Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little things

Little missy fell asleep during the football game on Saturday and we were cracking up at her position. She even slept through our screaming and excitement over Mitchell's touchdown!! Go Cougars!

Guys, this is half the kolache recipe. I had extra dough so I also busted out some cinnamon rolls. My first time ever, and I must say they were YUMMY.

I ordered fabric samples from and waited 2 weeks for them to come. Ridiculous. And then when they did, one of them was wrong! Hint: I did not order the elephant one. I was not happy.

What is it with babies and doorstops? Also, HE'S CRAWLING. This was the only picture I got from his first real crawls, since I got mostly video.

Millie's solution for helping me move a pile of laundry to the washer.

We've had nice cooler weather this week! Can't wait for more park adventures with these kiddos.

Max wasn't thrilled about his first swing, but he endured it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Canada, eh?

I made Tyler send me pictures from Canada!

The hotel room

Apparently Tim Hortons are everywhere, and these Timbits below are like donut holes.

These (above and below) are from the Edmonton Mall. There was a water park in the mall (which for some reason I didn't get the picture from) and this big pirate ship. Crazy!

Showing some BYU spirit.

We were super excited to see him! Also, we were pretty excited about the treats he brought home for us.

Max liked shaking the box.

Millie kept asking Daddy if he was going to Canada again, and could he bring us more chocolate? It was pretty funny!

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

Friday, September 19, 2014

While Daddy's away

This week had it all: sick kids, car problems, bad weather, and a traveling husband! Sounds awful, and there were definitely those moments. But there were some good moments too.

I made this pizza on Sunday night and ate it all week. Chock full of olives since I wasn't sharing with my olive-hating husband! 

A Sunday stroll

My late-night buddy. I'm hoping that his cold is what made him such a terrible sleeper this week and that it's not permanent!

Bath time

I was trying to capture the way her hair turns out like Ann of Green Gables towards the end of the day. Lots of volume.

Unwinding with a biiig bowl of ice cream, my to-do list, magazines, and Parenthood. I took this picture and then laughed at how scattered even my leisure time is! I need to calm down.

Lots of rain this week - it's hard to tell in this pic but we were soaked after leaving Target.

She loves Bingo!

Mom came over Wednesday and helped me make a skirt. It was the first time either of us had used an existing item of clothing as a pattern, and it actually turned out well!

Even Millie got to craft with Monka.

The finished product.

My poor sick and somber baby.

Paper is probably his favorite toy right now!

Just after taking this picture Millie said, "This is the best painting in the whole world."

Another of our late-night parties, I let him have at my church bag. He would go to bed at his normal time and then wake up 30 minutes later, ready to play! Pretty frustrating until I just let go of the idea that I needed a break or to do other things. All that other stuff can wait.

I had a little too much fun with the "draw" gadget on Google+ while hanging out with Tyler.

We made it through the week! So happy to have Daddy home today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Eat yellow sno"

A new Bahama Bucks location opened up near us! The people who manage it are in our ward. We went to their Grand Opening for FHE on Monday and had fun visiting with lots of people in our ward and having free sno cones. 

Millie was literally jumping up and down and squealing "I want a piiiink one!!" over and over. I just looked at her and thought, "And we're giving her sugar on top of this?"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Little things

Hanging out at the car dealership. This one has a little kids room that was really fun for Millie.

We've been going to story time at the library the last few Tuesdays. The theme last week was lizards, but apparently the snacks that the kids across the table had were far more interesting!

I switched the kids' car seats around. Millie got a new booster and Max got her old seat, since he is way too big for his infant seat. Millie was pretty upset that he was in her seat but has since gotten over it. Now hers is the "big girl booster" and she loves the cup holder. All is well again. This picture cracks me up though - it shows so perfectly how our first few car rides went with this arrangement: Max so happy to be facing forward, Millie in tears.

Long story short: my car battery died at Buccee's and these nice men jumped the car for me. Not my favorite day. Suggestions for minivans are welcome - we're about done pouring money into this car!

They both love playing peek-a-boo!

Making lemonade out of lemons. My car was in the shop all day on Friday so we had Tyler drive us to Monka's house since it's about 5 minutes from his office. We spent the day there and went home with him after work! We had a fun day.

These two had a little father-son outing on Saturday and had fun together! Also, it was the first day of needing (read: not sweating in) long sleeves since... March? Worth documenting.