Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My sweet boy

I'm convinced Mr. Max is just the sweetest baby there is. I hope he never grows out of the snuggles he gives us!

He is entering that phase of being really attached to me and aware of my absence. Leaving him is hard for all involved!

Poor Max had his first cold this weekend. It started on Thursday and he seemed back to himself on Tuesday. It was so sad to see him so congested - he wouldn't suck on his binky nearly as much because breathing through his nose wasn't working. Sleeping was rough and he preferred sleeping in my arms. That means I didn't really sleep and am trying to fight off his cold now. Silver lining: lots of snuggles for me!

Aside from being sick he is great. He loves to be on his hands and knees and rock forward and back, I feel like he is really close to crawling. He's figured out how to move his legs but hasn't coordinated the arm movements with it so he just face plants a lot. Max can sit up on his own if I'm behind him - he still flies backward sometimes. His best-fitting clothes are his 18 monthers, but I still squeeze him into his 12 month stuff if I haven't done laundry in a while! Our last few times at the pool have been his best - he's starting to really get into it and splash. It's so cute. He is 5 months old (tomorrow) and I can just feel his babyness slipping away - someone stop it!

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Lindsay said...

No way is he old enough to be sitting and crawling!! Agh! Sorry he's had a cold--I absolutely hate when babies are sick. Hope you all get better soon!