Friday, September 27, 2013

Girls week

When Tyler goes away on business, every day turns into a girls day, and every night is a girls night in! He was in Tulsa this week (he's on his way home right now! I feel like it's Christmas Eve). Here's what we did this time:

Monday my neighbor Sharon and I took our kids shopping to get some craft supplies and then to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. We never got to the actual crafting, but we will next week. We had a great morning with them! Millie especially loved riding in the race car shopping cart with her buddy. 

Tuesday the weather was especially nice, and I was having an unusual burst of energy. So we went outside and Millie got to read books while I pulled weeds. At one point Millie got up and walked down the sidewalk. I asked her where she was going, and she smiled and said "Park!" She's one independent girl. We also made paper boats, which didn't really work because Millie put hers right under the tap as I was filling the tub. Oh well. We went on a trash drive in the evening and I gave Millie a blue sucker to keep her happy, which of course ended up all over her face!

Wednesday we went with Gigi to the Heights to see Grammy and Uncle Rob. After playing with Rob's dogs (Millie loved watching them play fetch) we went to a fun park and then to lunch.

Thursday I was quickly running out of fun things to do with Millie, as well as the energy to do them. We made it to the grocery store and that's about it! It was a pretty chill day. Daddy received some blurry and cheesy pictures, as well as one showing how it really is sometimes (teary).

Today we took a walk to the park, which was short-lived because Millie did quite a number in her diaper about two minutes after we got there. We ventured out to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies to finish the banner below. On the way home, while passing KFC, Millie looked at Colonel Sanders and said, "Botz?" (Tyler's grandfather) I was dying laughing! She is very observant and has a great memory. I finished the banner and hung it in an empty frame I found on a trash drive a few weeks ago. It fills the empty space in our kitchen perfectly, and I love that I'll be able to change it with the seasons/holidays.

We had a good week but are so glad Daddy is coming home! 


Courtney said...

Cute banner!! You should do a tutorial!! I want one!!

Kerri Andersen said...

i can't wait to live in a place where people throw out good stuff all the time!! haha. hope you are feeling good cami!