Monday, April 29, 2013

Lately around here

I feel like I'm losing some of my blogging mojo. Whatever that means. Here's what we're up to:

Millie: She tried french toast the other day!! Progress. She's still a stinker when it comes to eating. I'm trying to just accept it and let her be a baby and continue eating baby food if she really wants to! Millie has quite an attitude these days. She'll have full on, lay-on-the-ground-and-kick-and-scream tantrums and I'm learning how to deal with that. I'm surely not the best at it, but we're learning together. She is climbing everything these days and it's not uncommon to find her on top of the coffee table or kitchen table! Millie gives me a few heart attacks a day. Along with all her toddler challenges, she is so sweet. She tries to copy what we say and she asks for two naps a day when she's tired. She still loves being outside, and I'm sure she would prefer to have a mom who just sits on the bench and reads at the park instead of a hovering helicopter mom, which is what I am. At least until she's a little older. Millie is afraid of anything that makes a loud noise, which means she runs to me and lays her head on my shoulder until it stops. I'll take my snuggles however I can get 'em!

Tyler: He's just a rockstar. It's amazing, all that he does. I feel really lucky to be the woman by his side. Work is still pretty busy for him, but after this week it should really slow down and he'll have normal hours. I feel like I'm always saying that, but really- this time it's true! We're looking forward to some days off with him this summer. Tyler's birthday is coming up, which I think I'm more excited about than he is! He is a great dad to Millie and the best husband I've ever had. (Ha!) 

Me: Life is pretty busy these days. Our ward has a big Young Women camp fundraiser coming up, and there's been a lot of time spent preparing and planning for that. I'm still running 3x/week with two women in the ward, and that's been great! It's amazing how much fun I have getting up that early in the morning and running, both of which are normally pretty hard for me. I had a goal this month to finish 2 books, and it's going to be tough! Other things always seem to get in the way of reading. I'm still having fun with the etsy shop- definitely learning some things, especially about what not to do.

Life is good! And now, some pictures.

Reeeeally into stickers right now
Helping water the plants
Letting Daddy lick her chocolatey fingers
Crepe night=success! But only because they were chocolate crepes, of course

She tries to put on every pair of pants she comes across
Millie and I had a rough night on the couch- Tyler tossed and turned about it, from the looks of the bed the next morning!
Pre-bedtime play

Very independent at the park

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zube Park

There's a park not too far from us in Hockley that has live steamers! One Saturday a month (during the warm months) they offer free rides to the public. This last Saturday we went! Doug and Julie and their cute kiddos came too and we all had lots of fun. I don't have a picture of both our families together- bummer. Millie wasn't really sure what was going on- she wasn't super-excited, but she wasn't scared either. Tyler and I loved it so we went on two rides! I definitely see a train birthday party in the future for one of our children, if only for me. 

Hi Audrey!

Gator Crossing. Still not sure if that was real
Mini houses and train stations

Everyone was taking tons of pictures
Finger in mouth
It was really funny to see a bunch of adults squatting on a tiny train!

Later that day while running some errands, we decided to walk around a pet shop. Millie's been a little bit obsessed with animals and their sounds, so we thought she'd love it! There weren't nearly as many animals as we hoped there would be, and it was just gross. Oh well.

Millie loved touching the glass and watching them scatter
Grossed out

Friday, April 19, 2013

Our week, in pictures

*Some are from instagram, some are exclusive to the blog. Lucky you.
Millie and I accidentally matched
We worked on drinking from cups
And sometimes it wasn't successful

I taped a lot of book pages
Millie fell asleep on my shoulder- first time in probably a year. All my anger towards the long wait at the Wal-Mart photo department immediately went away!
We ate lots of yogurt
And peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Filled my cart to the brim (and then some) at the dollar store
We had Iron Chef at our house, forcing me to clean (whoa!!)
I attempted a bear hat
Found this (and had a heart attack)
I cut these from the rose bush right outside of Millie's bedroom window
Almost bought this (but I resisted, honey! Though it was 50% off. Hello.)
I had a car full of balloons after a Young Women activity
Millie didn't mind one bit
We played with princesses and sang the Ariel song (aaaahhhhhhh)
Our 3 hibiscus bushes (shrubs? plants? I don't know) bloomed and our house looks tropical!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival

On Saturday we got to go with Grammy to the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival! Grammy lives right on the waterway (literally) so it was fun to wander through her "backyard" for a while. We decided that this should be a yearly tradition while we live here- we had so much fun! It was a hoppin' festival- tons of people and lots of art to look at and buy. They also had a lot of fun crafts for kids to do! So we did some for Millie. And we even came home with two beautiful pieces of art (Grammy spoils us majorly). Thanks to Grammy for a great day! We can't wait to go again next year!
She wandered around and made lots of friends

Making a sand necklace, channeling his inner crafter
Random monkey named Anna Grace, wearing a diaper and everything!
Two monkeys in my arms right there

Favorite picture of the day! Playing bongo drums with Grammy

She loved the colorful map

All kinds of art- this artist was from Salt Lake!
Coolest pizza box ever
Grammy checkin' out the chimes
Slept allll the way home. Score!
This was later in the day after we got home- she was still so tired