Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sick week little things

Tyler has had the last two weeks off of work! We've so enjoyed our time as a family. We tried to plan out fun things to do during these two weeks, but our plans were foiled a little bit! I started to feel sick on Sunday night (just before his vacation time started) and was out for a couple of days. Just a bad cold. Wednesday I finally started to feel like I could function again, and that same day Tyler started to feel sick too! So then he was out for a few days. We basically spent that whole first week being sick. I honestly had a really hard time not being mad. I felt (still kinda feel) like we were robbed of our fun time! But I suppose if we were going to get sick it's good it happened when Tyler was home already and able to help with the kids. Anyway, so here are some random pictures from that week:

Lining up all her dolls. And Max!

Millie is seriously in love with these magic clip toys. I think they are so cute.

The best way to ride shopping cart.

Hiding in the clothing racks was my favorite thing to do at stores growing up.

My method of keeping germs away from Max: a dish towel pinned around my face. It was so hot and annoying, but he didn't get sick!

The aftermath of French braids

Painting in her swimsuit

Finally starting to feel better, we went to Ikea on Saturday. It was a total failure of a shopping trip, and the things I was looking for aren't available online! Bummer.

Took a picture to remember the funny thing Millie said. We were driving and passed a Wendy's. Millie said, "Hey Daddy, want some fries? And do you want an ice cream cone for me?" It was so funny! She's been in a phase of offering things to us ever since. "Hey Mommy, want to pop some popcorn and watch a oovie [movie]? It would be so fun!" That girl thinks she has worked out an awesome new way to get what she wants.

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