Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas-y things

Christmas time is in full swing at our house. Millie is at such a great age where every light and decoration is magical! It's so fun to watch her be so excited about it all. I already posted about how she woke up from a nap to find I had put up the Christmas decorations, but her excitement is just as high every time she sees it all again! I love it. She calls Joseph "Joe" every time she sees a nativity, which cracks us up. She's also got a funny way of saying Christmas tree. It started out as "miss tree" but now it's "misstree tree." Someday she'll get it right, but I'll really miss her little mispronunciations.

We started a new tradition this year of a scripture advent candle. Every night we light this red candle and read some verses about Jesus as it burns. It was the gift we gave our YW this year and I was so happy to get one too! We'll definitely keep this tradition. Despite her face, Millie is not scared of the candle. This sometimes just happens when I tell her to smile.

We ordered a big Christmas tree this year, but it didn't come for a while after we'd put up everything else. So I finally gave in and Millie and I put up our little tree that Tyler and I got with wedding gift cards our first Christmas! This little tree will always be special to us, and Millie loved "helping."

I tried to teach her not to touch the ornaments, but when I found her taking them off and lining them up on the windowsill, I just couldn't be mad. 

Our big tree finally came and we put it up on Saturday! We couldn't even wait long enough to get out of our pajamas.

Once the heavy lifting/assembling part was done, I stepped in and finished decorating it during Millie's nap.

We've already knocked out a few holiday events, too! Thursday night we went to Tyler's team Christmas dinner. Gigi and Poppy were nice enough to watch Millie. It was fun to get dressed up and go to the City Centre, where we ate at The Capital Grille. It was fancy and yummy and we had a great time!

Saturday was our ward's Christmas party. In addition to dinner and a program they had fun things set up around the church. We loved walking around the nativity display, where they even had a table full of ones that kids could touch. 

And then the kids got to make snowglobes! She is mildly obsessed with it now.

These next pictures were taken Saturday night. Since the big tree replaced the little tree in the living room, we moved the little tree up to the front room by the piano. Millie can do whatever she wants with it, and she does!

We watched the Christmas Devotional on Sunday with Gigi, Poppy, Nana, and Botz. Millie was especially crazy, thanks to a very off-schedule couple of days with all of the holiday partying. Oh, and sugar.


This is such a fun time of year!

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Love it!! Merry Christmas!