Monday, July 18, 2011

Farewelling and stuff

I can't believe how quickly this summer is passing by... it's so crazy. In just a few short weeks we'll pack up and make the long drive back to Utah. I'm sad to leave because it's been a great summer, but I'm also really excited to begin my last semester of college!! Tyler and I will be taking a class together, and that'll be fun. I recently finished my anthropology class, and now I just have to take a humanities class before school starts. I'll get out of this tunnel after all!

We spent lots of time with both our families this week and had tons of fun. My sister Steph is here with her kids, so we did a lot of swimming and shopping. We watched "The Adjustment Bureau" and joked all night about adjusting people's lives. 

This weekend was Garrett and Mitchell's mission farewell! They both did a wonderful job speaking and they sang a beautiful duet. Guess who was the other speaker? ME! Not sure why the bishop chose the new member of the Juergens clan, but oh well. The house was hopping last night as pretty much the whole city of Houston came over to say goodbye to G&M. :) They are two very loved guys and will be stellar missionaries. 

I didn't last very long at the party last night. Despite taking a two-hour nap, I couldn't seem to get rid of this sore throat and constant headache. Still can't, so Peanut and I are takin' it easy today. But it's the perfect day for taking it easy... we're finally getting a classic Houston rainstorm! It's been a while since we had one of those. I think I'll keep the lights off and curl up on the couch with a movie. Sounds good.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Isn't that the saddest face you've ever seen?

I feel so blessed to have not been very sick so far during this pregnancy. I am pulling out of this now, but for a while I was having night sickness instead of morning. Other than that, the only times I've felt sick are when I need to eat! So I feel super lucky. One thing that both Tyler and I are both still adjusting to, however, is my range of unpredictable emotions. Holy moly, I cry so often! Poor Tyler doesn't quite know how to handle me when I'm bawling because the family playing on Family Feud just won $20,000. Seriously Camille??? But he is so sweet and understanding and rarely laughs at me. I'm sure it's all pretty entertaining for him.

The worst was the other day- I believe it was Saturday morning. I was having a dream (my dreams are the other funny thing- SO vivid and strange) that I was in the back of a van with my brother Jeff, who is serving a mission in Prague and is coming home in a few weeks. Jeff was always a pest growing up (fulfilling his duties as the first boy in the family) and I'm sure half of the words I've spoken to him in his life have consisted of "Stop!" Well, he was no different in my dream. He just would not get off of me-- hitting me, laying on me, I don't really remember. I just know I was so bothered. I started to yell at him in my dream, pretty mean stuff. *Please note: Tyler's arm was on my back at this point. Not unusual, as he is a sprawler in his sleep.* Finally, I wake up when I hear myself yell out loud, "Jeff, GET OFF OF ME!!!" Apparently I was bothered by Tyler's arm! Tyler didn't really wake up at this point, but I was shaken by my own outburst. I started crying uncontrollably- how could I yell at my brother like that? How could I yell at my husband like that? I am such a mean person, I need to be a better sister, I need to be more patient, etc. were all thoughts racing through my mind as my body was being racked with sobs. Oh my goodness. So Tyler, half asleep but knowing the drill, was sweet and comforting and trying not to laugh, I'm sure. I finally calm down after what I'm sure was a long time and the hilarity of the situation finally hits me. I imagined the whole scenario from Tyler's perspective- being yelled at while asleep at 6 in the morning, then hearing your crazy wife sobbing because of a dream that she was mean to her brother! So then I started laughing, almost as uncontrollably as I was crying. The rest of the day, thankfully, was tearless. But it was quite the roller coaster first thing in the morning- from anger to depression to laughter!! Poor Tyler.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Okay, I admit it.

-While writing my last post, I had to look up the word hiatus to make sure that a) I was spelling it correctly and b) that it meant what I thought it meant. Maybe by the time I graduate college I won't have to do dumb stuff like that? Oh let's be real. I'll probably always have to do that.

