Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The great outdoors

We've enjoyed a few cooler-than-normal mornings lately. By cooler I mean that it stays below 85 until about 2pm. Still sweaty weather, but not unbearable like it usually is this time of year. We are really loving it! Especially since most pools are too warm to be refreshing now. 

Millie and I still eat otter pops on the regular. I'm so thankful that our back porch is shaded in the evenings! It makes the backyard a great hangout. I'm glad that Max is a little older and can lay on a blanket while I play with Millie.

Max looks like such a baldie in pictures! But he totally has hair. It's just very blonde and thin. 

Saturday morning was especially nice. We just couldn't go inside! So Tyler trimmed our tree and we just enjoyed being outside together.

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