Friday, May 1, 2015

Saturday snapshots

It was just really awesome to wake up Saturday morning, look at each other, and say, "What should we do today?" That hasn't happened in a long time. We had a relaxing morning at home (aka Tyler worked and I attempted to clean the disasterous mess that was made on Friday), made some returns at the outlets, a ward baptism for Millie and I, dinner at Smash Burger (thanks to some coupons, but probably not worth it otherwise), and fun in the backyard. 

"Dad, there's a bird. It's dead." 

Max made up a little game for himself. He would lie down, hold the ball over his head for a minute, then throw it in a random direction, retrieve it, and start again. I could have watched him all day.

Our backyard just felt like our own little heaven that evening. Except for the grass attempting to grow on the concrete... someday we'll edge.

Saturday is a special day indeed!

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