Friday, October 26, 2012

Movin' along

We are officially homeowners!!!! Closing day was Wednesday. We thought we'd have to wait until tonight to get in, but the sellers moved out already. Once everything was funded, it was ours! We are so excited. The last couple of days have consisted of taking loads over to the new house and being generally excited about life. We had the house sprayed for bugs, and today the locks are being changed. I'm trying to only do the things that need to be done immediately. Tyler ever-so-gently reminded me last night that buying rugs, though fun, is not at the top of the list. Slow down, Cam. But it's just so exciting!

This weekend will be busy. Thank you in advance to all the people who have offered to help! We're so lucky to have such great friends and family that drop everything to help us in times like this. Hopefully soon I can post some pictures of the house. Hooray for fun changes!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project bench

Our other big project was the iron bench. It was starting to rust and needed a little something to make it comfortable so a person would actually want to sit on it. Enter Mom's amazing sewing skills!

Before. Boring!

All sanded and ready for paint
Rust-oleum is awesome

My forearm may or may not have been sore for 2 days after spray-painting. Embarrassing.

Getting all the nooks and crannies
That's why our feet were so sticky!
The cutest printed duck fabric ever

Mom made the piping for the edges
The finished cover. Or scarf.

All stuffed and ready for sittin'
The inaugural sit
So cute. All it needs now is some pillows!
We could have stayed out there all evening!
I learn so much from my mom. Hopefully I can bribe her to come down and help me with fun projects like this when we get in our house. Moving day is Saturday!! AHHH!!!!

Project kitchen cupboard

My mom and I did a few projects while I was in Lufkin. No tutorials, simply because we didn't have much of a clue as to what we were doing! But here are a few pictures. First up was the kids kitchen cupboard.

Lots of love over many years! My mom grew up playing with it, then we did, now our kids are too.
See that little smidgen of contact paper under the top cupboard? It needed an update! 
Go green. I love contact paper! 
After cleaning and papering, before toys came back in.
She clearly loves it more now

Monday, October 22, 2012

My week in Lufkin

Tyler went to Seattle for all of last week, so Millie and I headed up to Lufkin to see my family. We missed Tyler lots and kept busy so time would go by quickly. Here are a few {ha! It's never just a few} pictures from our week.

Helping Grandma cut out pajama pants- wearing the scraps of course
Sewing party every night
Millie loved Grandma's little kitchen set
This is just a small sample of Millie's drool

A sneak peek at one of our projects
The best sugar cookies on the planet earth
Playing in Grandma's super deep tub
Sneak peek at another project

His real name is Uncle Jungle Gym
Thanks to Mom, Dad, Tim, and Sarah for having us. We had so much fun and can't wait to come again!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The yellow door pics

There's a little park in Katy we have visited a few times for picture-taking purposes. I think it's funny that at 3 different stages of our lives, we have been in front of the same yellow door!

One of our engagement pictures, June 2009
Re-created 2 years later at a family reunion
Family pictures taken last week
Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from last week. Gilgen Photography took them- Laura is awesome!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Both dreams came true

When I was little, I really liked dogs. My friends and I would play pretend- "I'll be the dog, you be the owner." What weirdos. I dreamt of becoming a dog breeder, since my totally mean and not-understanding parents would rarely let me have a dog, and even then only one. How mean, right? 

But I also always wanted to be a mom. Who knew that someday I would get to be both at the same time?? I sure didn't.

-Dogs get around on all fours- hey, so does Millie!

-Dogs can't get their food themselves. Turns out, babies can't either.

-Dogs whine when left in their kennel. Millie does the same, at all hours of the night sometimes.

-Dogs bark. Millie has now picked up on that too.

I love my little baby dog.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scenes from Conference weekend {Oct. 2012 edition}

At Andrew's cross country meet
Yes, he ran 3.1 miles in that amount of time
Millie dazzled us with her singing and playing
We enjoyed a most wonderful cold front
Listening to Pres. Monson
Not pictured: Seeing Grammy while we were at The Woodlands, eating at Freebirds (go now if you've never been there), girl's night in, and celebrating Charlee's birthday Sunday night.

We love General Conference weekend!

Last editions herehere, and probably other places too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tyler got the new iPhone recently- hooray! We've had the same phones since we were engaged (almost 3.5 years ago, people), and he finally got a new one for work. The only issue is that our old phones are so old that they're pretty incompatible with the new one, so getting pictures off of it presents a little challenge. How to fix it? The hard way. I am texting old pictures to Tyler, who then e-mails them to me, and I download them from the e-mail into our pictures. With over 150 pictures, it's a long process. But it's so fun to go through old memories! I couldn't part with the pics and I was out of memory on my phone, so this could not have happened at a better time. Here are a few gems from the good ol' days.

At an Astros game the summer we were engaged
Poor car!
Our dream kitchen we found at IKEA
He loves me
I think she was 2 days old here!
A walk in the mountains when we were first married
Hikin' the Y solo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Her first swing

We had a little extra time with Tyler yesterday, and decided to go to the park. The weather has been SO nice the last few days, and we just had to take advantage of it! Tyler and I had a great time and probably looked crazy helicopter parents, snapping a gazillion pictures of Millie's first time on the playground swings. Millie, however, was much more concerned about watching the other little girl who was at the park than about what she was doing. Classic people-watching.

She totally watched that little girl the whole time!!