Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little things

He tends to hold on with every body part he can.

So happy in the exersaucer that Sharon let us borrow. He loves it!

Millie has started talking to her turtle. She took it outside one afternoon so the turtle could sit on her lap and they could have a picnic. Where does she come up with this stuff??

I finally painted the washboard I bought for $6 at an antique shop in Lufkin a looong time ago. It now holds our keys! Someday I'll have our house all the way decorated.

I'm going to be sad when summer's over and I can see this boy in his swim suit anymore!

Pineapples were only 88 cents each the other day, so I bought 3. I ate one and froze the other two to use for smoothies. Also, I have a weird talent for picking good ones.

We went on a walk one evening to look at the landscaping around the neighborhood (we're considering having ours re-done) and it ended with no one in the stroller! Funny kids.

Millie was playing with her princesses (what else?) and I asked her if Cinderella was going to the ball with her pretty dress on. She said, "No Mom, she's just pretend. She's not going anywhere." I'm glad she has a good grip on reality!

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