Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A trip to Dallas

The kids and I drove to Dallas on Friday to meet up with Tyler and spend the weekend with our friends. They were great on the road (both ways) and we made great time!

We drove right under that cloud and through some crazy rain. Why does it always rain when we're traveling??

We stopped in Madisonville to get gas and lunch, go potty, and feed Max. We ended up being stopped for about an hour! I'm just glad to have done it by myself. That got interesting at times, but we made it. Millie loved climbing around the car while I was feeding Max, and Max was too distracted by the steering wheel to eat much.

The (blurry) Dallas skyline as we came in. 

We picked up Tyler from the office where he'd been working all week and went straight to Randall and Crystal's house! It was so fun to see them again. Their son Gavin is so cute and it was cool to see their house and area. Especially since my family lived there a long time ago! The area is so different now. Friday night Crystal made yummy Cafe Rio pork (her cooking was so yummy all weekend!) and we caught up while watching the BYU football game. Side note: That was an awesome game. It was SO fun to watch Mitchell and see him play so well! 

Saturday morning we got up early to go to the Dallas Arboretum. Admission was $1 and the weather was nice and cloudy so it was the perfect day to be there! The children's exhibits were awesome, we spent most of our time there. But the whole thing was beautiful and we had a great time.

The view of the lake was beautiful!

Working on Randall's fantasy football draft. Boys will be boys.

We went home for lunch (burgers and brats - we ate so well this weekend) and then went swimming at their neighborhood pool! It was an awesome pool. Lots bigger than ours. Millie loved it, Max slept almost the whole time, and Tyler and I got to go on the awesome slides. Win win win. (Office, anyone?)

After swimming we were all exhausted! We came home and relaxed for the evening. We made pizzas for dinner - it was going to be divided by couples but then we wised up and Crystal and I shared a half while Randall and Tyler shared a much meatier half. 

We had fun with their mini bball hoop in the kitchen! Max laughed so hard watching everyone play. It was adorable.

Crystal and I put the kids to bed while Tyler and Randall went out to check on/stock Randall's vending machine and grab some Bahama Bucks for us. Yum. They'd never been so we just had to show them how awesome it is.

Sunday morning we went to Sacrament Meeting before heading out. It was fun talking about our next get-together. We're hoping to make it a regular thing, we had so much fun!

Goodbye hugs. Too quick to capture clearly!

The drive home was fun. We made lots of little stops. I really wanted to find our old house in Plano, and we did! It brought back so many memories. I loved seeing the park/pool and our old elementary school. I know these pictures won't mean anything to anyone besides my siblings but I just love seeing them and remembering our time there!

We also stopped by the Dallas Temple but the gates were closed and the kids were tired, so that was a very brief stop. It's a beautiful temple though!

It was a beautiful day too. Made for an awesome picture.

These are a road trip staple for us!

Even Millie loves them.

There's a massive statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville, right off the side of the road on I-45. I've passed it many times but never stopped, so we decided to see what it was all about. Turns out there's a cute little visitors center and gift shop behind the big guy! There's a little trail that takes you to the back side of the statue. It was a fun little stop. The statue has been there for 20 years, so it is a big part of my traveling memories. Millie decided after a few minutes she didn't like the "big huuuuge man."

We had a great trip! 

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Lindsay said...

That looks like a super fun trip! I love seeing those Plano pics! And how funny that there is a visitors center behind "that Huuuuge man" haha I had no idea! I've never stopped either. Chew on max's cheeks for me!! :)