-Though I struggled through the first book I had to read for my anthropology class, I'm totally eating up this second one. People are seriously fascinating! I was scared of the title- "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down." Come on- you would be too. But it's about a little Hmong girl with epilepsy (a disease the Hmong people call 'the spirit catches you and you fall down') and the struggle between the Hmong culture and western medicine. It's awesome!

-I have an itch to cut my hair. It has grown pretty long, but my bangs are not keepin' up. Sooo tempting just to chop it.

-It kinda bugs me how many people refer to their husbands in strange ways on their blogs... calling him "husband" or "Mr. 'X'" or whatever. Makes me feel bad that I just call my husband Tyler! Oh wait, no it doesn't. That's his name.

-Except for Sundays, I don't really wear makeup much anymore. Kinda love it.

-Can't really button my pants up these days. BUT, I have a fantastic reason for it... we are having a baby!!!! And we are thrilled! I'm about 14 weeks along and am feeling pretty good. Due date is January 7th! We refer to our baby as Peanut currently... I don't really know who started that, but I think that's better than saying "it." I really don't like that. We can't wait to find out if Peanut is a boy or girl, but my doc here in Houston won't do another ultrasound until 20 weeks and by that point we'll be back in Utah, so we're trying to be patient. I don't think I'll bother posting pics of the first ultrasound because no one really likes looking at those. Plus, those pictures are so outdated- Peanut has grown so much since they were taken over a month ago! That teeny tiny baby completely stole our hearts. We are sooo excited!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A blogging groove...

I need to find one. It's been pretty easy for me just to take a little internet hiatus! But things have calmed down a bit and here I am. The reunion was great- it was so fun to spend lots of time with our family! It was a blast. We've been spending lots of time with both our immediate families since then, which has been good. I hadn't seen Lindsay since Tyler and I got married, so it was about time! It was great to see her kiddos too... I miss them already. They just moved to Ohio- so far away! But I've never been to Ohio, and now I have a great reason to visit. I also spent a week with Steph and her kiddos in Vegas/San Diego. It was a great week and I took zero pictures because we were just so busy! Between Mikael's wedding, being a block away from the beach, a day at Sea World, and 16 kids runnin' around, cameras were the last things on our minds. So just know it was fun. And exhausting. I get why kids typically come one at a time, because me starting out with 3 would not be a great idea. Kudos to people who have multiples!

Since being back from Vegas/San Diego, we've been busy busy busy. Tyler had Friday and yesterday off of work for the 4th of July, so we spent some time on Friday and Saturday driving around Houston trying to figure out where we'd like to live when we come back after graduation next year! It's so crazy that we finally get to think realistically about that kind of stuff. Not that we have any idea still, but we're getting to know areas better and are finding great places. We've spent lots of time swimming and watching movies and playing ping pong with the fam and just enjoying time off together. I hated to see Tyler go to work this morning! But reality always comes around.

We had a good 4th of July. It felt a little weird because there's been a drought in Houston and they put a ban on all fireworks about a week beforehand. What's the 4th of July without fireworks?? So we went to a ward breakfast, had a fun game of softball with the Taylor fam, swam and had a barbeque, and watched True Grit. A very American day indeed.

Well, a pretty lame post after a month of absence. Maybe some pics will make it better? Here are some I took of the softball game yesterday:
 Home run, baby!
 Tyler and Kevin making sure Nathan's pitching was satisfactory
 Wow. I may not have gone to Langham Creek, but I've got Lobo pride now!
 The whole crew of softball players
The whole crew of supportive wives/mothers (and a sister)

And that's about it for our pics and our exciting stuff. Hopefully the rest of the summer will be mellow- not much travelling planned until the big trip back to Utah, so that's good. I'm still working on Independent Study classes and Tyler's internship is going great! He is blowing everyone away with his mad skills, as usual. He's the bomb. And I'm just trying to finish school as quickly as possible! Hooray for getting degrees and being done soon!