Sunday, December 1, 2013

Things to remember right now

-The way Millie loves to talk and sing in the mirror

-How she loves to dance, and learns all her best moves from her dad

-Our waking up routine: I walk in and give her a hug, ask how her nap was, then sit on the rocking chair and watch her bounce for a few minutes. It usually takes asking her if she's ready to get out a few times before she says yes.

-How Millie says "Baby Gees" and "Joes" for Baby Jesus and Joseph. Everything is just cute coming out of her mouth

-The way these two laugh together, and make even the lamest things (like waiting for the doctor) fun

-The other day, Millie saw Tyler and I kiss before we started to eat dinner. She laughed and said, "again!" to which we did not say no. It somehow turned into this game, where she now says, "nuhwun kiiiiiiss!"(another one kiss) in this super-cute voice, and then we kiss. Sometimes she even throws herself in the mix, saying "Millie kiiiiiss" and leaning in. 

There are just some times when I feel like my heart is going to burst with happiness! I love my little family and our little life.

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