Monday, September 8, 2014

Little things

We had a good but short week. We had a few days to recover from our trip to Dallas and gear up for our trip to Austin. Since when are we such travelers?? We're having fun with it. We had a low-key Labor Day doing the lawn, running errands, enjoying one last swim at our neighborhood pool, and going to Spring Creek BBQ with my parents. The rest of the week was normal and quiet, which was much-needed.

I love it when he holds his feet out like this!

Two semi-matching boys.

My stretching buddy after a run.

Max is in that phase of grabbing EVERYTHING, and it has taken a while for me to remember. I've had many cups knocked out of my hand and spilled, chunks of hair pulled out of my and Millie's heads, etc. Millie wanted to have a picnic dinner one evening before Tyler got home so I was feeding her (she insists she is a baby sometimes) and keeping Max away and upright at the same time. One of those moments I needed 2 more arms.

They've been interacting more and more lately. Max has more of an interest in toys and Millie doesn't like it - she's a little bossy pants and tries to control which toys he may play with and how he may play with them. We're working on it. But when he's not playing with anything she loves to get down on his level and whisper to him. I'm not sure what she says and I think she prefers it that way! It's pretty adorable.

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Katie said...

Ah, so cute! Makes me baby hungry!