Friday, December 12, 2014

11 on 10: December 2014

An argument over a laundry basket.

He likes quesadillas! He likes almost everything!

Making a skirt for Cinderella out of Play-Do.

I'm sure in a year or two this road will be full of neighborhoods, but I like it like this.

My (illegal) attempts to video her singing Christmas songs as I drive.

She insisted on testing every bed in Ikea as we waited for Monka to join us.

Monka gave Max the cone after she'd eaten most of the ice cream... this boy was in sticky heaven!

Millie has taken to hiding from me when it's dinner time. I've been a little more forceful in making her try food lately.

Mixed feelings about this stocking I crocheted. It's huge and hugely time-consuming and the shape is a little off. I love the look of the big cozy knitted/crocheted ones but I can't find a pretty stocking I'm willing to pay tons of mula for... hmm.

Tyler was out of town for the week, and that night we finally got to video chat. 

How did we get to December 10th without me watching White Christmas?? I have no idea. I fixed it.

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