Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A trip to Austin

We went to Austin for the BYU v. UT football game! There are tons of pictures from our trip so I may post the pics from the game separately. We left early Saturday morning and got home early Sunday evening. We loved seeing Mitchell and spending time with family, walking around the Capitol, and visiting the Taylors for a little bit.

It was a foggy morning! Kind of fun.

Boys in the front, girls in the back. James rode there with us. Millie and I read her 5 library books over and over again for the whole 2.5 hr drive. Needless to say, I'm ready for a new batch. But no complaining here - I'm so glad she loves to read.

Hangin' out at the hotel with Uncle Dodo! It was so fun to see him.

This boy is so ready for a forward facing seat! He wiggles around and tries to turn and get his shoulders out of the straps.

Lunch at Jimmy John's.

We got on campus about 5 hours before kickoff, so we went inside their rec building and hung out in the air conditioning for a while. It was HOT outside.

Saying goodbye to Mitchell after the game. The poor kids were so tired - it was after 11pm! - but they were such troopers. And the picture below is bad. Heidi has a better one on her camera, but this'll have to do for now.

Waiting for Daddy to wake up, making silly faces. Max and I slept on the pullout couch and Millie and Daddy (aka the crazy sleepers) were on the bed.

The House of Representatives. It was so cool to see how ornate and old-looking it was, but how they've updated it and still use it. 

The state seal was everywhere, and stars were everywhere too.

Millie was determined to try out every chair/bench in the place.

Looking up at the dome.

Driving around UT's campus, that's the bell tower.

Reunited with Delilah! Millie was tired and having a hard time being nice or happy, but Max and Delilah were sure cute together.

*Don't worry, we were parked. This kid really loves the steering wheel.

We (of course) hit some really good rain on our way home, but it just wouldn't be a trip without some rain now would it?? It was a great weekend.


Lindsay said...

For some reason that picture of Millie hidden behind that huge book is hilarious to me!! I bet it's even more fun to watch the games when you know one if the players so well!

Samantha Van Noy said...

Max is getting so big!!! His smile is to die for! So cute!