Sunday, September 14, 2014

10 on 10: September 2014

Can I just say that it is really crazy to me that it's already mid-September??? Not sure how we got here. 

He just really loves sitting up, and I just really love watching him.

A bad picture to document a fun lunch celebrating Gigi's birthday! 

Showing off his new tricks for Gigi, Heidi, and Grammy.

Just documenting one of her awesome fits. This one was over fruit snacks. I'm trying to be better at not giving in!

Watching "Parenthood" and finishing the waistband on the skirt I started a while ago. Hand sewing is clearly not my thing.

I think he's working on those top teeth, because he only sleeps in 20-minute chunks unless I'm holding him! Poor guy.

Millie holds out until we are on our way to the grocery store. I love her hand in the bag of fishies. *What is it with me and taking pictures of my kids sleeping??? They're just so sweet when they're unconscious!

I took this to remember a cool experience I had. A few weeks ago we had the missionaries over for dinner and they (of course) challenged us to talk about the Church/Gospel with one of our neighbors. I honestly had forgotten until that day when they texted me and asked if I had talked with this neighbor yet! I didn't want to respond with a no, so I just put off responding and said a prayer. I told Heavenly Father that it'd be really awkward if I just knocked on their door and started preaching and that I needed help making it a natural setting. The kids and I went to get the mail and wouldn't you know it, this neighbor comes out as we were coming back! So we talked for a while. She brought up that her son is in Boy Scouts and it was so easy to bring up the church from there. They're very devout in their own faith and not interested in our church but it was fun to talk with her and offer our (okay, Tyler's) help with scouting stuff. Plus, I got to tell the missionaries that yes, I had done it! So that was neat. Prayers are answered. 

These two are so funny. She kind of tackles him and then he grabs/pinches her and she doesn't like it. But she asks for it! Funny girl.

"Working out" with Daddy. 

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