Monday, July 20, 2015

Mischievous Max

Max has been a handful lately. I don't know if he is more curious or destructive than Millie was at this age, or if it is just different because not all of my attention is on him like it was with Millie. Probably a little of both. 

{All pictures above were taken on the same day.}

He refuses to sit in a shopping cart for longer than 30 seconds but is too slow and distracted to walk behind and way too heavy to hold while I'm trying to shop. Just the other day I left a half full cart and stormed out of Walmart because he was just screaming so loudly and wouldn't stop. I literally couldn't hold him any longer but I knew that's what he wanted. Well, that and his binky, which I didn't have. 

On the reverse, he is usually just the sunshine in our home. He is sweet with Millie even when she wont share with him. He is a good eater and always says thank you. He is so excitable and easily persuaded. He loves to read and be outside and is turning into an awesome swimmer.

Even though he drives me batty sometimes, I just can't help but adore this Max boy!

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