Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yup, just kneeling to reach the top.
Laura and I made this Christmas craft over the weekend. I probably should paint the rest of the wood black, eh??

Our tree may not be tall and elaborate- but it's perfect for us.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving thanks

We had the greatest Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is coming way too soon-- this break has been amazing. The partying started Monday with some mini-golf with Giselle and Audie and then movie night with the bros and Cari and Ryan. Tuesday we spent the afternoon window-shopping and spent the evening holed up in the house, waiting for the "blizzard." Laura and I did a Christmas craft and we were just glad to not be doing homework!

Wednesday the fam arrived! We met for lunch at Zupa's and then hung around for a while. The whole family gathered at Aunt Sheila's for dinner since we couldn't all be together for Thanksgiving. I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and Tyler was not sad about it at all.

Thursday morning Tyler and I went to the store to get fixins for my assignment (mashed potatoes), and we spent the morning hangin' out until Tyler went to play basketball with the boys. We met for dinner at Aunt Dana's house and had a great meal! It was so fun to be with family. After eating, we all napped and then continued eating, and then ate some more- this time dessert. We brought Laura over for a bit (she stayed with us for a few days this week but spent most of her time with our family on Thanksgiving) and left straight from there to go to Park City for BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! Thank goodness Gabby called early to find out when stores opened- I thought no one opened until midnight, but a lot of the stores opened earlier, so we went up at about 10:30. Can I tell you about the amazing deals we found?? Wow. I found a dress at Banana Republic for $3.16. Yes, you read that right. Then I found a pair of jeans for $6! We found lots of great deals, but those were the most impressive. The whole crew (Tyler, Laura, Kurt, Garrett, Mitch, AJ, Brady, Gabby, and I) was outta there by 12:30, BEFORE all the crowds came in. We were pretty proud of ourselves! I was pretty wired after our success though- e came home and ate and Laura, Tyler, and I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls before going to sleep.

Friday I woke up pretty early, despite going to bed really late. I wanted to hit up Target, and Tyler was sweet to join me, even though he was really tired. We both agree that it was so worth getting up for- we found 3 DVDs for under $4 each, some wrapping paper, and a nice pair of jeans for Tyler for pretty cheap too. We met the fam at Magleby's Fresh for a yummy breakfast (yes, I gained 27 pounds in one week). Feeling a little large, we decided we needed to Jump On It! We had SO much fun bouncing around- we made up lots of fun games and tricks and took tons of funny videos. After bouncing our buns off we relaxed in the lobby of G&M's dorm, and read a great letter from Heidi. It felt weird not having her around! We sure missed her this week. After showering and prettying up, everyone met at the movies to see "Unstoppable." Can you say intense?? We enjoyed the movie, and now Garrett wants to be a train conductor. The movie was followed by dinner at 5 Guys (way better than In 'n' Out, don't even try to fight me) and a way fun game of Signs at Aunt Dana's. The party moved to the Runia's for movie night- Quantum of Solace. I'm embarrassed to say that I fell asleep, but, in my defense, I had seen the movie pretty recently.

Saturday started with Anatomy lab- the first sign of reality creeping back in- nnooooooooo! But it was actually very productive. I'm feelin' so ready to tackle the final on Tuesday. We watched the BYU game with lots of the family and were very sad about the outcome. That night everyone made the trek up to Salt Lake for "Savior of the World!" We loved the play and loved being together. What a way to kick off the Christmas season! Please enjoy the following pictures- taken by our early Christmas present, a new camera! I need to learn how to work this baby, so excuse the not-as-impressive-as-they-should-be-with-this-camera pictures.

Monday, November 22, 2010

As of late

-I have at least one cup of hot chocolate a day. a) because it's delicious, b) because it helps me practice talking through the digestive system as I feel the heat travel through. How's that for nerdy?? and c) because I am perpetually cold, and it warms me from the inside out.

-I've been warding off sickness for over a week. You know when you feel like you're about to get sick? That's been me for days. It better not hit full-force over the break.

-Tyler took 2nd place in the Deloitte competition last week. Pretty sure my husband rocks the MAcc program!

-Christmas music plays non-stop in our apartment. I never get sick of it!

-We are gearing up to say goodbye to our current Primary class and storing energy for the new, more rowdy class.

-We've loved being with family- that makes this the best time of the year! We're spending Thanksgiving with the Juergens side and could not be more excited to be with everyone.

-Our main topic of conversation is "Inception." We finally saw it on Saturday night with Randall and Crystal, and it was great! Our plan was to go to their place after and play games or something, but we just ended up talking about the movie for 2 hours. It was a mind-boggler for sure. Good news was, I didn't have any weird dreams afterwards!

-No classes last Thursday, so I spent all day cleaning out my closet, taking loads to DI, etc. Found an old workout swimsuit-- score! Can't wait to use it.

-Taught Aubrey to crochet (your gift will live on, Barb!!) on Friday while we watched a chick flick. I'm finally getting brave enough to experiment with patterns instead of just using others!

