Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review

It's always fun to look back on the previous year. I really feel like I need to this year to remind myself that it actually happened, because this year has gone so quickly in my mind! Time is so weird.

January: I turned 24, Millie turned 1, Tyler began his first busy season at work.

February: I opened an Etsy shop, Tyler continued to work long hours, Millie and I tried to keep busy at home.

March: We spent lots of time outside working in the yard, Millie said her first word, Tyler's hours got better, we went to the Houston Rodeo, had a little staycation, and I got a smartphone.

April: I took a million pictures since I had a new phone, we met Tyler for lunch a few times since he was temporarily at a closer client, and we took advantage of our weekends (trains at Zube Park, Woodlands Arts Festival, Thoroughly Modern Millie).

May: Tyler turned 26, we went to Lufkin for Mother's Day/Mom's birthday, spent lots of time outside, spent lots of time with family, first swim of the year.

June: two words-- Dude Ranch.

July: Tyler had a staycation, we said goodbye to Uncle AJ, Millie and I went to Lufkin, we found out we are expecting baby #2!

August: I started to feel really sick, my family visited when Laura went to the temple, Garrett and Mitchell came home from their missions, Millie and I went to Utah for Laura and Tom's wedding.

September: Tyler had 2 week-long business trips, I was sick, and Millie became quite the little swimmer. This month is a little foggy in my memory. 

October: We went to Lufkin for General Conference and Sarah's play, then the Lufkin-ites came to us for the BYU game and trains at Zube Park, had fun at Halloween parties where Millie was the cutest little soccer player ever.

November: Millie and I took a weekend trip to Lufkin, we found out that we are having a boy, we all went to Utah for Ryan's funeral, and then we went to Lufkin for Thanksgiving! Busy month of traveling.

December: Lots of holiday parties and time with family on both sides! We had a great Christmas.

So I'd say this has been a pretty darn good year! Looking forward to another great one.

Some days of nothing

After Christmas, we had a few days where we had to be nowhere and do nothing. We couldn't remember the last time that happened! But of course, we filled those days with things.

Thursday the 26th we took some of my Christmas/birthday money gifts and went to the Katy Mills Mall, where I found 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans. Much needed. We also each took a nap, which is definitely record-worthy.

She asked me to take her picture and gave me this face
Gratitude. Every place should have these spots
Friday the 27th we went to Denny's for breakfast in memory of our first Christmas when we ate there on Christmas day. I think it will be a tradition now, we had lots of fun reminiscing. I also couldn't help but think about how our family's table at Denny's will change over the years. Pretty fun stuff. After breakfast Charlee and Delilah came over to play, then my parents and Sarah arrived. Sarah and I watched Christmas movies all afternoon before Mom and Dad came back and they all left.

Kids menus aren't just for kids, ya know

Saturday the 28th was a weird day... our power kept going out! We were trying to be productive and work on our 72-hr kits, among other things. We kept hearing a big boom outside and then the lights would go off, along with 60-ish of our neighbors. It would be off for up to a few hours, then come back on for a little bit, then go off. It was pretty frustrating, but also kinda fun to light candles and be unplugged.

Also instragrammed this- she waited for me to put her to bed so sweetly
Procrastination. I hate ironing.
Fun in the dark

Saturday the 29th (after Church of course) we spent the afternoon with family. Garrett and Mitchell are finally home for their break (after being in Cali for the BYU bowl game) and we are so glad! Millie loved showing off for her uncles. We went to the park with Nathan, Charlee, and Delilah and played at home.

The way to her heart is fruit snacks

The other way to her heart is Disney movies- thanks Mitchell!
Monday the 30th Millie and I took a little drive to pay our HOA dues in office. Doesn't sound super-exciting, but on the way home we got stuck behind an accident and were on the road for a long time. Millie helped me clean out the car and I started a book, so I guess all was not lost. We had a fun afternoon/evening with the Juergens crew-- games, the movie Frozen (adorable!), Texas Roadhouse, and more games.

My view

Can we go home yet??

Millie loves Uncle "Dodo"
It's just really nice to have nothing sometimes.