Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's day fun

Heart hair!

This was my gift to Tyler. I took a painting class at our January RS activity and this is my second painting! It now hangs in our bedroom. Definitely not perfect, but a far cry from the 7th grader who almost failed art class. 

It was a beautiful day, so we spent it outside!

Tyler came home earlier than usual, so before dinner we went for a bike ride!

Millie fell asleep on Max's shoulder. 

Max is in love with books right now. His favorite part is turning pages.

Tyler and I got to have a date the night before Valentine's Day without the kids, so we were happy to spend that night with them. We had FHE and talked about love and how we show love and why we love each other. We also ate some heart-shaped pizza and chocolates! I love my valentines.

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bethany said...

Your heart hair turned out 3000 times better than my attempt. Also, your painting is awesome.