Monday, July 14, 2014

10 on 10: July 2014

This hat makes his cheeks look even chubbier, if that's possible

Food is the only way to keep her out of the water during adult swim

Millie got this book in a kids meal recently and LOVES it. She now asks for honey cakes all the time

Pinkalicious is also a current favorite - "Pink-widda-dishes" in Millie speak

I finally matted our new art pieces from the Arts Festival. They're an odd size (6x8) so I matted them all to be 12x12. I haven't hung them up yet but I'm so excited about them!

We have breakfast for dinner pretty frequently here

Max loved not bathing in the newborn tub

I won this top from the KIAVA Clothing giveaway on Instagram! I've never won anything before.

It's always nice to see this on the fuelband at the end of the day!

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The Freeman Family said...

What? How do you look so good already! Way to go Cami!