Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013, part 2

Friday: we slept in. Glorious. While I've spent many Black Friday mornings shopping in the past, it was really nice to not be out there this year! It was one of those magically beautiful fall days. There were leaves falling off the trees like it was snowing, but the sun was nice and warm and we had so much fun outside. Tyler got to do some shooting with Jeff, which was fun for him. Andrew put together a fun obstacle course for the kids and Grandpa took us all for a tractor ride. We took family pictures in the afternoon, which ended hilariously. It just isn't a family photo session without tears, right? Ben and Charlotte came with their kids after that and the party grew! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire outside for dinner and had fun singing and telling stories. And then, of course, playing 4 on a couch after the kids went to bed. Lots of pictures from Friday.

Nice targets!

Grandpa looked pretty darn happy, pulling his posterity in his blue tractor

Popping the lid off a waterbottle while waiting for pics
Aaaand stealing the photographer's props

My job during photos was to make babies/kids smile, and to snap my own pictures of course.

My favorite picture of the session 
Millie loooooves Tyler!

Watching these 3 play is my favorite

Saturday: Slept in again after a late night. Monka and the girl grandkids (plus the couple of boys who were jealous) painted each other's nails. Grandpa and the boys started a big fire at the edge of their property to burn some really old documents, and the boys had lots of fun with that. We all went out at different points to observe and admire. At one point Tyler (big Tyler, my Tyler, you get it) came in and said very calmly, "Um, the fire is spreading." The "fire boys" went out and took care of it, stopping a sure disaster. After lunch (and dinner prep for me, since Saturday was our night in charge of dinner) we packed up and went home! We were sad to leave, but exhausted and ready to rest at home. We took the rest of the day reeeeeal easy.

The kids loved gathering sticks to throw in

Goodbye hugs
The fire boys

I know. I take a picture of her sleeping a lot. But she was just really cute with her hand under her head like that! 

So really, it was a great Thanksgiving week. I felt so thankful for so many things, especially family and the chance I have to be with them forever.

My awesome sister-in-law Kerri made an awesome video of the week! You can see it HERE

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Elise said...

Okay, I need to know where you got that cute white blouse in your picture. Is it labeled maternity or just a loose blouse? I really really like it!