Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some things about Millie

She loves Mr. Potato Head, and currently each potato is themed. This is the purple one.

She loves movies. We borrowed "Tangled" and "Dolphin Tale" from Gigi and she clutched them in her sleep as we drove home. Millie calls movies "oovies." 

She loves to take her treasures along with her wherever we go- she had these toys in a Hello Kitty lunch box one day.

Millie asks for sweets all the time but doesn't actually eat that much of them. She eats the frosting off the cupcake, the chocolate chips out of the cookie, etc. 

These Magic Clip princesses are by far her favorite toy ever. Monka sent her Rapunzel the other day and she just about died of excitement! I have 2 other princesses just waiting to be opened. The day she poops in the toilet will be a good one!

She looooves purses and usually wears them messenger style.

Millie is becoming a little sneak! She'll run in the room chewing something, and then I'll find the stool in just the right place and little bites out of a cookie. 

Other things:

-She asks the same things for breakfast every morning: one piece of cinnamon toast, one piece of toast with jam, and chocolate milk.

-Millie loves to be outside. No 95 degree weather will keep her in! 

-She has developed quite the little imagination lately. It's so fun to watch her pretend.

-I'm constantly reminded that I have to be so careful of what I say around Millie! The other day I must have been taking out a hard day on her. It was towards the end of the day and I came in the room and asked her what she was up to. She said, "What did I say?" in a very loud, stern voice. She then repeated it: "WHAT did I SAY? You go in time out!!" I couldn't help but laugh and it melted away the hard stuff from our day. I love my little parrot. 

-Her most used phrase lately is "Is that a good idea?" She'll say something like, "How about we make popcorn and watch a oovie. Is that a good idea Mom?" We call Millie the little negotiator. She rarely says no to something I say, she just suggests something much better! Much like her daddy when he was little. It's the funniest thing. I tell her one more, she says, "How about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 678910?"

We just love this Millie girl. Tyler and I spend a good amount of time each night talking about the funny things she said or did during the day. We are so glad she's our little girl!

Monday, July 14, 2014

10 on 10: July 2014

This hat makes his cheeks look even chubbier, if that's possible

Food is the only way to keep her out of the water during adult swim

Millie got this book in a kids meal recently and LOVES it. She now asks for honey cakes all the time

Pinkalicious is also a current favorite - "Pink-widda-dishes" in Millie speak

I finally matted our new art pieces from the Arts Festival. They're an odd size (6x8) so I matted them all to be 12x12. I haven't hung them up yet but I'm so excited about them!

We have breakfast for dinner pretty frequently here

Max loved not bathing in the newborn tub

I won this top from the KIAVA Clothing giveaway on Instagram! I've never won anything before.

It's always nice to see this on the fuelband at the end of the day!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My little helper

I love that she still thinks cleaning is fun! It creates more work sometimes, and it certainly takes more time, but I so appreciate that she wants to help.

Frozen sing-along

We had planned to go to the Miller Outdoor Theater on Saturday night for a sing-along viewing of Frozen, but we decided not to go. It had been raining for a good portion of the day and was maybe going to keep raining and we were tired! So Mom and Sarah came to our house and we had our own Frozen sing-along, complete with pajamas and popcorn and cookies. To be honest, every time we watch a movie it's a sing-along for Millie. But we sure liked having more voices chime in with us! We love that my parents and Sarah live close by again.

Little things lately

On our way to the Astros game, we hear from the backseat, "Daddy! Dodo fell asleep!" Sure enough, he did.

We got a spray fan recently and Millie is obsessed with it! She tried to spray this duck to get him to get in the water. "Go swim, ducky!"

3 blowouts on the 4th of July. Makes me think Max will be into other explosives when he's older. Also, his arms aren't disproportionately small, as they appear to be here.

Millie decided to put on her "glass slippers," lay on the floor, and put her comforter in a heap on top of her during her nap and fell asleep that way. To each her own, I guess!

Uncle Mitchell (Dodo) and Millie are backseat buddies

She put a diaper on herself when I refused one day. This girl is determined to never poop in the toilet!

Eyeing this rug for Max's room

I got to help weed at the Temple grounds the other day with our YW. Hottest 3 hours ever, but one of the most beautiful views ever too!

4th of July

Donuts for breakfast, parade in the Woodlands that Sarah was in (as Sleeping Beauty!), lunch at Rudy's BBQ with Mom, Dad, and Sarah, swimming and BBQ for dinner with Juergens, Garrett and McKenna got engaged!!, and snuggling on the couch as fireworks went off outside. Despite constantly asking me to save her from the fireworks, I think Millie enjoyed the day. I know the rest of us sure did!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A day at The Woodlands

We spent the day with Grammy (and the rest of the Juergens crew) in The Woodlands on Wednesday the 2nd. We got a bit of a late start because we had our bug guy come and I got my hair cut, but we met up with everyone for lunch at Jerry Built. It's still my favorite burger ever! And, hello, their Blue Bell shakes. Wow. We then had to go to the mall and do our usuals - the pet store and the carousel. It was fun to have the Garrett, McKenna, and Mitchell along!

Looks about right.

My haircut. It's a little too sweet/little-girl-ish for me, but oh well.

Millie is always unsure of the carousel until about halfway through, when she exclaims, "I DO wike the horses!"

Mitchell rode too and gave us quite the performance, just like he did in November at the Provo Beach Resort. Hilarious.

Millie loves McKenna!

It was all fun and games until this puppy started chewing on her shoes... and then her foot. She stood there and screamed and made no attempt to get away from the dog. I couldn't help but laugh!

Max's first time at Grammy's!

Millie loved "cooking" with McKenna. They made cookies and a cake, with the oven being under the couch.