Friday, April 10, 2015

General Conference Weekend, April 2015 edition

We had a great conference weekend! We spent Saturday with the Andersens, and Sunday with the Juergens.

Saturday: we had donuts at home, went to Monka and Ampa's, ate cinnamon rolls, I sewed my Easter dress, and the kids hunted for eggs. Tyler went to the priesthood session with Poppy while I put the kids to bed early and cleaned the house.

Early morning donut run (aka, I got the kids out of the house so Tyler and Sarah could sleep a few minutes longer) 

Max is shy but Tim is just a kid magnet. Max warmed up to him pretty quickly.

This boy was pretty quick, going after everyone's cinnamon rolls and the milk gallon.

Sunday: the kids found the eggs and baskets the Easter Bunny brought, we went to Gigi and Poppy's for breakfast (more cinnamon rolls - it was a game of "How much weight can one gain in a single weekend?"), enjoyed nice weather and hunting for more eggs, yummy lunch, and Max slept through both sessions. Pretty glorious.

Millie took out the contents of both baskets and lined them up just so. Such a funny girl. And yes, we left Max's birthday stuff up for a long time!

It was in the high 60s and Millie complained of being cold. Are we Texan or what?

"Mommy, take my picture!" then she strikes this pose. We're in trouble.

Sunday afternoon session... the pull is too strong and I pass out on Tyler's shoulder. Luckily they have the talks online!

We love General Conference!

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