Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little things

Tyler has been out of town this week. He left Sunday night and we're going to join him in Dallas tomorrow! We've missed him lots. I started the week with a year-long list of things to do, but with Max's cold and my almost-cold (along with my realization that an absent husband does not equal more time in the day) it was revised constantly. The week went by pretty quickly and I really enjoyed my time with these littles!

Millie has been so sweet to Max and he adores her!

We borrowed "Sleeping Beauty" from Gigi and watched it a lot of times.

A friend from our ward gave us a bunch of clothes for Max and a bunch of dressups for Millie! She's going to be so excited!!

Um... yeah. We were definitely shopping for a road trip. Junk food for the win!

I love that furrowed brow.

Millie looks about 2 years older in this picture! 

This may not look safe. And it's not. But the tires on my stroller are so flat that it's really hard to move anyway, so it's not as if we were going fast! Oh, the things I let her do when I want her to behave. She was laughing so hard and I was too.

Millie's first time trying something on in a dressing room. She just liked making faces in the mirror.

We are in full-fledged foot phase.

He got himself into this pickle. Funny boy.

Also, just a side note, that shopping trip above was the most successful one I think I've ever had! I was looking for some outfits for our family pictures in a few weeks, and I found exactly what I needed. At great prices too! I'm a little more excited about it than is necessary, but it was a really silly process last time so I was dreading it this time. 

We're so excited to join Tyler in Dallas tomorrow and to see the Terrys!

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Katie said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm reading about my own daughter when I read about Mille! We used to have that same stroller and Eva would do the same thing! Also, the shadow thing you wrote about the other day JUST started with Eva this week! Too funny. That being said, I need your help to potty train my daughter haha… I'm guessing what worked with Millie will hopefully work for Eva, so send me an email with your tips please!!!