Friday, August 1, 2014

Random catching up

Attempted to re-create the BLT pizza Tyler and I had at CPK a few years ago. It was delicious! Didn't stay good for leftovers though, with the lettuce and mayo. Definitely one to make when having people over.

Millie insists on having car carts whenever she sees them. I hate steering them but they keep Millie happily entertained the whole time!

Looking at lizards with Delilah

She requested her "Go Astros shirt" for bedtime.

We got into indexing names again with the Worldwide Indexing Event. We're trying to do a few batches a week now. It's so fun!

Making silly faces to send to Daddy.

I posted this on instagram, but Millie would not get in this pool because she thought the lane lines were snakes coming to get her.

I grabbed this cute suit for Millie in a bigger size (for next year) on clearance the other day! Score!

My VTee's cute daughters were making rainbow loom bracelets and selling them to donate to a cancer foundation. Millie loved hers and it was for a good cause- best $1 ever spent! 

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