Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 on 11: March 2014

This month's 10 on 10 comes with a story! I didn't take any pictures on the 10th. So these are from the 11th. My parents and Sarah were staying with us, and my dad still is! So I was enjoying family company. Anyway....

I really liked looking out the window and seeing Mom and Dad smiling and chatting as Mom gave Dad a haircut first thing in the morning. They're still cute together after over 30 years!

And they had an audience. 

Millie is obsessed with umbrellas right now.

I went to a doctor's appointment while Millie played with Monka and Aunt Sarah. I was dilated 3 cm! The doctor says baby boy could come anytime.

Just a small sampling of Millie and Sarah's fun together:

We took Mom and Sarah to the airport in the afternoon so they could fly to Utah for Legacy Conference. I'm the only one of my sisters that won't be there! Sad day. Millie and I got a good taste of rush hour traffic- it took us almost 2 hours to get home!

Tyler was very sweetly concerned about keeping baby boy on the inside a little longer.... He made dinner and totally took care of me.

So I stayed on the couch and put my always-swollen feet up.

Also, here's baby boy's blanket I finished recently. Thanks Pinterest!

Lastly, a little self-portrait attempt by Millie.

 And that's the story of the day.

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Katie said...

I had no idea you were due so soon! That's awesome! Also, I love that blanket… adorable!