Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Max is obsessed with animals. He growls at pretty much all of them. Can't wait to take this kid to the zoo!

New running shoes after 5 years of wearing my last pair! It was time!

Learning to write. We'll need to work on that pencil form. She has since learned E and F, and our driveway is covered in chalk letters! This is such a fun age.

Millie loves to do her "nakeup" and gives herself a unibrow every time!

Max can often be found carrying one or two shoes. He loves them. He also loves this pillow and will stop and snuggle/wrestle it whenever he finds it.

Gretchen brought me this lovely gift on Tuesday! I'm pretty sure I screamed a little bit when she showed it to me. It feels a little bit ridiculous to be so crazy over a CD like I'm a tween or something, but seriously I love it. I've been waiting for Josh to do an album like this since his first album when I was in jr. high. 

Gigi also brought some fun toys and dressup stuff for the kids. Millie is a little bit obsessed.

Poor Max busted his lip the other day. We were in the bathroom and I was bathing Millie. Max was standing next to the toilet and fell, hitting his chin on the toilet on the way down. He bit his lip but luckily not all the way through. He was pretty tough and only cried for a minute. Millie was scared by all the blood so I couldn't show her I was too! 

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