. We read the accounts of Christ's resurrection while they were over (classic Andersen "reel-em-in" technique... scripture-reading) and sang "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." I remember this so well because Lindsay and I played the hymn on the piano together-- Lindsay on the left hand, me on the right! We butchered that poor hymn, and I'll never forget how hot my face felt and how red it must have looked as we walked back into the living room after playing that song. So humiliated.

Now look at us! We spent the morning at our apartment, along with Kim, Caleb, Steph, Eva, and Leighton. We pigged out as we watched General Conference, then went to the Wright's for Easter dinner with Heidi. I never thought, 7 years ago as a scrawny 13-yr old, that right now I would be married to the good-looking teenager that I drooled over all those years ago! It's funny how life has taken me places I never thought I'd go.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost Over

This has just been one of those weeks. Work has been SO crazy-busy... haven't taken a lunch break all week. Trying to get everyone ready to head out for the summer, so I'm swimming in ID Badges (I make them) and paperwork. I got dressed in such a rush this morning to get here that when I got to work and looked down, I found a nasty unidentifiable stain on my cute red shirt. Guess I didn't look closely enough earlier-- oh well. I went to the gym on Monday, but that has been on the back burner with everything that's going on.

But there's hope! Today is Friday. Steph is here in Utah, and I am taking the afternoon OFF (that's right, off) to do baby shower stuff. I'm so excited! Hope you can all come!

ps I forgot to say how I've been so happy this week. I think I saw Tyler for 40 minutes total yesterday (while we were both conscious, anyway) and it was the best part of my day. He makes me so happy!