Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Family days

We spent a couple of nights at my parent's house last week to be closer to Tyler. He got to see the kids in the morning and the commute was much much shorter! Win win! Super helpful on these super long days he's been pulling.

But before we went there, we met Gigi, Grammy, and Heidi at the mall for lunch and playing! Millie insisted on sporting her new Anna dress, and she insisted on Max sporting his Superman shirt.

I had two kids in full costume and then I was just all boring in normal clothes. Snore.

Love his little arm around me!

Millie was obsessed with Monka's little bench. The weather was beautiful so we spent tons of time outside. We would drag that little bench all over the courtyard and watch the squirrels and "look at the garden flowers" as Millie says.

He spills Comet all over the he's the one crying??

Other fun at Monka's house not pictured: Hanging out with Daddy in the morning, helping Monka house-hunt, watching Ampa watch Max eat (seriously!), driving around Katy, watching a lot of HGTV when the kids were in bed, and me getting to go to Trader Joe's alllll by myself. By the way, their orange chicken and fried rice is amazing!

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Kerri Andersen said...

Watching your dad watch his grandkids is always so entertaining. He just gets such a kick out of them, particularly max! So I can totally understand why that would be a highlight :)