Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Max's 1st Birthday!

Our Max boy is 1! I can't even handle it.

Millie was very involved in and excited about Max's birthday and preparations. 

Here is his birthday, in pictures:

Early morning snuggles after my run. He is such a sweet boy!

If you're looking for Max, this is usually where you can find him.

Welcoming Daddy home from work. Max was, you guessed it, clinging to me.

He spent his bath trying to get out. Dude does not like baths these days.

We had a little family party for him on Sunday!

The nice thing about Max being only 1 is that you can shop for him right in front of him!

Millie insisted on decorating the cupcakes all by herself. She did a great job!

We had Tyler's family over for dinner - spaghetti and meatballs, with cupcakes for dessert. I'm not one for pretty parties but luckily that doesn't detract from the amount of fun you can have! We loved celebrating our boy with some of the people we love most.

We mostly got video instead of pictures, but Max was pretty funny with his cupcake. He wouldn't blow the candle out, but instead blew on his cupcake once I took the candle away! Then he was licking the frosting without touching the cupcake. He eventually warmed up to the idea and pretty much manhandled it from then on. I think he ended up eating two cupcakes.

Millie couldn't stop laughing - "His face is covered in frosting! It's blue! I can't believe it!"

So thankful for our family.

Millie was more than happy to open Max's presents for him!

These pictures make me re-think the mirror over the mantle!

 Some things about Max at 1 year:

- Stats: 25 lb 10 oz (95%), 31" tall (88%), 19.13" Head (97%). He is still just big!

- He loves to eat. I guess that goes without saying - you don't get to be his size without a love for food! There's not much he won't eat, but he likes variety and sometimes won't eat something if he's had it recently. Max is a very vocal eater too - saying "MMM" as he eats. Sure makes this mama feel good.

- He is getting to be an awesome walker! I just love watching him toddle around. He really started to walk at 11 months.

- Max is very into lights and fans. He spends a lot of time looking up, pointing at whatever is above him and saying, "Whoa." He was really going nuts at HEB one day, where they have huge 10 ft. ceiling fans.

- He loves balls! We think he is very athletically-inclined, which is so fun for Tyler. I can play catch with him with a balloon and he can catch it a lot of the time. He has a good arm, though we can't tell if he's right or left handed yet. He switches it up pretty frequently. Max loved his basketball hoop birthday present and dunks it by himself all the time!

- Max is such a snuggle bug. He is also pretty shy. When encountering someone new or a big group of people, he clings to me like a koala! Sometimes I think if he could burrow a hole in me and climb back into the womb, he would. It seems like he tries.

- He is easily frightened by loud noises or unfamiliar things. The other day we were at my mom's and she went to the garage to find some toys. She tossed a soccer ball in the house, but to Max it came inside on its own and was probably alive. He screamed and ran to me as fast as his little legs would carry him!

- Max loves his sister so much. No one can make him laugh like Millie can!

Happy birthday Max! We sure love you!

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