Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I started my day with some potato preparation in the bathroom (so as not to wake anyone else). Sharon's crock pot to the rescue (again)! I saw a recipe on pinterest and tried it - cooking the potatoes in the crock pot turned out really well and it was so easy. They were delicious!

The Mississippi Mud Pie recipe I found on pinterest was not such a success. It was good, just a little rich. And I had the wrong kind of pie pan so the crust was way too thick.

I neglected to get a picture of everyone around the table, but I did capture this - after we had all eaten, Max woke up and it became a game of watching his reactions to tasting things for the first time. He loved it all, not surprisingly.

The weather was insanely beautiful!

Tyler tried out Poppy's new machine. I have no idea what it is.

Max's first time in the bike trailer. Millie was so excited to have him in there so she could "take care of him."

So much for taking care of him! She fell asleep on his shoulder. He loved it.

We finished the day off with some early Black Friday shopping. I went in to Old Navy while Tyler waited in the car with sleeping kids and then we traded and he went into Best Buy while I waited with the kids. The system worked pretty well and we scored some good deals!

We feel so thankful and we loved having some time together to reflect on our blessings. When Millie woke up this morning she asked where Daddy was. I told her he was at work and she said, "Again? Why does he have to work so hard all the time?" It was so sweet. 

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Katie said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving! Why did you cook the potatoes in the bathroom though? haha