Monday, August 18, 2014

Our weekend, pictured and not


Millie loves to go in and be the first to see Max when he wakes up. They're starting to interact a lot more and it's pretty darn adorable! No one can make Max smile like Millie can. I can't wait to watch them grow and be best friends.

I got a little desperate for a treat, and this is what I ended up with. It was delicious! Why have I never done that before? Also, why do I feel the need to take pictures of all my food lately??

Not pictured on Friday: Tyler and Millie exercising together, swimming at the neighborhood pool and being the only ones there, Tyler and I watching "Noah" and not liking it.


Our yard has never looked so good! I mowed, Tyler edged and weed-eated (ate? Weed-ate? Ha I don't know), and then he took his awesomeness one step further and trimmed (hacked) our bushes. It was looong overdue. In fact, our next door neighbor was outside and said, "I haven't seen those windows in years!" So I guess the previous owners let it get bad too. There's so much more light coming in the front room now and I love it.

Nana's birthday party at Spring Creek BBQ was fun, even if her birthday was a month ago! Botz is sure good at planning surprises. She had no idea. Even when we showed up at the same time as they did, Nana thought it all a fun coincidence and asked if we could sit together! But then she saw the rest of the party crew and got it.

Millie loved getting a few balloons after the party. It did lead to a few tearful episodes though. We told her it'd be fun to let one go once we were outside. She did, and then started crying, "Get it!" as if she'd expected it to come back. Poor thing. Max somehow deflated one on his own in the car (without popping it!) so Millie's very protective of the remaining 2.

Not pictured on Saturday: Swimming at Gigi and Poppy's house after Nana's party, going to Sam's Club, Millie and I sharing an Icee but she drank most of it, and Tyler and I watching "Non-Stop." Free redbox codes are just the best.


This cute boy came to YW with me in the third hour and all the girls were dying. I had to pry him out of one girl's arms so he wouldn't be a distraction during the lesson!

Millie is convinced that Max loves her princesses just as much as she does. She always makes him kiss them. 

Not pictured on Sunday: home teachers visit, dinner with the missionaries, and a youth fireside for me. Well, for an hour. Poor Tyler and Millie dealt with a screaming baby as long as they could.

We were sad to see this weekend end!

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