Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good stuff

Mostly this is just some stuff about Millie. And a couple other things thrown in there.

- Gigi and Poppy brought Millie the CUTEST little picnic table! When it cools down a little bit we'll move it to the back porch, but for now it lives in the front room. Millie sets her play dishes out and loves to color on it!

- Millie is especially in love with her baby lately. She loves to put headbands on the baby's head, and then ask for a bow in her hair. I think I need to find them some matching outfits!

- The photo below was taken about 10 minutes after her bath one night. Sometimes, she just refuses to put on pajamas because she loves being wrapped in a towel! 

- Despite the crazy heat, Millie loves to be outside. She blows bubbles, draws with chalk, throws the ball, and "rides" her bike.

- We're learning about size lately. Millie loves things that are big. Sometimes one bite is all it takes to make a cracker not big enough!

- Another obsession of Millie's is having her nails painted. She LOVES it, and that's when she is the most obedient/still. Yesterday I left my bathroom door open while showering. She came in and played with my nail polish bottles for a little bit (not uncommon). She loves to line them up and say what color they are (usually going back and forth between yellow and green)! But when I came out of the shower, I discovered that she had snuck a bottle of polish out to the living room with her. She did a surprisingly good job painting her own nails!! And, miracle of miracles, there was no polish on the couch or rug. Only a little bit on her shirt. Not bad!

- I found one little leaf changing the other day. It's still SO HOT, but I'm itching for it to be fall. This leaf is too, apparently.

- Back in the spring, a few little sparrows tried to make a nest on that tiny ledge above the entry window. The nest was hardly successful, but we still ended up with bird poop all over the porch! Not to mention all over the first wreath I ever made by myself. I was mad. After fuming over it (and frankly, forgetting about it) for a few months, I finally cleaned it up this morning. Pretty soon I'll put up a cute fall wreath and get a new welcome mat, and then we'll be all set!

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