-We are running low on toothpaste. AND mascara. AND food. But don't worry- all will be remedied by 5 this afternoon.

That is our life, as of late.

Monday, November 15, 2010

So much to be thankful for

I don't know tons of Thanksgiving songs, which is okay with me. I know one, and it's my favorite! "Thankful" on Josh Groban's Christmas CD, "Noel." I love Josh. This morning he performed on Good Morning America, and it honestly brought tears to my eyes! So silly. I promise I don't cry every time I listen to his songs. Just sometimes.

We had a great weekend. And week before that, though I don't remember much of it. :) All I know is that I had my last quiz for Anatomy! Crazy! I will take the lab final the Tuesday after Thanksgiving- so if you're trying to find me before then, I will be in the cadaver lab studying. Except for when it's closed, when I will be sleeping. Eat, sleep, anatomy. Saturday night Mitchell, Garrett, and Adam came over. We watched The Guardian (still in my top 10 favorite movies list) and had root beer floats. We love having them close by! Sunday was a great day, despite my waking up with the worst headache I've ever had. I don't think I've ever woken up with a headache... no fun. Two awesome talks were given in Sacrament Meeting though- one on humility and another on strengthening marriage. How much more applicable can it get?? Primary was great after that too. We had a few of the Sunbeams in our class because their teacher didn't show up, which was a glimpse into our near-future. They are slightly more crazy than our current class, if possible! But we had fun- Tyler is so much better with them than I am. It's pretty amazing to watch him calm them down. He will be the best dad someday! We had a very relaxing afternoon. I took a nap and made dinner (and oops- some brownies) and our home teachers came over. First time being home-taught since marriage! Pretty awesome.

Our Sacrament Meeting talks hit me so hard though- really made me think. Humility is a huge part of marriage, and also a huge part of being thankful. AND it's something I struggle with. I'm honestly one of the most stubborn people I know. But, when I'm honest with myself, I see so clearly my faults and the things I need to learn from others. There is something to learn from everyone, but I have to be willing to reach out to people in order to know them and then learn from them. I really am so thankful that I have a husband who helps me to be better. He treats me like the person I can become, and that makes all the difference.

By the way, I am SO excited for the holidays. One of my favorite things is surprising people, so gift-giving is really fun for me. Even with little things- I just love the idea that someone doesn't know what's coming! Also, my feet are wet, putting a damper on my day. Literally.

Random picture: at the BYU hockey game last weekend.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Needs and wants

-After standing in the pouring rain waiting for the bus this morning, I decided that I have a sincere need for: a pair of rain boots and an umbrella. Also, today is a bad day to have bangs.

-I want another pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. Despite my posting about making them last week, I didn't get around to it until yesterday. They turned out so well! We may or may not have had cookies for lunch yesterday. Yup- just cookies. I can tell you're jealous.

-Need to change my clock in our bedroom. Actually maybe not-- I have never gotten ready so quickly in the morning as I did today!

-Want to go running in the rain. Maybe I could jump in some puddles too if I had those boots.

-Tyler doesn't agree, but I need some new (or rather just more) winter clothes. Maybe if he did the laundry for a month he would understand.

p.s. Our weekend was great. Friday night we went to the BYU hockey game (did you know BYU has a hockey team?!? I didn't) and they beat Utah by one goal. It was really exciting, even though I know zilch about hockey. All I know is that they scored goals and there was a fight or two. We were so inspired by them that we went ice skating on Saturday night with Adam and Aubrey! Tyler and I began our quest to be the next gold medal figure-skating pair. I learned to skate backwards and twirl in a circle, so basically you can watch for us in the next Winter Olympics. We also got to play tennis Saturday afternoon with Giselle and Audie- the weather was PERFECT. Thanks to Smith's, we have carbonation in our home for the first time ever (plus a bottle of strawberry lemonade- my favorite). You can't beat 79 cents for a 2 liter! We also spent some time with Randall and Crystal, watching Amazing Race and playing Loaded Questions. Oh, and eating too much. As usual.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The yarn invasion

Yarn has taken over our apartment! I've been crocheting tons lately. My goal is to be finished with all my Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving. How great would that be?? After a couple of busy weeks of tests, I'm on cruise control until finals. Well, as much on cruise control as one can be while preparing for finals.

Our Halloween weekend was fun. The weather was really nice on Thursday so we played tennis with Austin and Giselle! It'd been way too long. Hopefully we can play more this week before the snow comes for good. Friday night we went to the haunted corn maze at Cornbelly's! I'd never done anything like that before... we had a fun time, but I really don't like that kind of stuff. Saturday night we went to Aunt Dana and Uncle John's to see everyone in their costumes, and then watched "Invasion" at Austin and Giselle's apartment.

I've got a bunch of crafts I'm dying to make to decorate our place for Christmas! But first, I want to make some festive pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And finish all my crocheting so I can clean this yarn off our coffee table!