Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Random things

Our 5th anniversary is coming up in a few months, and I just learned that Tyler can make tooting noises with his armpit. He still surprises me! I almost died laughing.

Sad story: some birds built a nest above our porch (AGAIN) and one Sunday we found 4 little baby birds! They looked like sock monkeys a little bit. Then 5 days later we opened the door and they were dead on our porch and it smelled horrible! So sad.

Tyler had a doctor's appointment and we decided to tag along. While he was in there Millie needed to poop and Max was hungry, so I just took both kids out to the car. I put a diaper on Millie and hopped in the backseat to feed Max (less visibility there). The car was running so that we could have the A/C on, and Millie was climbing around and pretending to drive and having so much fun! Wearing a diaper and no pants, of course. A doctor walked out of one practice and into another (there were quite a few offices in this little medical park). He looked and smiled at Millie and kind of stared for a second. He went inside and then came out again with a woman in scrubs, I assume a nurse. She walked closer and started looking in the car, in the backseat too. I was trying to wave and I guess she didn't hear me shouting "HI! She's not alone!", but I also felt awkward because I was nursing Max and the reason I was sitting back there was to not be seen! Anyway, she eventually saw me and was embarrassed and they went back inside. I'm sure they had contemplated calling CPS for a minute there! I was really glad to leave when Tyler was done.

The last few mornings I've brought Millie and Max into bed with me when they wake up and we just talk for a minute. I like this little quiet time before the day gets away from us.

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Katie said...

Hahaha the story of Millie in the car was so funny.