Wednesday, September 10, 2014


BYU had an event in the rec building before the game. My dad was there and we saw lots of other people too - a little Mormon reunion! Poppy got Millie and I some new BYU gear so we could show some school spirit too, and Millie was just about the cutest little cheerleader ever.

Watching Mitchell warm up. Not sure anymore which one he is! Haha

We were a little nervous to not be sitting in the BYU section (after our experience a few years ago at the Utah game) but it was great. Everyone was so nice and complimentary of the kids and just all-around sweet. I really love Texas. Plus, our side was shaded after about 10 minutes of sitting there! So it was perfect.

Blurry, but he was so good and cute. His first football game of many, maybe!

Mitchell getting ready to return a punt. He played a great game and it was so fun to watch! Even though we were obviously cheering for BYU, I loved all the Texas pride. UT's dancers wore chaps and the cheerleaders had fringe on their tops, and everyone was just so nice and proud to be Texans. It was such a fun game. Plus, we slaughtered those Longhorns! Saw 'em off!

Go Cougars!!!

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