Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bubble Run

On Saturday (5/23) I ran the Bubble Run! Aaaand so did the rest of Houston. Just kidding, but there were 20,000 runners! It was slightly insane! They had "waves" of people starting every 10 minutes or so. Sharon and I had to wait over an hour just to start. There were different colored bubble bogs every kilometer, so it was wet and messy fun. They made up a course around the NRG stadium parking lot so there were lots of loops, which meant lots of opportunities for people to cut off distance and skip to the bubble bogs. It was not a race full of actual runners, which was a little frustrating at times. In fact, when I got to the end, I had a hard time reaching the finish line because there was a wall of people stopped just before the finish taking selfies. Really, people?? I was a just a little bothered. They should re-name it a social media walk instead of a run. I felt badly that Tyler and the kids came to watch - it was a hot morning and they had to wait for a long time! It made for a crazy day but they were so sweet to come.

Can you spot us?

This was at the end of the bubble bog at the starting line - they were foamy bubbles that were pretty fun to play with!

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Lindsay said...

That does look fun!! I'm sure your kids loved the bubbles while waiting for you too :). How long was it?