Monday, August 11, 2014

10 on 10: August 2014

My little man looking so dapper for church! He was killing me with cuteness all day.

Millie asked if she could get in the picture too. I just die every time I look at this picture! Sweetest thing ever.

Post-church activities: Play with the dollhouse for her, and the exersaucer for him. 

Wrestling Daddy.

A little Sunday baking. Can you tell I've baked cookies on this pan a few times?

It rained so we thought it might be cooler and we'd try a walk... bad idea. It was miserably hot, 2000% humid, and no breeze whatsoever. 

There are a few old trees in our neighborhood that are so cool!

A little Google+ hangout with my family.

Bedtime stories. "Bear Wants More" and "Bear Feels Sick" are still her current favorites. I need to find the rest of the series!

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