Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hey there, February

It's so crazy that January is already over! February is lookin' good.

Above is the before, below is the after. She calls the wavy mane her "Merida hair." Pretty accurate.

Still on an organizing kick. This cleared out a drawer nicely.

Millie got stuck in the cart with an awful lot of groceries. She said, "So... Mom, how are you going to get me out of here?"

I need to invest in some new sippy cups. Max loves to let them leak all over the tray and then mix in whatever crumbs are left! He's going to be that kid making concoctions with leftovers at lunch with his friends at school.

I made some pumpkin bread and told Millie I would cut it for her once it was cooled down enough. Millie runs into the bathroom as I'm bathing Max and shows me her mouth, full of bread! I came out and found she had just dug into a mini-loaf. Clearly, she wanted it back.

We subscribed to the Friend and Millie loves it!

I have been attempting to work out lately. Because I haven't been waking up early enough to do it before the kids get up (which would be crazy - they're waking up at 6ish on the regular these days), I get to do it when they're up. One morning I was lying on the floor doing an ab workout and Max crawled on top of me and started slapping my face! His personal training style is pretty intense.

This is Millie's prized possession right now. Gigi's friend Sarah gave it to her and she loooves it. Also of note, right before this pic was taken she said, "Mom, I'm old." Ha!

A little Valentine's Day accessorizing.

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